christmas eve with my family…

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I want y’all to see how much of a deal my sister made about dinner for the fam. WOW!
haha, she went all in for this….

(click on images to englarge)
The Menu…. lol told you they were serious!

assigned seating… ever since 1991(my college coach named me Ben Baller) so my family started to call me this circa 1996, shit is kinda weird still lol

the delicious soup…

the delicious roast…. 2 kinds, med-rare and medium(medium not shown lol)

can’t have roast or red meat without some horseradish

the Salmon… delicious

the yorkshire pudding aka Neiman Marcus PopOvers(recipe)

my fave vegetable…. brussels sprouts!

gotta have the taters…

and I forgot… have to have a salad

and last but not least…. the dessert!

good ole fashioned apple pie!

pumpkin cheesecake

not a fave of mine, matter of fact, I can’t stand pecans!

once again, I gave out many gifts, but for the last 7 years or so I have no received a single x-mas gift from anyone. it doesn’t make me sad because I have what I want, but it’s weird. I always tell everyone, I don’t want anything. and honestly, I don’t need anything really…. I’m hard, very hard to shop for. I like be@rbricks and weird shit the average person can’t find really…. but other than that, a target gift card or some votivo candles is beyond enough…. anyways, x-mas to me is about the kids mostly and family gatherings, I don’t spend enough time with my family so this is the only time during the year I play catch up etc…

hope everyone had a great x-mas and hanukkah and Kwanzaa
2010 is literally around the corner!

out y’all! headed to see my Lake Show beat up LBJ and the Cavs

p.s. smh that Jesus has to share his b-day with a drug addict/drunk deadbeat mom

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