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so yeah it feels good to finally be settled in for a minute after 3 really hectic crazy weeks of work! my season finale and now we go to network… the election #FUCKYEAHOBAMA! and my trip to chicago for my micro jesus piece release where had another successful event and this time by chance a korean kid won the fully iced out micro jesus piece and I was hyped as fuck!

let’s get started with chitown and then i’ll add some extras

left friday morning and jumped on that first class seat to the windy city and it was lightweight brick when I got there… food on the plane was surprisingly good and wifi was free courtesey of gogo inflight. thank you Gogo!

landed and my boy Bush came to scoop me up and we headed straight to handle some biz and get some food at my boy’s mom’s crib….. chopped it up with some of my close chicago homies and then we got in some MORE biz….

you know you sittin at a heavy table when you see a new president, new yacht master and new everose daytona on the wrists…. crazy thing? between the 3 of us, we all have around 40 rollies in our collection real talk. the haters didn’t get to see that last time they visited me huh?

so I’m telling all my friends that I need their x-mas orders now because we’re about to hit busy season!!!

go now and get your deal. last year we sold a shit load, this year maybe more, but I will cap that shit a day before xmas and then there won’t be another sale again until holiday 2013!

so headed over to my triple OG homey Bird’s crib and flipped a few jesus pieces and chopped it up with the man who high-key runs chicago and it’s always love….
then me and the homies ran around town from the river to the west side to wicker park to chinatown and all the fuck over town…. finally sat down around 1am again to get some very decent chinese food and then I got to my hotel room and passed the fuck out without any interruptions… feel bad because my boy Vice was djing down the street from my hotel at club Paris and this cat there was popping $200,000 in bottles and was turnt UP crazy, but really? 1. I pop my own shit and 2. I’m just not feeling it as much. I could go out 4 nights in a row or so, but I wouldn’t…. I might get out soon though… and also felt bad because my boy Frenchie from Brick Squad and French Montana were both playing at the Congress Theater, but I couldn’t get away from this paper I was making…. woke up to a ugly cloudy view

my boy Manny Muscles came and swooped me up and we got some bomb ass breakfast at this place called YOLK…. after that, it was on and poppin at Jugrnaut for my 2nd release!

started at 11am but I got there at 12:15 (sorry) and there were already over 200 sales so, there wasn’t much to sell (fyi, I will do a black friday sale with a small run of tees, stay tuned!)
this time there it felt like there were way more online orders because I saw the raffle tickets and there were a LOT.

the hottest artist right now out of chicago on some real rap shit, no gimmick hood shit… Sir Michael Rocks of the Cool Kids came through to show me some love and he copped a bunch of chains from me… my boy Hollywood Holt #TreatedCrew of course showed up to show love and talk shit and I love his energy and fucks with him 120000%

the young legend Million Dollar Mano showed up as well… founder of the Treated Crew and he came in his $1,500 Balmain Jeans, $1,500 Balenciaga shoes like he was too good for anyone lol… naw I’m fucking with you… but his style is def always very fresh. I only rocked Givenchy because I knew he’d be there… my man Bird. if you don’t know? then make sure you ask anyone on the street before you ever enter chicago with some slick shit. he ain’t the one to beef with. keep it strictly vegan when you around him or his crew and that’s my fucking fam! thanks again for the BBQ my G and always keeping me safe in the chi…

speaking of Treated Crew, they have their Album dropping later this week and a VERY limited run of Treated Crowns and this time it’s an all black Satin snapback and I got #2!!!!

of course Kanye got #1 but fuck it… ye was treated crew before me, by about 2 days

so as the day went on, I signed a bunch of shirts, magazines, bags, etc… the fans showed mad love and I showed as much love as I could back… a lot of people from the 1st release came out. once again from an hour away to even further in Gary, Indiana and to even cats from Toronto! and it was pouring rain outside, but they still showed up and showed love…. oh I got to show love to my homegirl Austin from the show Chicagolicious who always supports and had copped a few things from each release… she showed up with her brother and I appreciate you Austin. Much love to the homey who brought me Garretts again! damn we was killin that shit all day!

so finally it got to 3pm and time to announce who won the jesus piece…

they had a choice this time… white gold, rose gold or yellow gold and of course they came with matching franco chains….


