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So I got an email a week ago from a guy (SLANG 500) who owns and operates a shop in Orange County (westminster to be exact) called Harbor Motorsports(they tune the shit out of Mercedes Benz’s) and so this dude Slang got the balls big enough as classroom globes and decided to hit a e36 M3 with a marker and get busy!

much respect to dude, not only for being brave, but for doing it righteous….
you don’t always have to be the 1st with an idea, so it’s all good, if that was strictly the case, then there’d be no Jack in the Box or Burger King…. McDonalds would reign champion…. so stfu and either you like it or don’t like it.
art is expression and I think this cat let his fart out to the haters(if you got any lol, you might just be a quiet dude who has none, well if you fucks with me, you just gained a lot haha)

much props and I appreciate you reading my blog and reaching out.
next time I’m passing the 22 and in GG or WESTminster, I’ll definitely give you or your shop a holla

so after 8 months and over 600 man hours… here are a few pics of what SLANG500 has done to this E36 BMW M3
no stencils were used, he just free handed it OG styles like any graf artist would do!


you can check out more of his work here: SLANG500.COM

p.s. I just appreciate the fact he incorporated the LA lifestyle into this beast…. fyi, I used to own a e36 M3, a 1996 and a 1997 4 door joint… loved the shit out of that car! they were my 1st bmw’s.

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