Charlie Brown 1000% Be@rbrick

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should have posted this 2 weeks ago, but that’s how backed up I am
thanks to SURU for the hook up…. anytime you need a rare 1000% be@rbrick, they’re the only ones in LA with an Official medicom be@rbrick account!

you know the drill…..


love this bear…. can’t wait for the snoopy! if they ever make one.
I’m waiting for this all wood $6,000 1000% be@rbrick that releases in a few months….
and I have to get this 1000% fragment evil bunny rabbit joint!

while I was shopping at SURU, they have a few collections of 100% series there and I seen this


for those who are LA OG’s and fans of OG hip hop…. show some love to my big homies Everlast, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal…. aka HOUSE OF PAIN! all still good friends of mine and I’ve known them since 1992! except for Lethal who I’ve known since the late 80s. so dope you guys made one

al-righty then…
you all have a safe weekend.
I’ll post some new jewels after the weekend and I have no plans but work
so be easy


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