By Ben Baller on 2010-03-30

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When I was recently in Las Vegas, I was wandering around and found a woman’s jewelry line that caught my eye. No, not diamond encrusted anything, not even fake gold type things like you see in a forever 21 store, etc….
just good ole ladies jewelry and simple accessories that you would see inside a fine woman’s boutique. Cute shit that still has class. You know how japanese people are so creative and know how to make simple things so clean and neat with it.

well check this line out. I really like these heart shaped bracelets especially, they caught my eye during Magic/S.L.A.T.E. capsule/Project show in Vegas and I bought 4 different ones for my girlfriend….
I hope that I can do a collaboration with Votan maybe, as I’ve always wanted to focus on a woman’s line of jewels, but not even costume jewelry, but more so with the creative touch. I need to mention these are very well made too, strong and so fucking sassy! but again, just so clean and simple

you can check them out here at

thank you Linda & Hiroshi, You will always have a customer with me!


there’s also a clear colored one which I bought not shown, but it’s my friends favorite and I’m sure hard to shoot on a white background, but she wears it all the time….

thanks again Linda! hope to hear from you guys soon, LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANY HELP! I would love to help you market this and give some to my taste-maker girls


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