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woke up this morning trying to get it in @ the gym…. I took tues(my b-day off) and wed because I was waaaaaaay too hungover, but I got it in on thurs. and today I had to get it in and do some errands…. but I got a call from my lil homey Tyga about a video shoot he had today at Platinum, so you know I was with it. It was a street single he’s just leaking before he puts out his sophomore album and Tyga put my name in the song. “I been ballin, shout out to Ben Baller” lol.
it was a cool shoot and I hope he breaks it to that next level. the cars were all provided by the family @ platinum motorsport of course. shout outs to the whole GED crew, Lo, Gata and big shout out to my fam whole made a special appearance, Young Life and Speetoh the boss. If you don’t know, then you really better ask somebody!

After the shoot, I had to shake and get it in @ the gym and went hard, was sore as hell. when I got home, showered and headed out to watch a movie with a friend @ the Grove. We saw “Taken” and even though people gave it 50/50 reviews, these guys are fucking idiots in my opinion….. it was NOT oscar worthy, but it was super violent, predictable and then over the top also and definitely funny, crazy and of course entertaining. Liam Neeson was peeling caps and twisting/pushing fools wigs back from here to Paris, France. I enjoyed it and thank you Jewels for the b-day movie you owe me a b-day dinner! btw, which reminds me…. Tila, you owe me one too and so do you Lisa! haha

aite, Thank you Tyga and always much love to Platinum Motorsport, my next blog will be information on how you too can push a fat ass exotic whip or have a nice luxury ride take you to your next special event….

the star Tyga, yours truly mr. k-town and the lil homey who’s up next YOUNG LIFE!

sam discussing and coordinating as he always does with any video/shoot/event….

this ain’t even the full arsenal…. but you already know we fully loaded!

p.s. I got tix to the sold out USC vs. UCLA basketball game(shout out to spencer soo!) next wed night! who’s interested in being my date for the game? lol. HOLLERR! and damn Valentines day is coming up….. SHIT!

peace y’all. gonna rest up and have a full saturday!
Rob, I’m gonna slap you!

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