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live from beat street(over most of y’all heads for sure and I don’t mean a break dance reference)…. I’m happy to have some open time this week, have some jewelry to finish, but we’re consolidating our factory to the shop @ slauson and this is actually a good thing for many reasons…. now I don’t have to travel to downtown la in the diamond district where many of my haters work and are so fucking nosey(as they should be) and now we can monitor the progress on our work easier obviously now that it’s literally in house. I never got rid of my spots in LA living wise, cuz thats retarded.

I realize my life without certain vices is boring as shit. kill me. I can’t trust people who don’t blow trees….. or at least have been high out of their minds a few times in their life. I know, I know. weed = drugs. STFU. I stopped for 9 years because I had relapses from the primo’s I used to smoke 12 years ago and other shit…. I didn’t want to smoke… I had to stop because it wasn’t giving me that effect. anyways. I stopped drinking until at least the summertime because I’m in super training mode and who knows when I’ll start filming again… should be soon.

sorry the blogs been a litte dry for the past 3 or so days… but I’m in the gym when you guys are out trying to stunt in the clubs…. I’m awake when y’all are asleep

twitter is crazy!
and congrats to Heath Ledger on winning and you already know I’m a fan of slumdog.

lastly, I watched an imax 3-D film yesterday and all I can say is WOW! dang, I need to buy an imax theater in my next home… F the movie theater in Lionel Richies house… I need an imax joint. lol

sore as hell from the gym…. I’m at it 6 days a week now, sundays my only day off. I’m focused. Summer vacay in korea and st. tropez with the fight club physique FTW.


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