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and not the type of Cold I like to be…. especially for a Jeweler!

I been laid out pretty much for the past few days since Sunday night!
I was okay yesterday, like 75% but woke up today back at 60% smh

thanks to Twitter, I was able to get a homey to bring me some food, because I could not get out of the house or bed….

speaking of Cold…. Green Bay is always so cold during the NFL season, that I have never went there to watch my boys play a game and I refuse to unless they’re playing SF or Arizona lol…..

And my boy Ryan Grant from the historical Green Bay Packers came through town to shoot a commercial for Verizon for the upcoming NFL season….. he was in town for less than 48 hours, so even though I was sick, I had to stop by to say what up and then catch up on a meal

He forgot to bring his Superbowl ring smh…. but I did get to meet Clay Matthews and a few other NFL stars while I was there at my boys studio


haha! pause on some of those poses fam!

but after, we got something to eat at one of the best places to eat at in Beverly Hills….
Barneys New York lol….
because the food is always prepared great and there’s a very decent choice of things to get at Barney’s Green Grass and I will blog about that at (remember, no more food pics here on this blog, only there…. stay tuned soon for my entries on there)

but most importantly…. after you finish eating at Barney’s, you can go downstairs and burn the cash and credit cards you have in your wallet because there is ALWAYS something you can buy at Barney’s!

mean muggin in Beverly Hills, but I got a mean ass head cold and fever smh

this is what I looked like this morning

not so tough huh?

you know what is tough though?
this 2011 superbowl championship ring!

even though Ryan got an iphone, he don’t know how to use that shit to take pics! smh….
btw, RG just got on instagram, dude is the most humble person I know who plays in the NFL next to my good homey and by random chance his teammate Charles Woodson…. follow my boy Ryan if you got instagram

oh here’s the trophy too

okay y’all… back to being lame and sick….
I’m gonna keep eating this Pho and other things….

but we did finish the Crooks N Castles El Presidente Watches and they are FUCKING SICK!!!!
man, so clean! we did a mean PVD black diamond bezel

it’ll be up tomorrow


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