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this is what ambien does to you when you don’t fall asleep on it! lol
I was up last night watching one of my all time favorite korean movies… actually one of my favorite movies ever.. “CHINGOO” in korean means: “FRIEND” it’s a movie about 4 close childhood friends who live in Busan, Korea and takes place all the way to their adult lives. There’s a lot of gangster activity and loyalty in the film, I won’t give any spoilers away for those who haven’t seen it. anyways, there’s a scene where this popular 7 piece band/group called Rainbow plays at a high school event and I was sprung on the lead singer. lol. I filmed this with my lil digi cam, I musta been hallucinating!

I know, hella random… but thats my shit! KOREAN! 012!
trust me, this can rival any classic gangster film from bronx tale to once upon a time in america!

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