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So every once in a while I get a client who is completely different from my typical/normal client…. currently stays north of sunset but just south of mulholland drive, lived on the upper east side, not upper west side new paper…. grew up in the midwest with a vacation spot in the hamptons, family with long bread, but not loud bread…. and the cat is a fully seasoned vet who knew what givenchy and pierre cardin was as a child, BUT had BDP pumpin in his walkman…. and he likes listening to dipset lol….. in fact in 2002, he was one of the cats who put me up on game. crazy huh?

well my boy always kept it classy and hasn’t stopped. he’s the cat who wears the patek philippe and actually looks the part; some yacht type thomas crown steez…. but with killa pumpin thru the speakers and rat pack mentality.

anyways, he wanted to get something made so we made him a small 25 pointer stud chain…. he went over to harry winston and they quoted him 100 racks…. I told him they’re out their monkey ass minds and they were gonna give him a solitaire necklace that starts off with small diamonds in the back and gradually gets to 1 big diamond in the front and center (SLAP!) This isn’t some hip hop shit for him, wouldn’t fit his uniform at all, so we came with a tradition style diamond stud chain, all clean ass G color stones with a very tight prong setting that allowed 160 diamonds on a 26″ long chain, you see most jewelers woulda spread that out and made the prongs bigger with the steeple nose pointed setting and had it with 125 stones. This chain ended up being 32 carats total which is the same total carat weight at the big 35″ long diamond stud chains I wear in white gold…… but this is compacted….

anyways, my boy was psyched to get his chain after around 12 days….
here’s some pics obviously, but I had to add his Big Boy Bentley Arnage in the pics, cuz he’s not a continental type pusher… and it’s the newer body style with the square light covers which = asshole haha


now that’s how you make a stud chain from scratch! I seen a lotta cats use a pre set diamond prong stud chain pre made mold and put the moissinites in it or the white or yellow sapphires…. cmon #justsaying

E Dazzle is a complete fool with it, so I thought he’d have some champagne sitting in his whip or some old single malt scotch….. in his bar or fridge in the back of his whip…. YES INSIDE THE WHIP lol


you know I’d stay with some Veuve in that bitch! anyways, thank you Ian and much love and we’re going to continue this relationship and make some classy jewelry for you until your grandkids are wearing it….

so onto another thing.
we finished making our 1st Gucci Digital PVD Big Face bezel with black diamonds….
this shit is clowning! and since the Gucci shell is already PVD (says so when you buy the watch) it’s only right



everyone have a great weekend.
I got a lot of work to do…. but I think I’m gonna take one of my 3 day vacations very soon.


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