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so I have to say that chicago showed me a LOT of LOVE! first and foremost, thank you to my main man Fats for making the connect and thanks to Manny, Roger and Brian at Jugrnaut and their whole staff…. they run their operation just like any big time street wear brand or store would. real shit. it’s a smaller operation, but I fuck with that store so heavy its crazy! I know RSVP and St. Alfreds are dope too, but my collab was with Jugrnaut and our next collab will be cleaner and simpler. just wanted to clear our lungs and shout out the midwest a little something… before I left on my plane… me and my wife and London took a family pic in our front yard….

and my wife doesn’t want to post any pics of her because she’s not used to being this weight (duh our baby was 9lbs!) and it’s only been a couple weeks babe! you will be back to your normal self soon!… but I don’t give a fuck, I still think she’s the most beautiful woman on this earth and we make some beautiful babies! sorry Nic! had to do it!

I got my quick snack before I jumped on the plane

so I got my first class flight over there and slept the whole way (sleep is very much a luxury these days….) linked up with my boy Aron who is a client, jet setter and pal. I just finished making him an AV piece and he’s the guy who I made the SICK CARTIER SANTOS XL and rose gold Cartier Calibre all machine set in those VVS’s…. this time around he copped a micro cross and a custom clean AV joint in yellow gold.


thanks AV and much love to your fam!
now my boy Aron and his pops are heavy hitters…. they now have their hands on a new phone app called “VoiceBo” and it’s sort of like verbal emails, or a voicemail social network… I’m still learning it, but if you have an iphone, download the app. it’s pretty cool…. his pops got involved because he sends a couple hundred emails in a day and it’s easier just to do it verbally or vocally and it translates into text, it links with your fB or twitter account and so on and so forth… again I’m still doing some research on them as we speak, but check them out VOICEBO

as I was ready to take off, Aron surprised me with a little gift for London…..


man, this baby Gucci Track Suit is toooo fly! thank you again AV!

so after that, I checked into my telly and got on some social grinding….
we made a new necklace and have it for sale in 2 options… 1 with diamonds on the bezel and one without…. peep game

on some OG cartel shit. so dope, so clean! 1 troy ounce of solid gold and a nice old school rope chain to go with it!

I met a kid who came all the way from Gary, Indiana and some came from Minnesota and Detroit to meet me, which is CRAZY! but the kid from Gary had a lot of passion man… and so we’ll get to that later, but another client of mine came from Gary, IN and he’s the most famous person maybe that ever lived. easily top 3 for sure…. so in homage of MJ (no I know we talking about the chi, but not jordan, but the OG MJ) we made this gold and diamond pin

smooth criminal! RIP Michael Jackson….

so now that the immediate jewelry biz talk is out the way, lets get to the collab…. and my chitown fam

linked up with Manny (co-owner/founder) of Jugrnaut and we got straight to fucking biz! told me how many pre-sales we had and all the above… I got hungry as fuck, so we headed over to Wicker Park to get something quick… I didn’t feel like doing anything fancy or nothing… but my simple ass got hungry too late and the local Harold’s was closed… so we did this little diner called Clarkes… shit was aite. but I’m sure had it been 4am and I was starving? it would have been excellent…


you know I’m in the CHI, so I’m already reppin that BB royal blue for LA and we TREATED up in this bitch! if you don’t know that crown I have on my head is one of the most desired hats in the country. real talk AM radio for you young bucks… my boys Mano and Hollywood Holt are DOING IT! from producing to djing to singing to rapping to fashion to just trend setting!

this was no joke… but the fugazi kobe burger I ordered was ok

shot down the street to the congress theater to link up with my boy Nigel aka Hollywood Holt who is AMC fam and also OG Treated Crew and a faster talker than me, crazy as cat shit and got more talent than almost anyone I personally know! dude had EVERY WHITE PERSON SCARED on that street! lol… and the Offspring concert just let out so you know it was crazed on the streets….
we chopped it up and I respect my young homey because he’s getting it in with everyone from the rockers to Kanye West…. he also did a small photoshoot with my hoodies on, so mad love to my boy Nigel!


shit’s are clean! much better in person than those CAD pics I had before

so we got back to the hotel after cruising thru the streets of chicago…. I chilled and did some work at the Telly and then linked up with my strong team out there… Fats, Bird, Seyf, Slug, Mikey Mike and a few other cats you don’t want to step to… they pulled up in the coldest guaranteed to get pulled over in any nice neighborhood mini van ever! smh lol! shit was all the way suspect!
we caught jokes, all that… missed my man DON C and GLC who was with my crew earlier… but it’s all love…

finally went to bed kinda late and I told my wife to kiss London goodnight for me…

and she did

woke up late as fuck!
I, LET ME REPEAT. I HAVE NEVER BEEN LATE TO ANY MEETING BEFORE IN MY LIFE. I am not late to any events or anything. I am mr punctual plus! but damn, I was so tired, so I fell asleep past my alarm clock… Manny came to get me at 11:30 when cats was already at the store… I wasn’t anticipating a huge turnout, but I was also nervous maybe nobody cared? I mean I was giving away some jesus pieces tho

so I got there and it was kinda busy already… the online sales were great and they had already set up all the raffle tickets with each name on each hoody sold…

my breakfast… they need Dunkin in LA tho

so you wanna hear the crazy shit? my boy Nigel texts me like “N**** where the fuck you at?” and this motherfucker ain’t early or on time to shit! so I’m lightweight shocked…. but he was there to support…

vicious as fuck! gold fronts on, gold 3 finger rings and most importantly my Jesus Piece tee and that exclusive satin Treated crown….


don’t trip… I dressed for the occasion too! #6chains table with my hoodies looking fly these shits sold like hotcakes to starving folks!


