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so one of the first things I’d like to share with you guys from that secret NYC Brisk 25 influencer summit….
is that the homey Eminem has partnered up with Brisk for their latest claymation series…
Marshall Mathers joins the greats who’ve done claymation collabs with Brisk like: Bruce Lee, Ozzy Osbourne and Danny Trejo for Machete’……
well the coolest thing was that Brisk didn’t act like a typical corporate brand; they let Em run with it and gave him total creative control….. they told him to go for it….
well they shot a superbowl commercial and I have an exclusive pic to show y’all…..
they’re doing more than just the commercial spot! Eminem and Brisk are doing a music project together as well….. I’ll try to get some of the music and more info early and post it exclusively here on my blog….

stay tuned for more details from this Brisk project

here’s a sneak behind the scenes pic from the making of the commercial spot:

click to enlarge the image….

again, make sure you look out for this superbowl commercial….
from what I know, Em rarely partners up with corporations or does endorsement deals, I can think of only 1 or 2 he’s partnered up with…. I’m excited to be working with Brisk on this Brisk 25 program!

JIN blog coming tomorrow

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