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man o man
where do I really begin?
I get so much love now from the beats by dre fam and I got so much love for the beats by dre team…. that there are definite collabs to be made in the future… the Ocho Cinco thing was just the beginning….

I think some of y’all know that i’m very cool with the founder and owner/president of Monster Cable Noel Lee and I’m friends with his son who runs the company Kevin Lee…. but Beats is ran by a whole different team and I went to the new corporate offices yesterday and mannnnn!!!!

I swear, Karen Civil aka Young Money Live Civil queen of social media and music blogging is the girl who runs the entertainment side of things over there now at Beats…. is the black hello kitty + santa claus of the USA, if not the world right now! I went there to just chop up some lightweight biz, but with zero intentions and that’s the best way…. that’s how you network the correct way… then after chatting and shit, she took me around the office and laced me with a LOT of goodies…

let’s just start with all the new colors of Beats Studio Headphones that haven’t even come out yet!!!!

the pink colorway is in awareness of breast cancer month… the purple is the same colorway as the Bieber Beats but these are studios, his were HD solos…. and the silver ones are swag because they match the exact color of a macbook pro!

and then shout out to my man Jay who I got to reconnect with…. I met him a while back when he was with Sean John…. he remembered me gettin geechi with the cali chain in vegas.
but back to the beats!


prototype sample dodger blue Studio Beats that will never come out…. and the promo skate deck that karen laced me with

If you don’t know, now you know…. Karen was the girl who ran pretty much all the blogging shit for Weezy and the YMCMB heavy hitters and Wayne thanks her heavy…. check out her site:
I was actually introduced to Karen at the Fly Society lookbook photoshoot by my boy Kev D formally of L-R-G who’s now killin it with Young & the Reckless…. he rarely co-signs strong, but when he does I know the stamp is official…. her site gets a lot of traffic and that’s just starting too, it’s growing heavy and heavier each day.

I left the offices needing help from one of her assistants to carry all the shit down to the car with me! haha, LOVE!

thanks to Phil for linking me with this youtube video on the owner/founder ceo of Instagram…

at around 8:00 min he starts talking about IG and you’ll see they pull up the popular users or photos of the day and it JUST HAPPEN TO BE MY PAGE WITH THE BEATS ON THERE! HAHA!

ok back to the day at beats….

I went home before I had another meeting to drop off the swag


I was so geeked….. that I almost canceled my meeting with my boys “Tha Bizness”

so I shot out to meet my fam real quick… did some catching up with them and they’re always busy gettin it work wise and it’s always love….

forgot to mention that we got a new company car… a 2011 Porsche Panamera S and so I dropped it off this morning at Platinum to get some paint and minor custom cosmetic things done….. and then put some spacers on the turbo II wheels… thank you George! you always hold me down… shout out to my boy Junior over at Fresh Tintings for taking care of the tint of the Panamera too!

so I picked up the whip and then headed straight back to the tilt to set up the Beat Box!
btw, there’s a newer version of the Beat Box that they did a press release for yesterday as well and it’s a little smaller and if fully wireless now, even the power source is wireless… so maybe I’ll get one of those at a later date haha…. but for now, I was so geeked on my gifts that I didn’t even unwrap any of the headphones because I love seeing shit wrapped in boxes! smh

sidebar: Pharrell gave Karen some of her new Liquor called “QREAM” and 1. I’ve never heard of it and 2. I was curious to taste this… but I’m not a huge fan of cream type liquors like baileys and any rum type malibu ish alcohol…. but this is also lactose free, so I’m gonna give it a try when Nic gets home…

here’s another angle of the cool bottle.

has majestic packaging…. kinda like a Louie XIII bottle.


set up the Beat Box later in the evening and pumped that Wale mixtape

I’m BEATed down! got beats for every occasion and then some! I got some for short travels, for long trips, for the studio, for the home, for the office, for the whip, for the homies! haha
I’m hyped! to just listen to music…..
because Sound Really Matters!
“beats by Dr. Dre”


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