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sorry for the missed day yesterday… hopefully by the weekend, I’ll have the database up with bigger thumbnails and the newest version of WP to make blogging much more easy….

so yesterday I spent the entire day in meetings at Supra and L-R-G, but I gotta start off speaking about my KR3W… I went to say what up to all the fam down at headquarters and pick up some earlys for S.L.A.T.E. (this will be the 1st time I hit Magic/S.L.A.T.E. repping 2 different brands) I also wanted to say hi and happy birthday to my little sister Joy!
while I was there, Dirty took a shot of me(pause) for the @suprashoes twitter page…. Josh and I were choppin it up about Curb Your Enthusiasm!

So anyways, I’m obviously staying with the same funeral look that I have been rockin for months now! all black everything if I can help it and I’ll have the all black funeral jewels to match my fits for Vegas/S.L.A.T.E. but I needed to find the perfect all black kicks…. these RED CARPET series Satin Black with RED sole Supra’s are something else! SHITS ARE TOO FRESH! the satin material finish really kills the subtle murdered out look…

you can really tell here how that satin hits the light

So after I left the headquarters… I wanted to get some dinner with some old friends before I headed out to Joy’s B-Day Bash at Bar Delux…. I was also contemplating on what I was going to steal off Ashley’s desk lol (I’m fucking kidding bro, cmon)

SO I can’t post the other samples I got…. but there is ALWAYS PLENTY OF HEAT COMING FROM SUPRA! stay tuned! and see y’all in Vegas!

I left Supra to catch up with some friends who treat me like family, truly; I missed them dearly too….. such great folks, we had some great food and great convo over at Manpuku and it was also nice to chill in Newport Coast for a little bit…. thank you Naomi and Shawn

by this time, it’s close to 9:30pm and I’m exhausted. I mean BEAT…. so I smash back to LA and load up the gear and kicks back into my crib, throw on a button down and head over to Bar Delux… ran into a lotta homiez. Mike B was djing…. Homicide was not in attendance as he wasn’t feeling so well, but my bro Alan(Alchemist) was there and we chopped it up about how we were gonna get some of this money in Korea our fellow Beverly Alumni JK Tiger was gettin….. hmmmm….


anyways, I’m still fucking exhausted and gotta get ready for 2 photoshoots 2day and also a short interview with the mayor’s office! I’ll be back later to show you guys some really dope L-R-G Equipment series stuff!

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