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So the weekend started out with a new 1000% Spock be@rbrick but we’ll get into that later….
the usual shit, lot of orders and work to finish, new orders taken and I gotta thank god for being blessed….

it’s been a long time that I’ve been invited to a Major Korean related event with Korean press etc, so I was excited to be invited to the official ribbon cutting ceremony and opening of the new Ma Dang plaza opening where the new CGV cinemas is (nicest theater to open or exist in Koreatown and plays the latest Korean films) and also home to the only 5 star Korean restaurant in the USA for now…. (the restaurant BANN doesn’t open until next monday officially, now is just VIP tastings) the owner is the owner of Woo Lae Oak which I’m not too crazy of and never been, but she’s my mother’s high school alumni and they’ve been close friends for over 50 years (god damn! smh + lol) but anyways, this plaza/restaurant is open now where the OG Woo Lae Oak was on Western Ave. (between 6th and Wilshire) Woo Lae Oak was the 1st Korean bbq Restaurant in the USA that was somewhat fancy way before any hype and was originally open on Vermont (where yon soo san is now) in 1969 and moved to the western ave location in the late 70’s or very early 80’s…. they opened a beverly hills location later in the 90’s and then opened an NYC location and pretty much are trying to follow the path of a mr chows but for korean food obviously….

I’ve always favored Dong il Jang or Cho San when I wanted a true top notch korean bbq fix, but now this is probably the only place I will take friends or clients from now on since it’s fancier than Cho San.
So anyways, I got there with my family, paid my respects to the owner and talked to some press and some old friends I haven’t seen in a very long time(smh at my elders reminding me of how much of a hooligan I was growing up)
anyways, I didn’t stay for the movie(US premiere of “Blades of Blood”) and check out the cinemas fully, but I did see that the actual theater is crazy! I was expecting dduk and kim chee to be served in the concession stands, but I’ll leave the stereotypes for you all to see for yourselves.

I didn’t take many pics, but I will say the inside of the restaurant is much nicer than any other korean restaurant in LA or NYC and the VIP rooms are waaaaaaaay iller than any of the korean restaurants ever but I was too embarrassed to take a pic of the rooms. I can’t wait to make this my staple spot!

yes, I had to throw on a suit


the owners and korean television about to cut the ribbon…. (camera isn’t the best)

entrance and bar area of BANN

my homey Joe Hahn and his friend came through….

okay be@rbrick time…
So I’ve been waiting for this piece since xmas and finally it came late thurs night.
SPOCK 1000% and the shit is fresh!
never gets old for me… thanks Noel, Joe Hahn and Lynnica at SURU Melrose


add that to the collection to make it the 32nd 1000% be@rbrick I own… smh and I’m still in the process of building the be@rbrick display wall.

So on Saturday, I finished the 2nd season of TRUE BLOOD and damn shit was getting real good towards the end, but the bitch maryann needed to die! that bullshit voodoo and mojo’s and hex’s and black eyeball shit was getting on my nerves for real! can’t wait for the season premiere this sunday! because Entourage has fallen ALL THE WAY THE FUCK OFF! smh, there was barely 1 single decent episode for the entire last season! but my boy Matt Vener did hold down the music for last season crazy!

I finally got up out of the house and headed over to eat some greek food at this restaurant in the grove/farmers market and checked out some vintage cars they had at the annual gilmore classic car show they hold every year at the grove…. it was a beautiful day out too….. we ate some greek food and thought it’d only be right to go see “Get Him to the Greek” and honestly, I haven’t heard too much about the film besides people saying they wanted to see it…. and it didn’t have all that unnecessary hype like the Hangover did (which to me sucked big elephant dicks and was not funny at all) and after watching it, it was definitely watchable, not excellent, not terrible, but definitely better than the Hangover. it reminded me of when I was trying to climb the ladder inside my record label back in the day! After the movie did some lightweight shopping, drove around a little bit and then went home and watched “I Shouldn’t Be Alive Right Now” which drove me insane….

woke up Sunday morning at 7:45am to hike Runyon and then said nawww fuck that, I’mma lay my monkey ass down and plan a vacation…. yup, thats right, starting tonight, I’m on vacation until this Saturday and I’m leaving the country tonight!

so after planning the vacation, I wanted to do some shorts and light clothes shopping and my girl needed a few things too, we also needed some Lomography Film and then hit Jinky’s for a light brunch…. all I could think about is the beach and my #lakeshow

I wanted to wear my jersey and lakers kicks to keep the good luck thing running(everytime I’ve worn that fit, my Lakers have always won) and instead, I threw on a nice shirt and pants because my girl’s mom was cooking some Filipino food for us for dinner and WE FUCKING LOST! I mean, we didn’t play horrible, the Celtics didn’t play that great, Jesus aka Ray Allen was out of his gourd though! He was on fire more than any of the rainbow boys and even his own team mate Rondo(who loves to wear lipstick and lace and eye liner… smh)
BUT THE OFFICIATING WAS AWFUL, the refs won’t the guys just play ball. we got calls on our end that were terrible, I can’t believe David Stern and this bullshit… so anyways, looks like I’ll be watching games 3 and 4 out of the country.

After the game I did an online radio show interview with Notorious Steph and I’m honored to have been asked to do the show…. thank you

everyone have a blessed week and I’ll maybe blog from the beach!

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