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this was originally going to be a response to a comment I received, but it’s too long and my opinion should be read by 1-dimensional folks like this….
thank you very much for your comment and visiting the blog. I’m sorry if I offended you in anyway, now let me begin by saying, what you don’t know about me could fill up the entire state of Texas. what I know about you? not so much, outside the fact you want to throw a shot behind a cpu screen and an alias username. so let me start off:
I was raised in the heart of koreatown; a place that gave birth to the largest gang on the earth: MS13, along with 9 other hoods just inside a small radius of a neighborhood. not until 7 years ago or less did it become a more than 50% asian populated area. Koreans owned business’s there, but didn’t live there, it was predominantly latino and blacks who lived in k-town since I was a toddler, that’s a fact. to this day, it’s not the best area to live in, although it’s cleaned up a lot, come by 6th street @ nighttime and see how many gangsters you see actin a fool. TOO MANY.

NOW, how am I going to talk about black people because I so call make my living off of them or their culture? how do you know exactly how I make my money? or who exactly my clients are? are you generalizing again? really? If I did make my living off only black folks, that would mean I couldn’t voice an opinion anymore about a movie I didn’t like? why did you really bring in the race issue? how insecure are you about being black? or is it just you don’t like me? check this out holmes. I don’t give a fuck if Tyler Perry gave a billion jobs to only black folks, I’m very proud that he’s got the first black studio. IMO his movies are trash and that one particularly sucked big time. I talk good or bad about everyone including myself(i.e. the references to my long face and nobody can clown me better than I can) I love how Tyler Perry made the light skinned high yella girl to be the devil in the movie and how the latino dude as a pimp(didn’t look anything like one) or how most of the white people(cops, lady @ kmart, tranny in jail) were real derogatory characters in the film. Um, I back up good film regardless who directed it. If the director of Benjamin Button were a black man, he wouldn’t overly saturate advertisements on benches and billboards all throughout the hood, let it be sooo known he was black and this and that. If he later won the oscar for best film, would people be like “whooaaaa the director was black? wowowowowow!!!” WHO GIVE A SHIT? let your work speak for itself. Madea Goes To Jail was awful. I wish a white guy or asian guy directed that film, it’d make more sense, but then it’d be super racist right? Because Tyler Perry directed it’s not racist even with the coonish acts that went on in the film right? hmmm….. Thats like me making an asian american film about kids doing karate and talking very hoi choi, ching, chong, chang and working @ chinese restaurants being dishwashers, cooks and hop sing delivery boys. cmon man. Shit has nothing to do with race or COLOR. I just feel like he set the african american culture back and honestly with the extra over exaggerated pronounced words and head shakin jive talkin; I’ve met Tyler Perry and I’m sure he’s not an idiot, he’s obviously a good business man, I just don’t think he’s a great director. I don’t get it, so it’s gotta be over my head. The person who I saw the movie with was black too, they didn’t get it either.
I have lived a very diverse and racially integrated lifestyle and I thank my parents for that. who btw, came to america in the 60’s with $300 combined and my father was arrested and jailed because he couldn’t afford a traffic ticket. stfu about my life homey like you know anything deep about me, you see the diamond grills and go at that really? when I was born, we lived in City Terrace until I was about 1 or maybe 2. City Terrace is a ghetto just east and outside downtown LA… it’s not nickerson gardens or jordan downs, but it’s not anywhere nice. it’s still ALL THE WAY fucked up. I got kicked out of 8+ schools after my parents got divorced and my father struggled to try to still give me the best education he could get me. We lived in numerous 1 bedroom apts. around LA to even a tiny single bedroom apt in beverly hills so I can go to the public school there. It wasn’t welfare, we had zero aid. But I’m not even goin there. f.y.i. I was a latch key kid who ran the streets of k-town and LA, so I tasted street life early and joined a gang @ 12 and ran with graffitti crews and did all this hip hop lifestyle before 90% of my readers were born. truth, one of my OG homey’s MAKE from STN/K2S crew reads my blogs and grew up down the street. He was around when the graf crews started gang bangin with major sets, but I was young and influenced easily and jumped right in…. we later on moved a little west and so I started bangin with crips instead of the esse’s. I still got