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yeah, time to get my foot in america’s ass and we’re not fucking around anymore.

so I want to begin with a brief story of this long journey in the reality world…. it started the fall of 2008 and literally 4 years ago when Obama was elected the new President of the USA. I had a pilot deal which turned into a green lit reality series with FUSE TV network. the show had the same name, but FUSE had their shit all fucked up. the production company producing the show was Original Media and they have shows like Miami Ink, LA Ink, Storm chasers…. and Rachel Zoe project, but I was their new star and hyped and ready to go all IN!… a month into shooting. FUSE gets the axe and files for bankruptcy or something like that and they cleaned house, so I’m out of a show with them, looking for a new network…. then FUSE gets bought out so we’re back on again… I start shooting again and then I think Viacom who bought them, fired EVERYONE AGAIN. when I say everyone. I mean the CEO too… smh.
shout out to Original for believing in me, but damn I can’t even watch Fuse period. a fucking shame….
here is the sizzle reel we shot in 2008 with Fabolous, Terry Kennedy, my late best friend Jonas Bevacqua and a bunch of others…

BEN BALLER / SIZZLE REEL from Danny Lee on Vimeo.

shit was dope! but IT’S OK!!!!

so then, I get asked to do a show on MTV, it’s the 3rd part of Tila Tequila’s show “A Shot at Love” and then there was part II, this was called “Life After Love” and I said fuck it… I’m the 2nd billing in the show. the show was being produced by the same folks as the Hills and all that… so I went from having starbucks bought sandwiches and a 2 man guerilla unit crew following me to having a dressing room a 65-80 person crew, LA major streets shut down and shuttles driving me to and from our location sets…. BUT then after shooting about 3 weeks in, tila loses her damn mind and the network puts their hollywood foot up her ass and we’re out….

so I just gave up… but my manager Bo is so damn persistent and thinks that I’m a star, he gets another friend involved… my boy Danny Lee who has produced award winning films and shorts and has some experience…. and came in the 4th quarter like Kobe to clean shit up and get this done!
we grabbed some of the original footage we shot with and put together a sizzle reel. I had an awesome first episode with Fabolous and so I started going on meetings with all the biggest production companies and things and I just say man seriously. fuck this, I’m good…. until one day we sat down with Electus who again is owned by Ben Silverman who is a BIG dog in hollywood with shows like “The Office, The Biggest Loser, VH1 Mob Wives, Ugly Betty and most recently Fashion Star…. so I said ok, let’s sit down and see what he’s talking about…. so they offer me a deal actually better than what I got from FUSE OR MTV. I’m getting actually paid more money to do this and a full production budget to fly or whatever and shoot 6 episodes for THE WEB. when I say the web, yes I mean the internet…. this time around it’s a web based series and we’re on 1 of the premium youtube channels that Google purchased. I agreed and we’ve been wrapped for a couple months now. so this upcoming Wednesday the 26th. my first episode will premiere with my featured guest Pusha T. I think the season looks great, I think the shows look great, no long boring ass “produced” reality. just really me on camera working my magic with my IF and Co team. I’m excited. finally my 6 minute, 6 episode commercial for Ben Baller begins

check out the official trailer here:

shout out to Danny Lee and Bo Bushnell for finally making this happen….

I will be flying to new york very soon, probably next week to do some press and things…. stay tuned and show some support to your favorite crazy jeweler/blogger


I’m out chea

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