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4 B’s huh?
well this blog entry won’t be in that particular order

I didn’t even mean it to be that way….

well, last night I took Nic out for date night. And for the 1st time ever, I left my phone at home and turned it off! shit was serious….. took her to this spot downtown called Bottega Louie and wow! seriously the food was outstanding! service was excellent! and the decor and overall ambiance is stellar for real!
we started off with some choice pinot noir and pineapple patrons(me lol) and with the louie salad and the italian chopped…. then with the raviolli and the rib eye as the main courses….
they don’t take reservations, but you don’t have to get dressed up. wait can be around 30min to 1 hour, but the good thing is you can eat and order the same menu inside the cafe…

the place is so damn sexy! you feel like you’re not even in L.A. for real…. their cafe is off the hook and I heard breakfast is great there! they open at 6:30am! they have a full bar and it’s actually a great place to grab a drink or some champagne to celebrate whatever it is you feel needs celebrating! they close at 11pm
but I rarely say this because when it comes to official italian restaurants, I’m going to Dominicks, Madeos or il Cielo…. maybe ebaldi or if I don’t care about the drive, then the 5 star best italian restaurant in LA is Giorgios in the Palisades hands down!

but this spot is off the hook and rivals the above easily!
I couldn’t believe it for real…. and on a wednesday night they were packed!
they were just in GQ for top 10 reasons to move to downtown LA and they’ve been featured in everything! I’m sure also the high end interior decoration mags because again, the spot is fly! their pizza looked all the way legit and i’ll be back next week! the prices aren’t crazy high, about in the median with the restaurants listed above and actually on the lower side…. Ago used to be the spot, but their crowd bums me the fuck out and I’m over watching 40 – 50 year old hookers trying to catch a ugly millionaire smh…..

google “bottega louie” and click on images to see pics or go to their website:

so, I lost my beats by dre headphones on the last trip, so I hit up my fam Kevin Lee the president of monster cable and just like that, I got a new set next day air!

check out their website: BEATSBYDRE

so yesterday, I was downtown doing work and picking up things….
I met up with an old friend Rickey Kim, a fellow korean and OG blogger… his site was 1 of the first and he broke early press with methamphibian and other things and has always been a very influential voice on streetwear culture and always been a helpful hand!
well he got rid of a bunch of his kaws shit and had a few be@rbricks around…
1 of them being a very rare 1st edition Hiroshi Fujiwara Be@rbrick World Wide Tour (BWWT) 1000% Bearbrick which was released in 2004. it’s 1 out of 3 be@rs that Hiroshi made with Fur, 1 in a tan colored fur, 1 in a cheetah fur and this one which is in all black fur with the “ALMOST FAMOUS” button….. shits dope and he gave it to me for a steal!


thanks again Rickey! much love brooooo….. 10 year anniversary coming soon!

so lastly….
we took a 1 out of 2,000 rare limited edition Breitling Skyland Avenger (official PVD) watch and added 700 black diamonds on it, making it look factory and sent it out to get PVD’d again after we finished adding the 7 carats of black diamonds

here’s a couple pics


pics don’t do this justice…

got a lot of work to do,
thanks to Rex and Marcus and Mayor and everyone else we shipped jewelry to and for the 8 others who got smaller type diamond pendants but didn’t want to be on the blog lol….


I feel dizzy mane!

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