love for my hood all day, but you know all about where I grew up just by peeping my myspace page or watching a video of me right? You don’t know about the outreach programs or charities I give to do you? Or the fact and reason that I’m actually doing this reality TV show on a major network is to give some inspriation for other asian kids out there to show them they don’t have to know kung fu or karate to be in hollywood. Name one Asian Male role model in Hollywood or in the public’s eyes really who doesn’t know Martial Arts? That don’t mean I want them to rap. So excuse me if I don’t want to go that route and I won’t, because I fortunately went through different channels in life. I already faced the reverse racism in all my professional jobs from being a DJ to being a record executive @ a hip hop record label. I let my skill proceed and talk for me. My big ass mouth helped too, but at the end of the day, skill was necessary…
You don’t frown upon your idol tyler perry stereotyping shit so obviously it’s pathetic because he’s employing black people? cmon. Toast was right about Hollywood Shuffle… did you see that film? I hope so.
as for throwing the “N” word around. here’s my truthful take on it. If blacks can use it, then anyone should be able to; otherwise, stop using it completely. this isn’t 1932, homey, thats some racist shit right there….. or super reverse racism right there! total ignorance, on some, umm… only WE can sit under that tree right there because we had so many die on tree’s, but the whites, latino’s and asians can’t. fuck yourself. I’m greeted by 96% of my african american friends as their N’a… not a N’r, if thats how they embrace me, I’m not trippin…. I reciprocate with the same sometimes. I’ve been hearin the “N” word and been called the “N” word since I was 8 years old, I’ve attempted to say “don’t call me that” but I’ve just sadly accepted it and moved in…. there are bigger battles in my life I need to fight. I don’t outright use it to hurt anyone and believe me, I know what it’s like to have this pounded in my head everyday about the word, when I was pledging Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, you don’t think I had cats coming from thousands of miles away saying “yo a chinaman wants to be in my frat? shit, he ain’t crossin over my line without me hittin him up…. that lil N***A don’t know what he got comin” ummm actually I’m korean, but it’s okay, we all look alike too right? Funny how the most I’ve heard the “N” word used in college was by the so called Black elitists who were in black frats and only dated dark skinned sistas during black history month to be politically correct, then stayed with light skinned girls throughout the year. I’m glad you watched “do the right thing” and malcolm x, but GTFOH!
I studied black history and my frats history heavy and even though I was invited to be a nupe, invited to go to their mixers… was it because I was around predominantly black folks of course being that I played basketball in college?(smh to you idiots who don’t see my sarcasm) I had my own choice to pledge or not…. so Do you wanna go black history battlin now too? it wouldn’t mean shit to me, but if it made you feel better, holla, and I’m game…. but it’d be a waste of both our time. I hate it when ANYONE puts in their .2 cents into MY business thats NON-ASIAN. do you know how fucking stupid you sound??? you gotta be asian to critique me? or me be black to critique a black film? or to even voice my own opinion in america? damn homey, what sombrero have you been living under for the past 30+ years?

f.y.i. my pops was a professor @ UCLA for 30+ years…. he came to america to get his PHD and it took him over 20 years to pay off the loans and he NEVER had a salary over $30,000 a year. My parents were divorced when I was 11, so I grew up in the streets as a latch key kid…. btw I was brought up on Richard Pryor and Earth Wind and Fire, the Bar Kays, Soul Sonic Force, etc…. that was what was around me… but my older brother and sister were listening to new wave and punk rock, so I had a little of their influences too.

If I don’t like YOU, I don’t like you, color has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. I’m an overly very descriptive person. If I hate that brown piece of shit, it’s a piece of shit and it happened to be brown. If I say, fuck that black honda accord. doesn’t mean, I hate all black cars or even all hondas, I just happen to not like that specific one I’m immediately talking about. same goes with people. ya dig?

I don’t know what else I want to say, so if something comes up, I’ll be back…. but sorry, had to get this off my chest.

p.s. not that it matters, just putting it out there, but I’ve traveled to over 30 countries in my life and interacted with sooooooo many different cultures. yes, I was influenced by the hip hop culture and at a very early age… but it does not define me.

much love, everyone, have a good day.

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