of course I was turnt up! all eyes on the prize! I’ll talk about the next raffle prize later!


the earliest folks in line…

after a while I got so excited that I announced that if you cop 2 Jesus tees, you’d get a raffle ticket, fuck it! I wanted to get the peeps hyped!

and it worked…


showing love!

then it was lunch time! I had to take a 45 min break!
my boy Bird Biggity came thru like a champ and brought me Harolds! I needed this! and if you don’t know who Bird is, then you better ask somebody… he RUNS these chicago streets and his pops did before him… his pops ran with Larry Hoover for real…. cats don’t want it with my boy! and he pulled up in the cold old school Z28!!!!

it ain’t just black folks who love fried chicken…. you betta asxxxxk somebody! koreans love some fried chicken!


btw, I didn’t take a pic but shout out to CHawk for bringing me that banging ass Garretts popcorn! which was right down the street… as we were in the Loop!


murder crew in the building!

shout out to Austin and her brother for reppin!
she got a reality show, so I appreciate that promotion

roger and brian, the other 2 owners….

and finally… 3pm came around!
I shook the box filled with hundreds of tickets and….

cats were patiently waiting not only in the store, but for my twitter announcement for the winning name and ticket #….

and a lucky kid from the suburbs of Illinois won


shit, he looked like Jax from Sons of Anarchy!
fuck it though, he won! fair and square like a motherfucker!

it wasn’t even an anti-climatic win either. cats weren’t extra salty…. they were hyped and I really appreciated that big time… also WE SOLD OUT! 500 tees! and 300 hoodies! that’s love! with only a few days of promotion!!!

there were a couple Korean dudes who came through and bought a lot of stuff and I gotta show them love because they copped some jewels and dude was speaking korean to me and didn’t think I understood, the thing is, he spoke so fucking fast and quiet I was like hold up G! I’m slow on the translation and I’m old and partially deaf(true story) lol… but much love dong saengs… I appreciate you!

again, thanks so much to Manny Muscles… man he really showed the most love.

I was going to stay the night and host a club, but fuck that, I had to get back home to my wife and son…. it was a beautiful day out in the chi too, 80 degrees and sunny… I couldn’t ask for more… Manny shot me over to O’Hare and gifted me a SICK ASS black panther crew neck sweatshirt

I fux with this heavy!!!!

so again, no stress… first class back to LAX and to the haters of my Hypebeast Essentials….

I posted some travel gear

now, let me say this. UNITED AIRLINES FIRST CLASS IS FUCKING TERRIBLE! smh. no wifi, seats didn’t recline. I mean damn… I shoulda flown Virgin, but it’s all good… next time!

anyways, I got home… it was just nice to come back to LA, nice weather as well and jump in that matte black B and mash through the highway with no traffic bumping Frenchie and rushed home to this…

couldn’t ask for more than that!

and then I went to bed happy…. woke up to this:

had a couple meetings to handle and some biz at my store and I seen a lot of tweets of cats rocking my jesus piece tee and BB hoodies all over the clubs and streets….

Austin and her brother had a little photoshoot…. I fucks with y’all!

and my boys ODD FUTURE were in town (so was tyga) but I had to shake…. they did an instore at St. Alfreds and some cats who copped the jesus piece tees took a pic with my young homey Tyler

that’s dope AF and speaking of next time I’m in chicago….

(previously talking about my shitty united airlines 1st class flight)
ATTN: for the next Jugrnaut x BB collab; This time we will be giving out a Fully Iced out Micro Jesus piece and a 24″ Franco Chain. you get to choose if you want white gold, or yellow gold….

because there is such high demand for the Jesus piece tees, we’re gonna run another 100 of the tees and another 100 hoodies…. I won’t have them for another 7 days though. a full week the printer said… BUT the price points will be lower! they will be $65 for each hoody now and $37 for each tee!

NOW HERE’S THE KICKER! if you purchase 2 tees OR 1 hoody of this 2nd run of our 1st collab, you will get an early raffle ticket for our 2nd collaboration prize which is going to take place on November 10th! same place, same time! you know the drill… this time we got a lot of time to promote carefully and this time, we’re doing a very small limited number of tees (300) and only 150 hoodies…

BUT NOW, for the new Collab… this time it will only be 2 colorways; a white tee with a 4″ yellow gold jesus on it and a black tee with a 4″ yellow gold jesus on the heart/pocket area…. and only 2 colorways for the hoodies as well; we’re doing a black hoody with a 4″ yellow gold Jesus piece on the pocket area and a navy hoody with a 4″ yellow gold jesus on it in the same place. I’ll have artwork very soon. super clean and the price points for the new/2nd collab will be $65 for the hoodies and $37 for the tees which was less than our first release….

now same rules apply. ANYONE CAN PLAY THIS GAME. YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE IN CHICAGO, YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LIVE IN THE USA! WE OFFER SHIPPING EVERYWHERE! all you have to do is cop 1 hoody OR 2 tees to enter and for every single hoody OR 2 tees sold, you will get a raffle ticket and a chance to win a $4000 retail value fully iced out Micro jesus piece with real gold and genuine diamonds! so stay tuned for more details as I don’t play. I like to give back and make shit TU for my followers/fans/readers (I don’t really have fans though) understand? ok, get ready for Nov because I’m bringing ice to Chicago early!
was that confusing enough? don’t worry… I’ll explain it at least 5 to 10 more times before November 10th.

so p.s. here’s the fucking crazy thing…. took me a couple hours to write this blog and I had added some pics randomly here and there. took a pic I forgot to, etc etc… and it just so happens that there are 47 pics total in this blog entry…. much love to my boy Jonas. I miss you so much brother

“stay lifted”
“adopt children, not styles”


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