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a couple of homey’s of mine had an artshow @ SURU on melrose this past saturday so I showed up…. John Hensley(nip/tuck) who I met a long time ago before he even owned a motorcycle and my boy Joe Hahn of Linkin Park were the hosts (Joe also co-owns the spot) and it was an art exhibit in relation to motorcycles with artwork from: Barry McGee, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Audrey Kawasaki, Stash, Futura, Jesse James, Dr. Romanelli and most importantly my carnal: Estevan Oriol!

so I went to show some love and if any of you know me, from about 1988 to 2007 I was infatuated with motorcycles…. I mean it was beyond my life and I lost a few close friends to riding…. I stopped a year or so ago when I decided, I could not ride responsibly anymore…. but anyways, much love to Joe and John and Estevan…. it was packed and a fun event… I didn’t take pics of the party that actually went down in the backyard, but here’s some shots

the flat white new busa was tough!

me and the man E Oriol

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