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so yesterday I had a mean headache, mean stomach ache and I still didn’t cheat so bad…. no french fries, no coca cola, no real bad food, my cheating was a champagne to the maximum, sprite and patron, and white bread…. anyways, I woke up to my brother Jonas asleep fully clothed in my bed yes homo. this fool had his dusty ass denmark made shoes on my 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets and got about exactly 1 hour and 45min of sleep maybe. jesus I got about 5 maybe some change…. I felt like hell. So Jonas said I got the perfect cure for that…. let’s drink some more, I said you must be outside your mind fool. I’m goin into the other room and sleeping some more. Next thing I know, my homey/manager Bo walks into my house with breakfast, 2 bottles of Moet and Orange Juice and I’m like fuck y’all are serious huh? so we commence to drinking Mimosas and eating a low carb breakfast from Dukes (damn missed that spot!) then me and Jonas’s former assistant, but now big time, big shot Franchise walks in with some more goodies…. so we head to where else? the grove (big surprise huh?)

I wasn’t really hungry, but I had to see some sunlight and get some air at least….. we walked around for a second…. Jonas copped me a new ipod(I got mine stolen at the gym last week) and then we headed to Morells steakhouse for some more drinks (this is like 2pm, remember we got home around 6am) …. so we order some appetizers and I get another mimosa and a mojito. then we walked around the grove for a little, did some shopping and went back to the trap. the homey’s watched The Limey and Spartan and then I passed the F out….. I woke up and Franchise was still there watching damn near every episode of Californication on On Demand…

So today I wake up feeling a little better, they’re still doin LOUD ASS CONSTRUCTION on my building and it’s driving me insane! I wake up, take my protein shake and head straight to the gym to get it in! gotta head to work now and get back on my grizzly. damn, 2 days off destroyed me, so getting in that cardio today was painful and the 2nd to 3rd set of my workout had me dying.

god bless, be easy,
some pics!

hangover look in the car headed to the Grove….

mimosas and mojitos are the cornerstone of every lunch

me and JoJo always on the phone, because we’re very busy important people.

some dusty ass characters here….

basically, goodbye, goodnight, outro….. who took this pic?

peace, god bless.

and I still don’t remember shit from that night!

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