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remember the little kid who was 18 that used to be my assistant? run around town with me and film videos? drive me and Jonas around? well dude is a boss now. please believe he don’t listen to me anymore…. he got a few fancy cars now and has learned so much more than I knew when I was his age… the kid is 23 now and making moves like a professional timed chess player.

he’s collecting rolex’s and hublots now…. traveling around the world, but I think he may still be a virgin lol. jk… you gettin bitches francis?

at the end of the day as much as I want to break his neck on a regular and stab his arms with letter openers… the kid is solid and he’s copped a few things from me before, like a fully iced out G-Shock, a rosary, some small things because jewels aren’t his thing now….. he’s more into size 28 waist J Lindeberg jeans and fitted moncler jackets smh.. uniqlo tees and I’m very very proud of him…. he went from dickies and white tees to looking like a filipino aristocrat cat…..

well right before he left for his trip to Taiwan and the Philippines, he had us make him a custom made pinky ring…. he had an old ring with 9 nice sized round diamonds on top and he got it from his grandfather…. via his mom and we remixed that ring heavyweight…. it’s now 20 grams and is fully flooded out… we kept the same format for the top party, but we added all the extra diamonds and it’s now an eternity ring…. 14k yellow gold, 7.5 carats total. all VS bright white diamonds


congrats CDJ

so we got the basic regular work going on….. I’m remaking our smaller 2″ tall jesus pieces, I’m thinking of making our kanye style ones with no diamonds too, but only in the 2″ size….
speaking of kanye…. his DJ, Million Dollar Mano aka DJ MANO is a good homey of mine as well and we’re making him some nasty bottom grills….. yellow on yellow uggghhhh!

the mold came out super clean…. we don’t even make grills that often anymore, but I’m gonna murder these!
stay tuned Mano… I’ll have these done by tomorrow night!

we’re also making a rosary for a cat in Minnesota who wanted it fully custom down to the connector center piece and the cross… every 2 beads are iced out and 1 single bead not iced out

gonna be a NICE rosary

and if you live in LA, then you know the last 2 days have been almost 90 degrees outside!

thank god for that solar panel roof and 500 + miles to a tank!
but seriously, I love coming back to the car with the A/C already on and ran from that SP roof on the prius…. but it doesn’t compare to even the 1st 20 seconds of jumping into that Italia! uggghhhh

it was so hot, this was my look yesterday morning!

I keep it frigid in my crib… btw, I got 1 sock on because I wiped my prick off with the other one.

and then this was my look….

so after our pathetic loss to the shitty more inferior mavericks… I was sick. so sick I wanted to walk down and slap a few people down at staples! smh
while joking around, I sent a tweet out to my peeps khloe kardashian, jamie and malika….

and then 6 minutes later. I get this fuckery from both Malika and Khloe….

but peep Khloes tweet…. you like how she added some words to my original tweet to make it seem like I was adding extras? I was joking, they were actually mad lol smh

ridiculous… I was disgusted by the whole night right after 5 minutes left in the 4th….

walking around my store to the restroom…. I always pass this one sneaker store that used to have posters of clyde drexler and patrick ewing and even magic and bird ads that were super super ill OG shit… but I think he sold those posters to someone…. but he still got up some posters of Kobe pre Black Mamba status…. from over 11 years ago.


smfh… I remember helping out on the marketing on these shoes…. I actually was serviced with those Kobes before they hit the stores… I found a pic of me and Kurupt walking into my boy Bee Nguyen’s office right after we released Dr. Dre 2001

man… I had braids in my hair for over a year! haha

so yesterday I hit the Korean Market to get some snacks…..

I can literally eat 6 bags of these, no problem! I ate 4 in 1 sitting! #crack

and then as I was checking out… they still had this bottle

y’all remember this from my myspace?
shit, this bottle has been there for over 6 years now! a 206 year old cognac! $6,000 is cheap! that shit would be over $20,000 in a club! man I need to cop this and give it to Mayweather as a gift (he doesn’t drink) just because it would look better in his cellar

oh yeah…. I’m on instagram btw (for the 5th time I think I’m telling y’all) and I posted a subjective pic on there and I’ve gained over 650 followers in less than a month (that’s like getting 10,000 twitter followers in a month) and some haters clicked the report/snitch button and then I got this email


last night, I got invited to the preview party for Darkness II game hosted by 2K games and my family Soul Assassins studios… I went for the always good food/catering and drinks (just kidding Marco!)


the only bad part of blogging from my iphone4 now is that pictures taken in the dark aren’t so crisp…. flash woulda made this pic worse actually

but you know what doesn’t suck?


thanks victor and marco
much love….
also shout out to my big homey’s Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol
had a good chat with them last night
oh shit!
shout out to Estevan for giving me this dope ass pillow he made from one of his famous images….

I gotta rep LA always

aite y’all.
Lakers will win or else I’m fucking people up….

OH YEAH! I was planning on heading to Seattle for a work event and then hitting Street Scene, but I can’t leave this beautiful weather for some rain and bullshit food! ha!
but I think I have to be in the BAY friday night, but I’m back in LA to watch this Pacquaio fight since the Champ isn’t gonna watch the fight


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