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4 days wasn’t enough, but fuck it, I had to get away,
I go to Cabo every single year because it’s the only destination 2 hours away from L.A. that really gives you that exotic feel. It’s very expensive if you want to do it semi to ultra lavishly, but it’s worth it. I also love Cabo because I love to fish, love that the nicer resorts don’t have a bunch of teens or college kids like Cancun and I’ll take it over Hawaii any day because again of the travel time. I don’t care to shop, so it’s all good. I had to make sure the Laker games were playing in the hotel rooms or at least in the hotel….

I brought my girl with me obviously and we stayed at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach private resort…. I usually do MEcabo or Las Ventanas, but ME is only dope if you can get 1 of the 5 available nicest rooms and they actually have a decent nightclub inside their resort(shout out to D-Mac and the Kim K), Las Ventanas is nice, but I’m over it… this is my 2nd time at PB Sunset Beach and man this place is it’s own city for real…. They are the only resort with a 24 hour restaurant and 24 hour room service. They have 2 markets and 5 pools…. the markets have deli’s and these spots are actually very decently priced food/beverage wise… THEY HAD ROSE’! haha! AND DOM P! but I wasn’t in Mexico for that…. the happy hour everyday was 2 for 1 and it was Don Julio and Mojito’s all the time during happy hour.

The sky pool was just straight fucking dumb; The aqua bar was ill as well…. the beach and sea of cortez is always ridiculous and we got to chill in 84 degrees instead of the usual high 90’s to 100’s even and it was actually cooler at night time with 1 day of sorta overcast weather, but I couldn’t complain… the trip just wasn’t long enough! I always eat well in Cabo and always do some sort of activity on a boat or atv or in the ocean….. but this time, I said, I don’t want to do shit but just chill and maybe walk around a little bit. THAT’S IT! And watch my #LAKESHOW!

I turned my phone off and brought my batline with me so I didn’t have any interruptions while relaxing. BUT I did bring my laptop just to pass time when I was poolside or chillin in the room…

I can’t begin to tell you how fresh this hotel/resort is…. they have over 1,000 rooms and you basically navigate around by drivers in golf carts (I’ll post a video soon) and they have 4 restaurants from nice to really nice! After my 15th trip to Cabo, I realized that I want to buy my 1st time share here. I also realized that there is an SPF100 and after all these trips, I understand why…. the UV rays in Cabo are waaaaay different then the hottest sun in Palm Springs or Vegas…..

fyi, in the last 5 years Cabo has grown quite a bit…. not super fast, but still has grown nicely. It obviously gets better and better the more familiar you get with the area and know how to negotiate a deal for almost anything.

anyways, here’s some pics broken up in days

all PG images, the rest for facebook haha



chillin at San Jose Del Cabo international airport… waiting on our taxi


after check in…. in the golf cart checking out the views of the resort and getting into our suite 


at the cafe getting some lunch

thats like $300 lol


of course for the World Cup they got the fresh Coke cans


got some exercise and walked to the room after getting some granola, yogurt, water, juice and bagels for the kitchen…. (full kitchens are a must in the hotel lol) but the walk sucked and I never want to do that again, but we did cuz we didn’t hit the gym or any hikes….


the sky pool is on the top of the resort and is fucking awesome


can you believe it’s almost 8pm here in the pic above? *sigh*

I missed the 1st quarter of the Lakers game… but damn, you can see why huh?
WE GOT THE “W” THOUGH! uggghhhh!!!!

was hungry as hell again! this time Ceviche’! and assorted Clams & Oyster dishes

she’s tapped out…. waiting for the golf cart


good morning cabo!

bananas to make sure I can give banana juice lol 


pinky n****!!!! PINKY! (next friday)
the telly had flamingos, parrots, geese, all types of shit



the main pool…. so crackin! 10am and it’s on! there’s also an adult pool, but we never checked it

tacos were crazy! fish was prolly caught literally 4 hours before I ate them…. dos equis & coronas chillin as well…

posted up decided to get up for a sec and walk onto the private beach area for a sec…. take a walk for a little bit



 as we were walking back from Lands End…. it started to get gloomy and windy wtf? yeah…. so we decided to head downtown to do some light weight shopping and eat again, walk around and whatever….

as we come back out after changing clothes and showering… the sun is back up again, beaming hot

waiting for the golf cart…. then for a taxi to downtown


I remember when CABO WABO and SQUID ROE were crackin in the early 90’s!

best sushi restaurant in all of mexico, not cabo, BUT ALL OF MEXICO! NICK SAN!

