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that shit was a regular ass weekend and since it was superbowl weekend, for some reason all of LA was kind of quiet. shit was dead at the Grove, dead at restaurants and quiet most everywhere I went this weekend. weird as fuck, but I’ll take it.

let’s get started with my boy Q who was in town to work and was also shooting an episode of the Ben Baller show….. btw, I have to mention that I am officially part of the WorldStar Hip Hop team #WSHH much love to the squad.
Q missed out of my birthday, but I wasn’t trippin…. but he decided to take me to the clippers game with courtside seats. We got there and smh, the stadium was packed to see Lob City do their thing against the shitty ass Denver Nuggets. I mean for a regular ass game, this was sold out. Even more than last time I went when the clippers played Miami or the Celtics smh…. shit was cracking inside like a lakers game. fucking band wagon riders (why was I there? just to watch a game, had zero interest or favor in either side) but The Game was there, so was Don Cheadle, Billy Crystal, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and we were sitting next to my boys G Roberson and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes…..

I was heckling the shit outta the nuggets and George Karl all night


in the first half, the clippers looked solid and impressive…. they were tappin that ass and Blake had a couple gorilla dunks… but after the half, shit was a different story, I think that 4 game road trip wore them out because they looked tired as hell. and by the 4th quarter they were getting routed by almost 20.

I got to chop it up with my NERD homey Chad though


and I got some TV shine too I guess…. seen these pics on twitter


reppin that diamond life….

we left there and headed to get some food in Beverly Hills….

at Mr. Chows….
chicken satay, mr chows special noodles, glazed prawns, filet mignon, a variety of greens and vegetables, lobster and a delicious cod dish and a couple bottles of Opus One. that was a good night!

Friday…. I was at work gettin busy, shipping some things out


14k yellow gold baby jesus piece (we sold over 12 this past week) but this one was in 14k with a 14k bead chain and we lasered his name on the back in the 28 days later font

we sold a shit load of micro jesus pieces too. damn

we had some very special people come thru to the slauson this weekend

the youngest Wolf Gang member
thanks Kelly for stopping by with Chloe. so cute

and much love to my daygo homies Susu and my boy Jason.

while heading back to the westside….

fucking bozo’s…. remember when I got pulled over 3 times a month on average in 2006 – 2009? smh mannn…. so I said a few words, the magic words and they let me go. I fucking hate the police so much. I have never in my life called them to help me out. Even in times when a regular civilian or lame would use them or call them. Only reason I’d call them is for an ambulance if there was ever an emergency and would hope the police didn’t show and only the paramedics.

me and Nic and her friend and the WSHH crew headed to the grove to watch “Chronicle” and that shit was all the way fucking dope! shit was exciting and everything I wanted it to be. I wish it was a little longer, but damn… the stars of the movie were there in the theater too. go watch that shit. it was crazy as shit! everyone in the theater loved it….
we shot out of there and then headed to BOA to get some food as they were the only place open….

2 boss dinners in a row…. but is anyone surprised? I actually don’t care, but it’s a good pic to post on the blog lol

after dinner, I was tired as fuck…. called it a night….
Nic and her girls had a trip planned to Santa Barbara at 7:30am

woke up stupid early to help Nic out, but realized I didn’t even need to help, so went back to bed and then woke up stupid late and took care of some paper work and $$$$. shot out to have lunch and then me and WSHH crew just went around Beverly Hills shopping….. copped some goodies at YSL and LV but nobody cares lol
it was a beautiful day out…. all over california
while we were shopping….

Nic was soaking up some Santa Barbara sun

and while were were doing that, Homicide was making his great wall of bearbricks


he killed with the glass shelving tho

after not finding anything else to buy, we shot out of BH and went next door to go see Red Tails in Century City. we did a movie night because these boys were tapped out from going out back to back nights. the movie was cool….

but J is basic as fuck and was caught sleeping during a loud ass suspenseful movie! lol… he also left his brand new white iphone4 in the theater, but his lucky ass got it back as someone turned it into Guest Services smh

I wanted to show love to my boy Tristan Wilds and the black dude from Chronicle is also a co-star in Red Tails… ran into my boy Jordan (what up!) at the movies…. we said fuck everything else and had dinner at the Montage restaurant Scarpetta and that shit was whatever. I wasn’t feeling the apps, wasn’t feeling the dinner. I’m willing to give it a 2nd chance and maybe went on an off night…. we did have the last reservation of the evening, but damn, even the wine wasn’t all that swag. went up and listened to some 2 chainz and talked a bunch of shit til I got tired and jumped in the Audi and was Audi

woke up Sunday late again…. bosses can do that, fuck that early up in the morning everyday…. if your business isn’t in the morning, then you can do what you want, but if you work in a world or with a job that requires you to be up at the crack of dawn, then do that. money don’t sleep, but it sure isn’t around for me between the hours of 3am to 8am…..


shorty can’t eat no books, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step up your fly book game inside the casa… I need to step mines up…. big time. I definitely will in my next crib.

now to the superbowl.
I had the giants from the beginning. had it in my gut
the first half? the patriots were sloppy as fuck. what’s crazy is that the giants owned them pretty much in the first quarter, but even when they played like shit or made a couple mistakes (very few for the G-Men) they didn’t weren’t being outplayed by New England at all. I can’t believe any fucking moron even had the pats as a 2.5 point favorite. smh… that was easy money! obviously the game didn’t get good until the last 6 minutes of the 4th quarter…. and pretty much that game was boring as fuck to me at least… the half time show sucked, but I was hyped to see my boy LMFAO do their thing with a legend….

