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so I had to drop off some jewels to my lil bro Jordan and he always got some crazy shit to show me when I enter his pad….
what else can I say? really?
oh well this was a gift from Karl Lagerfeld to his mom…. and you may have seen the black version of this a year ago which was also STUPID RARE! but you ain’t seen the white one.


and Jordan just came back from Aspen…. and it’s winter time… so it’s only right that Pigg keeps warm…. he got Pigg an official Moncler bubble goose down jacket hahahahahaa! SHIT IS ILL! she is surfin on these other pups!


had dinner with my family last night for my sister’s bday at Nate and Al’s and it was nice to see all the kids, fam together…. we always eat there, it’s been tradition for over 20 years easy…

meanwhile, speaking of Nate and Al’s… my buddy Scott Disick (congrats on the baby, congrats to you too Kourtney!) told me about a house dressing that is iller than the russian dressing… well AWWWREADY! speaking of Scott, ran into him while I was at Louis Vuitton last week and he copped a new gold AP along with a new briefcase with his initials on it; type fresh!

BOSS TYPE SHIT SCOTT! I still remember thinking wtf is kim calling me to look out for you for ice… then I see you come out of your then maserati…. was like oh man, who is this guy? and he wears ice? lol. but you fam for real, down with all my nyc famo. stay up!

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