shopping for a poncho… found myself some corona goggles instead…

I always forget the pharmacies down in mexico sell viagra, vicodin, cialis, amoxocillin and all type of random ass drugs without a prescription smh


after less than 2 hours, I’m like fuck this… back to the resort! I need to swim! so I’m waiting for a shuttle to pick us up

so we hit the sky pool again cuz it’s happy hour and it’s closer to our suite…


tonight it was room service and wine and book of eli, saw and just a lot of sleeping

woke up to a cold ass 72 degree ugly overcast day….

thank god for this!

since the weather was so shitty, it wasn’t even worth it to swim…. we were both lightweight mad… cuz in Cabo when the weather is like this (only maybe 2 weeks total in an entire year here, minus El Nino) there isn’t much else to do that we already haven’t done…
so we headed down to the restaurant for some breakfast…


rocking chair….. no gwen mccrae

right in front of balcony….. strike a pose! naw, just doin some stretching and this is a candid

headed up to the room to get ready to hit downtown for some food and sight seeing….


had to cop this tee! haha, also copped some premium silver tequila that is supposed to shit on Patron Platinum… I haven’t tried it yet… but maybe this week I’ll pop the bottle open



After watching a lot of “I shouldn’t be alive right now” on discovery channel… I’m not so fond of boats anymore…. especially since we just watched an episode where these guys almost died (1 did) in Cabo over the sea of cortez… smh

crazy that a year ago there wasn’t a cartier, fendi and hermes in cabo, but now there is a place called Luxury Ave…. I didn’t even bring any jewelry with me, not even a watch, except my plain plastic gshock…

time to hit NICK SAN!



back to the hotel…. TO WATCH MY #LAKESHOW!

I don’t know how many employees they have at this resort, but it has to be over 1,000 easy…. with all the maintenance and cleaning? I mean this place is huge, always smells amazing, spas, pool cleaners, animal groomers/feeders, maids? waiters? room service? smh…. place is kept well like a royal palace

so I wanted to watch the game in the Manila Bar next to the main pool to just be around some people and see if there were any celtics fans in the resort…
we walk into the bar which is nice, but the fucking TV is a 32″!!!!!!! WTF?
(later found out the game was playing on a 120″ movie screen in 1 of the conference rooms.. I was so pissed, but I was so mad that we lost, it didn’t matter)

real talk, my facial expression after seeing the size of the TV in the Bar…


I watched the game and ate chips and salsa and pineapple patrons… while she designed bikini’s….


love that the sun sets in Cabo late! it’s almost 9pm in this pic!

headed up to the cafe to get some dessert to ease the pain of the laker loss

then we went back to the room and called it a night real early…. praying the weather is official for our last day/night in cabo

wake up at 8am and the sun is already blazing!
my girl makes us some breakfast and I chug some juice and get ready to hit the beach….


it’s soooo on and crackin! can’t wait to hit Boracay in the Philippines in a few months!

do you know how hard it is to maintain this long torso’s physique? A LOT OF CHAMPAGNE! haha



amazing… I wasn’t even close to the most out of shape person there…. shit just over a year ago I was a beast! in the gym 6x a week and my diet was insane… now? fuck it, I’m old…

but I am sunburned like a damn piece of Kogi!

the camera died….. no charger, we took over 300 pics total easy…
watched some world cup and then watched the Karate Kid; shit was actually surprisingly good, NOT FANTASTIC, but really good, out of all these remix movies in the last decade, this was by far one of the better ones… but not as great as the classic… just better shot and a bigger budget… the OG KK is still the one! nothing can fuck with “wax on, wax off!”


3 last shots and the camera really died for real…. right off the Cigar Lounge Balcony in the resort just waiting for our shuttle to take us to the airport…

Neither one of us wanted to leave, I wanted to stay til monday… but I got a bunch of work I don’t want to do, but gotta do…. A highlight of the trip was while I was in the lobby next to the restaurant we ate at (La Freida) there was this caucasian guy wearing a gold ass golden chain…. like 26″ or so long and I was like, nice necklace, that’s OG style… he said whats OG? and I said nevermind, but was like, only asians wear 24k gold, so wtf is going on here? I asked him where he got the necklace and he said in San Francisco 13 years ago…. then he said, I don’t even really care about this chain, if you want it, I’ll sell it to you for $2,000 (in a voice like I’m the asshole if I buy it?) I’m thinking haven’t you watched any tv lately? cash for gold or anything? I don’t even think twice and I cop it… what a jackass, the chain weighs 204 grams(just checked it yesterday when I got home) and it’s 24k gold… what a come up….

in other news, LAX customs at Tom Bradley always sucks…. I copped some water at the SJD airport and as I’m entering the plane, they tell me I can’t take that or the aloe WHICH I COPPED INSIDE THE AIRPORT! but I can bring home the tequila?

anyways, I’m home and I’m happy…..

I’m gonna take pics of my new be@rbrick holy grail 2moro or later…
gotta get ready for the #LAKESHOW game 5!


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