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sorry everyone, but really fuck you because it’s my blog and I’ve just been busy
not only busy with work, but busy taking time out to talk to all my friends and I mean “for real” close friends of mine that I don’t get to talk as often as I’d like to; but when you get older as some of you may know, you don’t always have the time to chat like you did when you had less responsibility or whatnot, the thing is, you can make up excuses, but these aren’t excuses…. I keep my grind and career first, but with taking my life to the next level now, my business is sitting in 2nd place to Nic and my family and everyone involved in what’s going on this year…. some of my cousins are cousins who I haven’t spoke to or seen in a year or longer, same with my boy’s… and I have few friends in my life, but tons of acquaintances…. but with my real close friends, we can go however long it is without much real communication and jump right back into a flow like EBB. I’ve never seen my mom this happy in a long time and both sides of the family are glowing and it’s great to see that energy.

everyday this past week, there has been a couple small jobs, that needed my attention and that’s literally every single day…. so I can’t just take off and go somewhere and then come back the next morning, it’s too much of a hassle… one of Nic’s best friends is getting married very soon too, so her and her friends all took off to Palm Springs for a day and it was the first time all 6 of them have been together in 2 years or so… so I decided to get with my bro’s and chop it up with them individually….. but then I decided to also pull a peter gibbons without the hypnotism and “do absolutely nothing” on sunday…. and guess what? it felt great. I sat back and watched TV, I turned my phone off, I fell asleep a few times throughout the day and I originally planned to go to Las Vegas or somewhere….. but then I know I’m going to Las Vegas next weekend for Rob Kardashian’s bday party….. so I can only do so much of vegas.

but what I have been on is some extra fancy shit lately…. brunch at the polo lounge, dinner at the belvedere room at the peninsula…. champagne testing for the wedding(for my own personal reference lol) and when this comes out, don’t talk to me,

because this is when, I’m just being extra extra….

the kitchen is done! BUT, the fridge isn’t here yet and it’s pissing me off…. so I can’t show y’all how I went from ghetto kitchen to a normal one….
in fact last night, all Nic’s bridesmaids came over to cook and stuff and hang out. It was nice to have a bunch of people over without feeling insecure about the kitchen being so low budget…. but the rest of the crib being on point… It was cool to see my kitchen being used and so fucking domesticated…. cutting up veggies… making salads and vegetarian lasagna and wine being poured….. and I didn’t wanna hear all the girl talk, so I shook out west to the Peninsula to have dinner with another Chi-Town legend to discuss lightweight biz and also just catch up….
so I get to the Belvedere room and sit down…. my homey Ian walks into the room with his lovely lady and he walks into this 5 star restaurant with a popsicle orange Hermes trenchcoat and a james perse v neck on and some sakura ueno AF1’s and says to me “what’s good Dr. Yang?” and I say not too much fam…. I’m getting married and I just remodeled/updated my kitchen and then I’m like what’s good with you sir? He says “word??? congrats!…. well I got a new crib in Bal Harbour and I bought a yacht and I’m gonna live on it for a year…. go from the carribean and then maybe head up to michigan for the summer, then I don’t know” lol smh…. fuck what’s goin on in my life…. my guy is living good and I’m proud of him… I’m not there yet, he got a few years on me… we chopped it up and then we got a little bit too buzzed off patron and got a car service to his crib and puffed some kush with the backwoods and then Nic came and scooped me up….. goodnight on some grown shit.

but before all that fancy shit that I do once in a while, like eating 5-6 course meals….
I was at my store yesterday with and I had lunch at Cho San Galbee before hand with some kids outta South Beach…. good kids, I took them over to see my store and then I had to figure out my orders and my cousin was going through some old…. OLD inventory, shit I been thought we had melted down… but when you see things like this, then you know this is some OG quadruple OG shit that you couldn’t even try to make now because the way the diamonds were set and just the overall look is 10 years old easy!

now that is some old school shit! nobody uses baguettes anymore…. channel set like that? smh…. I don’t know what we’re gonna do immediately with that piece, but it would cost us literally 3x to remake that piece compared to what we’re gonna sell it for now.

and then on the whole other end…. we’d never make an earring like this


blue sapphires done right and set on platinum is no joke…. that shit looks so clean, I wish there was a pair!
but you have to be able to pull that look off too…. I was tryin to get my Lorraine Schwartz on with that piece.

what else?
just work, nothing crazy….. watching my Lake show jump to a 8 game win streak, while the punk ass Miami Heat can’t win a game to save their life…. I didn’t see Lebron tweeting no slick shit this past week? yeh, keep talking about J’s and lame ass kicks, while your guarantee of a ring isn’t gonna happen this year you clown. and you have so much talent, but you can’t get your head out of your ass….. but your coach sucks too…. let’s see what happens tomorrow night.

if you haven’t copped Lupe Fiasco’s new album “lasers” go get it! I got some work with Lupe too that hopefully I’ll be able to show here soon….. oh yeah, tonight is the album release party for Travis Barker’s new joint “give the drummer some” on the sunset strip and there will be tons of artists there literally…. from mr brainwash to mr cartoon…. but it should be a good time… make sure you get that album next tues and if you are on the list for tonight, maybe I’ll see you.

on some fancy burger shit?
I hit Go Burger again in Hollywood and had a fucking tasty delicious real hamburger again…. and found out that my man who I worked with 18 years ago runs the whole joint! I mean, that shit just makes it all better! He seemed great and happy and I love seeing my friends do good….. I will be eating at Go Burger much more often…. the place is awesome…..

as I see myself 18 years ago, not too much care in the world and as a youngin…. I look at shit now and I know I’m getting old, when I don’t like the music as much these days and it’s not because it’s “so called NEW” but really it’s just bad…. I see girls at nighttime walking around in jordan’s thinking their doin the most, when really? you look lame, no girl after high school should be rocking jordans and think they’re doing the most…. but especially at night time. you’re not winning… put on some high heels or stand up to take a piss.
also why all the surgery? you fucking around and making your face look like the lion king lady! stop that shit!

oh almost forgot!
back to my chitown fam…. fam
on sunday night, sat down and had dinner with my chicago G’s, Don C and John Monopoly….. we got it IN HEAVY at Roscoes….man! it was fatboy sunday! we got smothered breasts… cheese eggs, cheese grits, greens, mac and cheese, 3 wings and a waffle, extra wings, biscuits…. sunrise and sunsets. I was zantac’d the fuck out!
it was good to catch up and catch laughs with DC and Monopoly….. DC told me an ill story about when him and Kanye got arrested during the situation with the papparazzi at LAX….. he told me, Ye’ ordered Mr. Chows and had it brought to the police station while they were in the holding cell…. smh, the police didn’t let the food come through, but do you know how EPIC that shit would have been if they pulled that off?

on that note? that’s all.
peace! enjoy your day…. everyday

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