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damn, I’ve been waking up by 8am every day even on weekends for the last 4 months now, this shit is crazy! prior to valentines days I couldn’t go to bed before 4:30am wtf? anyways, I get my grind on or my mind moving early these days and honestly, the last 4 months have been some of the best in the longest to my memory.

Champions….. YUP! all you laker haters, my LAKESHOW got their 16th world championship title! Gotta love a dynasty…. I’ve seen Magic get his 5 rings and lose a few championships and I’ve seen Kobe get his 5th now… crazy how 13 years ago, he was in LA for the 1st time and hanging out at my clubs and chillin with my boy Dougie D…. smh…. remember when he met Vanessa at his video shoot and everything and never ever did I think he’d be at this level… congrats to the lakers, I’ve been a fan since I was a kid! I remember watching them and wanting to be like Norm Nixon, Michael Cooper, Byron Scott and my favorite players were Kareem and Magic…. I used to lose my fucking mind when Kareem would dunk, it was so easy… when I found out the reason why Kareem wore goggles was to avoid being poked in the eye by other players because he’s so tall, I was hoping to be 7 feet tall too…. smh lol, I coulda been 6′ 2″ had I not started bad habits so young smh….
anyways, I watched the championship game in Glendale with my girl and her family and friends and they are all DIE HARD LAKER fans too, so it’s just awesome all the way around…. I was so damn anxious all day long and nervous and so uneasy….. and this was all before the game! during the game, I was gonna have a heart attack! at the end when we pulled it off, I literally cried like a little girl who lost her hello kitty pencil case…. smh
I HAVEN’T BEEN THAT HAPPY IN A LONG TIME, THAT SHIT MEANT THE WORLD TO ME! and I didn’t wish I was at staples to witness the game because I don’t like big crowds and shit (coachella, highly possible riot areas i.e. Lakers game finals game 7)

So after the game, we headed over to the W hotel in Hollywood and partied up to celebrate the win and celebrate my friend Bella’s bday….. We got some food at Delphines (thank you Christian again and always for the VIP treatment)
and after some food and more drinks, we went upstairs to the room to hang out before we hit up MY STUDIO(the club)

yeahhhh foooooooooo!
I had to wear my 22 year old vintage Lakers starter jacket (my brother got it at the forum when the lakers won their back to back championship in 1988)
and then was lucky to get the official lakers championship tee that night

so we didn’t head to MY STUDIO, instead we headed back home and man… my city was on fire! cars lined up down hollywood blvd, down sunset, everyone was out everywhere, just celebrating period! it felt great in the air and as I was driving back home, I saw the homey Jordan Farmar pulling into my boys Jerry and Javiars spot @ Industry nightclub….. I saw the lexus and was like damn… that lex is cleaannn! saw the PM plates and was like, wait a minute??? thats Farmar! honked my horn and said YEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (nice job on the new wheels George)

earlier in the day I got a random, super random call from a loved one and it was good to catch up after 5 years…. remember y’all, most of the time, time heals all, if you still have ill fate after a few years, then damn.
I went to bed with a great feeling….. feeling like a champion!

speaking of champions!
I got a new client/friend who is an 8 time Olympic medalist and is asian! haha
I had the homey Apolo Ohno fly into town on friday to discuss jewels and start some work with him, but really…. I think it’s gonna much deeper than that with Apolo, such a small world and so many crazy coincidences and similar tastes and likes!

we’ll get more into that in a second…
just around lunch time an old friend and when I say old, I mean someone who I used to run around town with in 1985 and bomb rtd busses(now called metro) and bomb walls all around LA… my homey MAKE is one of the OG members of STN (second to none) and K2S(kill 2 succeed) and we lived pretty close to each other in koreatown…. we’d always meet up in random areas and get our graf on. this is a WHOLE OTHER story which I’ll get into later…. but yeah, I ran with the most infamous grafitti crew in all the west coast and to this day, I don’t think many or anyone in the west coast could see PRIME ONE on a straight grafitti tip. (RIP SINE ONE)….
I read a tweet from my old friend Galo aka MAKE ONE and hes’ checking out a new food spot in our hood and it’s called Kalbi Burger… now I’m wide open like wtf? I jam out of glendale and head up to meet him there to check it out….


