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So today was just a normal day… grinding, pushing through the streets of L.A. I hit the shop up to peep updates and drop off some feria, my cousins steve, jeff, james and joe are for real all extraordinary workers. each of them are so different, but we all share a bond and understand each other very well….

I got new biz cards today…. had to change my # (new beginnnings, fresh start, too many leeches and my real homey’s will K.I.T.) and obviously we cleaned up the Icee Fresh name to IF and Co. Gigantic SHOUT OUT to Steven Muller aka 57even who designed the logo, he’s a designer over @ L-R-G and also a genius. thank you again bro, you’ve been great always. it may look like a simple white card, but we used the fresh material again our last black ones had people like awwwww! peep game:

So of course there isn’t a store I’ve seen on earth that has as much custom jewelry in their display cases as we do. no joke. we got crazy ice for days! We reloaded on diamond g-shocks (we were 2nd to do them, but we were the ones to make them reach platinum status) No joke! Johnny TV still is using our pics and people bite our shit all the time! I’m very proud of Pharrell for icing out the back of his g-shock and trying to be different, but we’re always raising the bar on everything. We decided to ice out the clasps on the G-Shocks now just to be cute and foolish. We did a nice yellow gold with white diamond one for Felix of Fly Society, but I didn’t get to take a pic, so I’ll show you what I mean….

so anyways, this is about 1/4 of what we have in stock right now as far as diamond encrusted watches…. we got crazy breitlings, franck muller’s, jacobs and of course rolexs on deck at the shop now…. just a quick shot of today’s display

we’re almost finished with this piece I made for a japanese client and I’m still trying to close that million dollar deal with the biggest of bigshots
after that, I headed to say what up with my fam @ platinum motorsport and they’re killin it as usual, btw, happy bday to the homey Kim Kar….
can’t wait til 2moro, gym time… oh and I will prolly blog some new LRG holiday samples for the Lifted fans. SHOUT OUT TO MY DUDE MAX MURDER! love you bro, you got a nice gift coming via mail in the morn AMC bitch!


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