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Before I left to NYC, I had to walk into Icee Fresh to see whats really good and we have so much shit going in and out it’s crazy. We still can’t be fucked with and to be honest….. People try to copy, but can’t duplicate us. I ain’t mad at y’all, I just have that eyeball and can see the difference and we don’t cheat by using lower quality gold, brass inside their pieces, etc. I won’t expose anyone just yet, but let’s see how these jewelers here in NYC treat me when I walk down 47th later today.

This piece above is 15 carats of true VS diamonds…. And it’s 211 grams of real gold.

Jewelers are really putting brass inside a piece surrounded by 10k gold to make it heavier? Fucking disgustingly sad, yes we’ve opened up your pieces! Remember jewels travel worldwide and need repairing once in a while, so be careful where your work ends up because people will dissect it! Anyways, the piece says “B” in chinese.

On a real note? GOLD IS FUCKING AT $1,116.00 AN OZ! That’s a bad look for everyone.

Peace to all the haters, we’re not going anywhere except on more magazines and television

Btw, this entire blog has been posted from my phone! Amazing what you can do from a Blackberry these days huh? I love this phone.

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