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yeah, been busy aka ben busy

I yap on twitter, duh! but if I don’t update much on the site, it’s because I don’t have anything really interesting going on. and because instagram has taken over my life pretty much….
BUT I did have 2 double dates this week with Nick Diamond and his lovely lady (also pinay)… robata was amazing again… and Fast Five was definitely the best of the Fast & Furious series…. but I can’t say it was a spectacular film… make sure if you do watch it to stay til the end, past the credits for a surprise…. Nick, Michelle, can’t wait for Bottega next week
Me and Nick had a good chat this week about big homey’s, our teams and how the youngsters around us respect their elders…. speaking of which, I had to send drizzy an email just to remind him lol


but yeh I have been busy, catching up on emails and an interview and my schedule and I have to finish these watches by next week for our Hamptons account and also a grill for DJ Mano and a new bracelet for an american US soldier who’s posted up in the middle east fighting for our country even though Osama is dead! smh… bring MJ home please…. hold your head mike, i’ll have something for you real soon.

and I canceled 2 trips this week….. that’s 1 trip to Seattle and then an alternate trip that’s been canceled already to San Francisco…. I also canceled my trip for the PUSHA T show in Chicago last week and that was because I had some $$$ to collect here. but this week I’ve had the Chan Ho Park bubble guts like a motherfucker! hence why my ass is at home and not in the emerald city or the bay. smh

but I will def be in Chicago just after the middle of this month for Sean Mac’s bday party which will be right after I take a nice 4-5 day vacation somewhere southeast or near the caribbean….

blessings and have a great weekend
and I hope by miracle, the Lakers I know show up tonight and I hope Boston does too lol…..

I know Manny will win tomorrow night, but by K.O.???? cmon, anything can happen and TKO’S sometimes are bullshit, but for Oscar who dresses up like lady gaga DelaHoya to predict a knockout by the 6th round? smh

I’m gonna be here for the weekend I guess sippin on that peptol and imodium ADizzle.

I had to show a pic no?
remember, 2007 was a stunna year…..

and that’s a couple million right there, I don’t wanna hear shit. that’s just for fun. I can play that role anytime easy. but I’m not that guy anymore. #love


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