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so anyways, I’m trying to upload pics and get back into the whole blog mode….
so the other night I was at my friend Paris’s house, she had a going away party (she’s off to london for a month) and of course I love the company there (my amc fam! shout outs to Tal, Benji & my boy Turbo) and the food and desserts are always on point! her house parties are always sponsored by Belvedere Vodka… but the best part of the party are the party favors on the table. lol


yes, no need to stop at the gas station to get lighters or stoggies… miss hilton got you covered

so moving on and forward, I got a new desk and chair last night… thanks to the homey Peter aka PGA for helping me get it to the trap! so anyways, this is where I blog from at home (at work, I’m on a mac with the same desk)

I know, I know, the wires are a mess…. My BlackBerry Bold is totalled, so I’m waiting on my new unlocked one anyday now from my purple homey in the tdot!

okay, gotta roll, got my manager Bo coming by to talk biz, then I’m headed to Knotts Scary Farm and I’m hyped about that!

oh yeh! one last thing….
if you’re in the hollywood area tonite. please check out my boys SNOT (lynn R.I.P.) for a 10 year reunion party basically at the Key Club on the sunset strip! they’ll be ripping shit up and I wish I could be there, but I got prior engagements. I used to DJ for Snot, man…. the golden years!

happy bday Nicky, I know you’re penthouse party tonite will be crackin. and shout out to my boy Rob Kardashian…. he’s hosting a party tonite @ vanguard with the Crooks dudes and my homey Jeri Lee is on the go go’s there tonite.

okay peace y’all for real now!

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