I’ve been on a pretty serious diet for the past 8 days and I lost 8lbs already…. so when I saw all this amazing comfort food that my homey Mila made for the party, I was lightweight sad. when she broke out the deep fried oreos, I was heavyweight crushed lol….. I am trying to take less than 60 grams of carbs per day and starting some light cardio work and the supplements I’m on right now are working real good… I feel much better and have more energy actually…..

I usually end the weekend blog with some positivity or something to look forward to, but I’m actually not looking forward to this week…. I wish the filming was over with. I hate, FUCKING HATE being involved in shit that isn’t my DIRECT responsibility. If I’m being paid to make or design some jewelry, then I’ll give you that, maybe some pics and a shout out and a convo for a bit, but I’m not obligated to do anything else. with some of my other work, I make it clear that I will be involved under certain circumstances…. I’m too old to do extra shit I’m not being paid to do. If I’m the one being asked or approached to do a job, then I’m doing that job and that job well. I know there are responsibilities that could come with the job, but that’s what a team or producer or other things are for. With my store, I’m the talent, the salesman, the manager, the owner, the face, all the above… but I couldn’t do that without my team…. people used to always wish for extra shit… like if I’m booked for a job, they expected Jonas to be there with me and he always was, but Jonas wasn’t being paid to show up, so I felt bad sometimes. If you book coco for a job, you might see Ice-T, but don’t expect you’re gonna get 2 for the price of 1 all the time or don’t expect it period actually…. so the celebrity aspect of my life is cool, but that shit doesn’t define me or my business…. it’s just a good selling point. I’m telling my readers and friends that I really want this show to be character driven, not celebrity driven, but I know middle america loves any type of celebrity. If I was an exec producer, then I’d understand, but I only want to be the talent. I want to show up and do me and nothing else. tell me what time I’m supposed to be somewhere and that’s it…. magic will happen. too much other shit and I don’t know.

p.s. the sale ends in a week… but a reminder to most. do NOT put “serious buyer” in the subject matter, 9 times out of 4 that means you’re not buying shit. Also; we don’t use silver. we don’t use CZ’s so don’t ask. what the fuck do you think I’m doing here? how do you think I pay my bills? from making fake shit? I make the highest quality custom jewelry for a very reasonable price. I really think a lot of you watch too much TV and can’t see too well and think our jewelry is the same shit you see on these terrible music videos. some facts. you CANNOT get anything big with diamonds and gold and heavy for under $20,000(let that be a vague scale of what real custom jewelry costs). the problem is my definition of big is actually smaller than what most of these inquiries think big is. Big is anything over 4″ and over 300 grams. I know once a person hits our email with how much is this and that specific item is a few thousand dollars, understand that that item is actually really cheap. it doesn’t matter where my store front is located. my rent at the store is more expensive than any single business on Fairfax aka the block. yes, true story. I’m not talking about canters, but pretty much anything else streetwear wise including supreme has less rent than us….. we have tons of jewelry in stock and tons of gold. everything genuine. we don’t outsource anything, we make all our shit in house.

oh, those dumb ass commercials from stores selling diamond stud 1 carat earrings for $999? please do your research before you ask about something stupid like that…. and that same commercial claims to give you appraisals that will guarantee double the price you paid? ok, well then why not open a business of insuring everything you buy from that place and having it stolen, because even with the premiums, you’re still winning with getting double back. smh I swear to god some people have no common sense…. when someone who’s bought jewelry before and knows what shit costs comes to us, they never leave because they know they’re getting a great deal.

shout out to all our clients who don’t haggle prices with us. I know it’s tough out there, times are rough. so what does that mean? if you can’t afford jewelry, don’t buy that shit. again, this is not a good “investment”. what it is though is fly ass shit that is worth more dollar and percentage wise than any louis vuitton belt or purse resale wise after using it years and years later. it’s money spent. you can’t take an average high fashion worn tshirt or polo and resell it later for 1/2 of what you paid with the possibility of it actually being worth more than what you paid later in time.

lastly, I want to say this: I FUCKING HATE GOING OUT TO CLUBS IN LOS ANGELES. I have been to a club maybe 4 or 5 times inside the last year in LA. could be less. those times I went, I was asked as a favor via a celeb client who was dropping big bread or I was getting paid to be in that club. if you fuck with me, you really like fuck with me as a friend, do not ever ask me to meet you at any fagget ass nightclub. I hate the club scene in LA and I did this shit for over 20 years now….. I’ll do a show or a game and maybe even a 5 star hotel’s bar, but not a club that has a dj.
next thing I hate. the fucking music business. I rather consider divorcing my wife and being gay then get into this buiness again. I will co-sign someone maybe on my blog, help out very lightly and give my opinions on music, but I refuse to spend more than 15 minutes of my day discussing music business period. I hate that business with a passion and I don’t miss being in that game at all. on a media side maybe, but still it drives me insane.

I hope everyone else has a great week. (haha, venting done)
I guess my hypebeast essentials feature has the most views out of any other essentials to date… the most FB likes, the most comments and all the above. lol. the sad part is that, 95% of that is pretty much my everyday and I don’t even think I was going hard in the paint, but whatever.


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