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TAKE OFF #7 ON MY BUCKET LIST! YA DIGGG!!!!! I FINALLY GOT TO GO TO CLUB 33!!!! first and foremost, thank you Bo and Elsa for taking me tonight, I’m so sorry I gave you such a headache and was very iffy and unsure with times and shit…. I apologize. I won’t leave you hanging ever again.
I almost didn’t go because of some complications last minute…. so instead of a relief pitcher, I called the closer!!!!!! J-Hova! aka JoJo, aka CatDick2 aka JONAS, real shit famo, you are my bro, my best chingu for life for real. You came through in the clutch yesterday and today. after all the bday bash stuff and dealing with my bipolar behavior for the past 48 hours! Man I owe you some prop 8 love. lol. Son, last minute? for real? you came thru in the 4th quarter off injured reserve and sank the 3 and with 0.08 seconds left…. DIPSET BIRDGAME CIRCA 2002 clutch fam! WOW!
okay, so peep game….. I’ve been waiting to get into this place for over 7 years now…. for those of you who do not know what Club 33 is… it is one of the most exclusive restaurants in the country. TRUE STORY. here’s some quick facts… there’s a $20,000 initial membership fee to join and then a $5,000 annual fee each year. They are not even accepting applications until 2010 and there is an 18 YEAR WAITING LIST TO BECOME A MEMBER! the only way in is if you are a member or a guest of a member! READY FOR THE CRAZY PART? its inside Disneyland. you’ve prolly passed it 100x before and never noticed it. it’s one of the many mystery’s of Disneyland(we won’t get into all the creepy shit that goes on in the happiest place on earth!). IT IS THE ONLY PLACE IN THE ENTIRE PARK THAT SERVES ALCOHOL AND THEY HAVE A FULL BAR you have to make reservations far in advance and they have a strict dress code. So the restaurant/club is located just outside the exit of the Pirates of the Carribean and you can see it from one part of the ride… with a dinner reservation to Club 33, you get full vip free admission and park jumping privileges from California Adventure and Disneyland all day long if you want. You even get free parking as well as all your guests to the park.

So shit was off the hook once we got into the park….cuz I was lost for a sec…. BUT I got real real for real, hella hella asian tonight with my digi cam! I mean from the elevator to the entrance to all that shit, I was a tourist and giddy like a japanese girl getting her first kero kero keroppi or first hello kitty doll. So obviously, this place hires all the best culinary masters from the country to prepare the proper meals and the food was official. me and Bo started it off with some robert mondavi cabernet and kept it real sexy and real grown like on some cross your legs type shit sitting in a chair with your caridgan sweater on and with a vintage tobacco pipe type shit. Bo ordered the corn on the cox with extra jax sauce, I got the veal medallions, JoJo and Elsa ordered the Filet de chateaubriand excuse’m moi de comesare. lol. shit was hella hella fancy. I won’t get into the park hijinks and my search for Ariel. or how I beat down Buzz Lightyear for swagger jacking Jonas steez from 2007…. let’s just peep the pics. THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN! I had a fantastic time! damn.
obviously if you click on the pics, they enlarge…

Fuck a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket! I got the 33 pass!

ok, so this is the intercom you have to push to get inside… you say your last name and if you’re not on the list, you gets no love

the sign!

of course we posed in front of the door!


this is whats on the other end of that intercom

this is the elevator, vintage and been there since the day club 33 opened in May 1967


we had to keep it G like 1000 dollars

when you get upstairs there is a phone that also has been there since day one that lets you call whoever you want anywhere in the country for free


I made a phone call to some girl, but she was too busy watching fools rush in

me and JoJo did a E.T. phone homo collab.


one of the main rooms in the restaurant

place settings and menu


my entree’

Elsa ain’t right for takin this pic

yeh, I was eyeballin them potatoes….

the 33 chocolates and the bill…. it wasn’t even that expensive and we ordered a grip

as we were leaving, Joney had to take a pic in front of the Marie Antoinette statue, lookin like he graduated magna cum laude from an ivy league school. I’m very proud of him….

and then at last, Jonas clicked his fancy red shoes 3x times and we ended up in Space Mountain, true story.

again, great times. seriously, I hope the rest of the 19 bucket list items will be done before the next decade

thank you again Elsa and Bo and I can’t wait to go again!

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