I got the Kalbi Burger medium with some fries and a coke…. shit was delicious, but way the fuck off my diet…
I’m glad there’s an official burger spot to eat at in K-Town…. there hasn’t been one since the late 80’s when Cassells reigned supreme then… this isn’t the same as the kogi truck taco taste, but I’ve yet to try everything on the menu….
thank you to the owner who showed love.

and man, it was good to get an hour conversation in with Galo about the old hood, some of the old homey’s who still write/paint/draw and some who passed…. I got out of the STN/K2S scene once it started to go a different route, but still stayed in contact with a random few others…. my big homey who’s like a cousin DEFER was in the krew and it’s crazy how we connected around 1982 or so…. and now with myspace/facebook, we can all keep in touch with each other; again fucking crazy! my homey Slick from dissizit is from K2S and this was AFTER I left the crew…. weird shit man!(btw, slick if you’re reading this, I wanted to have a convo about this yesterday when you called me, but I was with my family eating a fathers day meal, but def check out Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach and def hit me up because the world is way too small!)

so I then leave K-Town to head to LAX to pick up the homey Apolo…. we had a good convo about Koreans and the misunderstanding with his relationship to my culture/heritage…. Apolo has grown up around Koreans all his life and his coaches and closest friends are Korean, so it’s sad how the media hyped up this Apolo(japanese) beef with the Koreans…. smh
I’ve only met a few Gold medal Olympians and none of them did I care to share a conversation with, if it was business, then cool… the only Olympic medalist I ever wanted to meet was Kurt Thomas (because of my fascination of the “Thomas Flair” a breakdance move I strived to perfect! yeh, cats didn’t know that either huh? I was a professional breakdance from 1982 to 1985….
so anyways, I get a very good vibe and good energy from Apolo and I gotta thank my bro George from Platinum for linking us up. when you look at Apolo you wouldn’t ever guess he likes jewelry huh? well he’s getting a lot of different things made with us….. I’ll keep most of it discreet just because, but I’ll try to post up some things on here too….
I also thought it was cool that Apolo came down to the Slauson and didn’t give a fuck…. I lol’d quite a few times….

I fucks with Apolo and he fucks with Koreans, LA and jewelry! haha
weird little coincidences hit us too…. Salt Lake City is his residence and where my sister in law is from and where her family lived for a few decades…. who are also japanese…. Seattle is his hometown where my gf was born and raised and where a lot of my clientele recently has come from….. and dig this…. He was delivered by the same OB-GYN who delivered my twin nieces…. WHOA! lol

Apolo had a 14k Franco(non existent these days) that he copped like 8 years ago when Franco’s just came out and when gold was almost $1000 less an oz. wow. and he pulled out some other stuff that I haven’t seen for almost a decade jewelry wise and I was like… SHOW ME SOMETHING COOL!
so he pulled off his Olympic Ring and explained to me, that you can’t get this ring unless: 1. you made the olympic team or 2. are an olympic coach….. well Apolo had 3 of them and DAMN!


so we left ICEE FRESH and headed to the Grove to get some food… chopped it up some more and I could definitely tell this cat was set waaay apart from the rest of the athletes I’ve met, let alone most of the asians I’ve come into contact with…. we’re definitely gonna have to collab on something to push the bar further and break more stereotypes…. much love Apolo!

Saturday morning, I had to get up early for my girl’s good friend was having her son christened/baptized. After that, there was the reception and man…. there was tons of food and tons of drinks…. I wanna thank them for their hospitality.
while I was there, one of my girl’s friends was drinking a red corona and you know me, I’m always on some like, yo wtf is that? I gotta be up on any limited edition or new shit early! hahahhaa
smh…. it was Corona with Grenadine and I can’t even explain the taste… so I’ll stick to normal Coronas…

After we left there, we hit up my sister’s house and took my nieces to go see Toy Story 3D at the Arclight Sherman Oaks Galleria….. This was my 1st time taking them to see a movie ever, so I was hyped, they were very excited… I got them some ice cream, got them some pop corn and sour patch kids and then it was on! I didn’t see Toy Story2, but I did see 1 and it was great…. this was really good too, I tried to fall asleep on purpose to catch up on some Z’s, but I couldn’t so I watched the whole movie, lol…. it made me sad at the end for…. well I won’t spoil it(not that even 90% of my demographic of readers will even watch this or will you?)….

anyways, it was a good time…. after that, got to peep out this 2 page full feature in the new ELLE magazine on my sister and katie holmes new clothing line… big thang the yangs are doing

headed out to get some Curry and then all I remember is waking up to 800 thread count bed sheets

reminiscing about 3D, I gotta say this…. god damn I need to get my living room and master bedroom 3D set up like Homicide’s! the home 3D is wayyyy more different then I expected! the shit is very fresh! from the depth to the actual flying at you feeling? wow

so sunday was dad’s day, so I had sent out the proper respects to everyone….
headed out to k-town for an early dinner with my pops and brother and family and we got it in…. ran into some unexpected friends at the restaurant and then got my TRUE BLOOD in! YEEEEE! at the end though…. really snoop? really? smh

OH, do you wanna see a new Jesus piece we made? lol


and as I was walking into my living room…. I took this pic because every morning I get scared for a second like there’s someone in my house, but its just 1 of the 4 foot kaws dissected companions smh

aite y’all, get your grind time in this week!

this weekend or in 6 days I’ll be in NYC for a week….. the rotten apple, you’ll get tackled… Let’s see if I can make it down 47th without getting shit thrown at me. lol


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