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so I had to blog a day late because I was nursing a mean hangover…. my tolerance ain’t what it used to be because I ain’t been ultra hooligan’d out lately…..

but last night, I just had to get out…. it was one of those things… I didn’t wanna see any clowns or bozos and I knew the Belve party would be perfect…. The party was to launch their new “RED” vodka line and their charity/benefit that went to help those in Africa I BELieVE…. I wasn’t reading the invite too clearly…. but I knew Usher was performing and Fat Man Scoop was djing and it was a pre-grammy party event and I also heard Jay aka Sean Carter was gonna be in attendance and I wanted to chop it up quick with Hova….. but more importantly, Belve has always shown love and my bro Bee is the west coast ambassador of the brand…. so he had the best table in the entire club set up for us… we had the illest view and just front and center of the stage like POW! ….. we got there early as hell and I was already on one from our W off the celtics…

they had some go-go’s early…. but I don’t think anyone in “this type of crowd” gave a fuck and I was actually surprised that they hired go-go’s to dance there….

now there were absolutely no other liquor in site of the club….. I mean belve for real bought this spot out! I was hoping for maybe just the premiums…. or at least the family that is distributed by belve like moet, dom p, hennessy or something! but nope, nada, just belvedere and their new belve “RED” vodka….
but we were vip and I don’t know how everyone elses drinks went or what type of table service they had, but we popped 5 bottles all gratis! Nic went in, but she can hold it down!

stylin…. early!

the man, the myth, the legend…. Bee Nguyen and his wife

the doobie bros…. don’t trip on beverly hills…. they still ride westside all day and those are some of AM’s closest friends for close to 25 years…. Nealchemist, you are fool for that asian justin beiber pic! lol…. that’s Alchemist’s real brother….. and that nickname was given to him by our big homey Estevan….

my homey and TV host Melissa Martinez was in the house…..

and then… it wasn’t even 11pm yet and it was a fucking packed house! a couple thousand heads…. all invite, all private… no transients!

got to see some OG OG’s in the house… like Niko, Josh Richmond and Dante Ross… BK Projects DOM….

so I’m not really trippin on the music so much because I used to DJ events like this and parties all over the country… but I realize that obviously Fat Man Scoop is djing and he’s hard to miss if you know anything about hip hop….. he’s screaming every 5 minutes over a song and etc etc…. but the only thing is, it’s mostly electro and lightweight house music being played…. now, there are DJ’s I’ve seen convert…. and I mean, you gotta pay the bills and you gotta get paid… so if I heard Clark Kent djing and playing some daft punk, I’d raise an eyebrow, but I wouldn’t trip so much really… but to hear Fat Man Scoop screaming over a Kascade record is kinda weird to me…. I never thought I’d see the day…. anyways!

he’s yelling twitter this, charles someone that, usher this, belvedere that….
and then the main event comes up and Usher comes on stage and kills shit!
I’m not always a fan of Ushers music, but he can put on a good show and the general public likes him…. so I let my girl and homey’s enjoy the show without any heckling(lol)….
I see my homegirl Estelle upstairs above us…. I seen Chuey from the Chelsea Handler show above us….. and a few other cats jamming to Urrrrsher…. I see Jamie Foxx and Jermaine Dupri behind us…. I nod my head at JD, don’t say shit to Jamie(can’t stand Jamie and haven’t liked him since we met in 1994, have met over 100 times since and never got along, but I respect his comedy and acting, just him as a person I can’t fux with)


now I’m in Hooligan mode….


funny because, I met usher for the first time in 1996 through Jermaine when he started to produce his 2nd album which people all thought was his 1st and was his smash album debut into the business…. He’s always been cool, but I doubt he’d remember me….. his ice game on the other hand has always been on point throughout the years…. and that night he had on that infamous fully iced out link chain… shit was beautiful and fucking SHINY!
anyways… so after like 5 songs me and Nic shook out with JD to playhouse where JD and my lil homey Vice were spinning at to get it in…. I had no expectations, just wanted to get out and keep it pushing….

(I didn’t hear until the next day that right when we left, a big ass fight broke out between Brion[jamies old manager] and Jamie Foxx and Brion had Jamie in the full nelson yes homo… sucks because I missed Jamie getting hemmed up for the 3rd time that I personally know of in a club)

we pull up into playhouse and its fucking ON, like ON ON ON!
walk right onto the stage…. and I see my man Eric Dlux and Vice and show love….

full house at the playhouse….

I get my immediate VIP love from Igor and Kelvin and Eli….
immediately take 5 shots of patron back to back to back and to back…. gave 2 shots to JD and he looked at me like naw fool…. not tonight with a big ass smile…. I kept forcing him to, but he kept it with a corona….

JD gets on and the 1st song he plays is “NO HANDS” by Roscoe Dash and I’m like ok…. it’s gonna be one of these nights???


now I think a lotta cats forget that Jermain Dupri has produced well over 100 million records sold! from Mariah to fuck the list… literally everyone and has been doing this since Kris Kross and Da Brat and never stopped….
he was with Janet Jackson for 7 years! and now he owns his own social media group Global 14 which is actually a really cool site…
I met JD around 1995 and we’ve always been cool…. we’d see each other in Miami and Atlanta and just all over…. and always remained cool….. his best friends are comrades of mine as well, so we’ve always stayed in touch… and for the last 3 years, he’s gotten all the work done to his whips at Platinum Motorsport….

so I get a text from an 818 # and I’m like who the fuck is this? and it’s Rob Kardashian who’s changed his # maybe 8 or 9 times inside the last year smh….. he tells me he’s by the bar and can’t get to the stage… so I walk over to their table and that was the beginning to the end literally….

Rob was out too, so that means trouble…. Lupe came out with the fam…. I actually am working with Lupe now on a couple small jewelry projects…
the only ones not shown in the pic were Jack and Sam

once the champagne came to, it was a wrap….

I ain’t gonna lie… it felt really good to see my boys out and by total coincidence!

it’s always good to see my kormenian brother Rob too…. it was an interesting night haha

so we got it in… table was cracking…. ran into a lotta different peeps…. all showin mad love and I don’t remember too much after that really

I know I got back on stage though and then it was a blank memory to me


my miami homey’s…. Brooke and Nick Hogan, Nick what’s good with shore club west?

and that’s when I said GOOOD NIGHTTTT!

I lightweight remember talking shit to someone on the phone and also talking shit to Rob….
we all woke up hurting BAD! George woke up I won’t say where lol…..
I had to get up and out because I had mad work to do….. but it was such a fucking blurry night that I was too dizzy to blog about it the morning after….


gotta head to do some shit!
FM tonight…. gonna link with my OVO fam Drizzy and 40 later and we’ll all see what’s good…. I’m sure it’ll be in my weekend wrap up!


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