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so this weekend, Nic’s cousin’s flew in from Germany, so I wanted to meet them and see them since she talks about them often…. they live in Berlin and their dad is the Filipino Ambassador in different countries (germany, greece and I think now in South Africa or soon to be) so they don’t get to visit Nic and her family but only once a year….. very good kids and they’re here for almost 2 months

we took them to the Americana as soon as they landed, we got some Shakey’s pizza and Mojo’s lol…. they loved that shit and then we got some milkshakes at Jewel City (so bomb)

I haven’t been to the Americana in a little while, so it was nice to check it out…. it was the official first weekend of summer and it was fucking packed there! Peeps say the only reason why the Grove is doper than the Americana is because they have an apple store…..


I would say the Grove has the better zip code, but shit…. I like the Americana more than the Grove overall because it’s newer and their movie theater is cleaner and nicer

anyways, we walked around, they wanted to get some vans and skinny jeans (lol american culture!)

and you know we took pics and then I took some pics for my instagram and then some


speaking of Instagram… I went to check how many followers I had and this pulls up

I can’t shake this kid!

speaking of Jonas….
to be truthful, this shit is still hitting me hard as fuck. I can’t sleep that well unless I’m on my allergy meds and even still, my dude shows up in my dreams and this is fucking me up a bit. I just can’t believe, gone and gone, like past tense and everything!
sucks so bad, I really can’t brush this one off…. no matter what, sometimes I get busy and I don’t think about it, but it comes up everyday in someway or somehow

on saturday, I went to my elementary schools 25th reunion get together (yes, 25 years ago +!) and the dudes house that had the gathering lives in Huntington Beach and he lives off the street where me and Jonas’s OG favorite shabu shabu spot (California Shabu) in Fountain Valley….. fuck man, I swear that spot was the only place me and him would rock on the Liggity Low and often!

anyways, I gotta tell you, the only real stability I had in my youth was during the ages of 4 to 12, those were crucial years of my childhood for real… I went to school in a small suburb (koreatown was not an option and my sister and brother both were in boarding schools…. only reason why I wasn’t in one was because I was so bad) and those were my golden years for real. I cherished those times so much that I remembered them better than most of the guys who were there the whole time. I mean, I remembered fights and funny moments we had over 30 years ago! crazy shit man…. I really miss that time and era in my life and always wondered if I would have stayed where would I be right now? my teens were a mess, after that school, I went to 9 different schools and was kicked out of every single one, from stupid shit but mostly fighting smh…. anyways, it was so good to catch up with my boys…. one of them was my best friend from 4 to 12, my best friend in the world and we were thick as thugs for real…. he’s now running his family’s business and another close friend of mine was 1 of the 4 founders of Myspace and other than that, all of them are married with kids and got their shit together! it’s a fucking beautiful thing to see them all doing so well and everyone still in touch with each other via email or facebook. I mean, damn, I have seen 99% of them in 25 years!!!!!! I was so damn sad when I left that school that I rebelled heavy and went from getting straight A’s to straight F’s (true story) ….. if it wasn’t for sports later on in life, I woulda never made it into college.

whenever, I get rattled or frustrated, I take a drive down to the old neighborhood and just chill looking over this view of the city and I swear it helps me out….. I reminisce over all those good times…. and the guys were telling stories about high school and shit I missed and it was so heartwarming to hear….. they also told me they missed my presence and were like how the fuck could anyone forget BEN YANG? we thought we’d never see you again! so crazy….. I mean damn! I remember begging my dad to stay in the area, but thinking about the commute from K-Town and then back to UCLA was just not the business….. and this was in the early 80’s! traffic wasn’t even bad then.

anyways, we all kicked it til the early evening and the drive home was a drive just thinking about really how my life mighta turned out if I stayed there and what would I be doing now for a career? crazy shit… but hanging out with celebrities and going to fancy restaurants and just other bullshit does NOT mean you’re winning in life…. watching my boys play with their kids, feeding them, smiling and kicking it with their wives and fam…. THAT’S WINNING…. BUT that was the hand that I was dealt and all I could do was make the best of it. I appreciate all my homey’s who were there, that was an awesome day. I look forward to seeing them again soon.

when I got back home, I watched a movie with Nic and then decided that I was gonna make my all time 25 or 50th greatest movies list…. I will post it this week

sunday morning, it was fucking beautiful out, so we headed out to her parents house to BBQ and hang with her cousins…. I made a quick stop on the block to grab a diamond supply co shirt (big ups to rob, rich, john and yousef and of course mr tershay)… then made a quick don julio and mexican coke stop at a liquor store on the way there….


when I came back out, I thought I’d take some pics for instagram since my whip was sitting there all mean and pretty…. I’m glad I decided to slam that hoe on the ground….. the 22″ gun metal matte monoblocks aren’t too shabby either…..

speaking of whips, I’m doing the Bull Run this year (gumball rally type event from Las Vegas to Miami) and I’ll wait til they announce who my partner in crime is, or wait for their announcement… but my homey Fabolous is driving along with some others…. MTV is shooting 8 or more episodes, so it’ll be dope for my brand and the blog for sure….. it should be a lot of fun!

now back to the BBQ

we did some don julio silver with pineapple, most of them did shots…. belvedere and gatorade….. we bought a ping pong table (I used to be stupid dumb crazy nice in ping pong) and they got about 10 HUGE nerf guns and super soakers… they went HAM around the house, I was on my grown man shit and said if they even thought about it, I would go SPAM on them lol…..

Nic’s brother did it righteous this time…. Beef Sliders with cheese on Hawaiian bread! also with grilled onions and mushrooms sauteed with garlic and red wine…. then spicy hot links and bratwursts and some homemade french fries… then apple pie and homemade brownies and vanilla ice cream lol (I lost 9lbs. so it was my cheat weekend)

I will make my 1st post on CARE2JOINME.COM soon as soon as I get my username on there…. this is a homemade BBQ so it doesn’t count…. but I won’t be posting food here as I mentioned before

I’m supposed to get lunch today with my boy Pusha T, but I don’t know, I’m still in a funky ass mood….

I’m also thinking of copping my old 360 rari back from my boy because he’s having a baby and needs the extra cash…. crazy shit is that I’m gonna get it for 58% less than what I sold it to him for and he put on 10,000 miles on it only! smh…. we’ll see.

btw, I didn’t do any BET awards events. I haven’t done any in sooooo many year and I think I’ve only participated in that once or twice at most…. NO FUCKING THANKS! don’t care…..
on the other end of the spectrum… NO EDC for me either. fuck NO NEVER…..

I stayed away from downtown LA and away from the Beverly Center this weekend…. no thanks

this upcoming weekend though, I’ll be in Las Vegas with my lil homey Rob Kardashian doing an event at JET nightclub…. roll through!


peace, gotta make some jewelry and get cracking on my boy MJ’s piece!


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