so the deal was this time, I was going to pick a raffle ticket out of the box and if the winner wasn’t from chicago, they had to call me at the store within 15 minutes of me announcing the winner on twitter… now check this out. if you had a chance to win something that is worth $3,990 retail and you only spent maybe $65 on, don’t you think that no matter what, at 3pm central time you were going to wait to see who won no matter what? make sure your internet or phone was working…. if you were putting money in a meter, I mean the $50 parking ticket might be worth it… no? smh… the first cat’s ticket who was pulled out of the box, didn’t claim his prize, so we went to a 2nd winner and it was a kid from Atlanta, but has a business in chicago and was a korean cat! he copped a GANG OF SHIT. I mean like 13 or more items and has bought jewelry from me prior to this. so it was very cool.

congrats Gene! much love to you and your brother (he gave the micro jesus piece to his brother after winning it)

haters on instagram were like, oh it was set up. he’s korean, that’s his cousin. now, let’s get serious. I don’t give a fuck who won. If I could, I woulda chose that kid from Gary, Indiana or someone else, it was what it was and I’m glad it was someone who is a supporter of my movement period.

there were a lot of really cool people who showed up and I thank you all so much and to Manny, Brian and Roger and the entire Jugrnaut Staff? MAD LOVE! you guys are fucking awesome. I appreciate everything so much, I know there are other shops there like leaders and st alfred, but who cares… I chose to fuck with y’all. those stores are cool too, but I fuck with how you guys operate and it’s really a mom and pop ran shop and you guys have everything that everyone wants in streetwear. I’m always impressed by the inventory and things! seriously. I’m really happy on how you guys do business!

after that, I shook about 50 more hands…. some cats showed up after the raffle just to cop more tees and I had a few hours before my flight back home…. I had my boy Manny take me to Millennium Park to check out the Bean and I haven’t been to that since it was built but fuck it… I like corny tourist shit outside of LA once in a while….


man, chicago has a mean skyline for real…

and of course I had to utilize my iphone5 panorama feature

click on that ^^^ to see that shit in its entirety

so, it was off to O’hare right after that to catch up with my family…. and I was exhausted but couldn’t wait to get back home to see my wife and son

the loves of my life….

so I get to the airport and there are many reasons why I only fly first class….
first off, because I get to bypass the fuckery security lines…. then because I’m 6’0 (6’1″ on a good day) and my legs just can’t take the coach seating unless I’m on southwest in the first aisle or row 7… or jet blue… and because I like to eat on the plane and watch movies and have a closer designated restroom for only 6-8 people to use…. but this time? fuck man… United dropped the ball. they didn’t have wifi on this plane, they didn’t have the greatest seats and there was NO HOT FOOD! I was kinda mad, so I took some allergy medicine and passed out for most of the flight…. shit was really wack. you don’t play 4x the price for this bullshit and the stewardess was rude as fuck. bitch? nevermind…. they all need to get like Virgin America asap.

but when I landed, I got my UBER on and that shit was fly… thank you UBER for the celebrity free car service account. I will use you guys more often!

got home and was thinking about watching a movie, was even thinking about hitting up LURE and poppin a bottle, but both me and my wife said fuck it; my mother in law was watching london, so we just chilled out and passed out early for some good nights rest….

when I woke up…. I went to get my son and he was passed out looking fresh in his Olympic VII’s

btw, I am no longer the boss of my house… he is. hot damn, this kid runs shit! so spoiled but I wouldn’t have it any other way

speaking of kicks…
a fan of mine, sent me these vintage kicks for my son.
so fucking awesome

now those raptors are deadstock from 1992!!! and the cement III’s are from 2001! that’s crazy… much love to Solefly. appreciate it. those will go to my next seed or they’ll get bronzed and be hung up somewhere!
the thing is, these are made for a 5-7 month old baby and they already are sorta tight
my son is almost 20lbs and 27″ tall and he’s only 11 weeks old! he weighs more and is taller than Nick Diamond’s kid who is 8 months old! damn, my boy is big!

speaking of kicks though….

my boy Angel who owns Supra came through my crib with a fresh care package for my chicago trip! THANKS AGAIN CARNAL! the all black supra wraps are the shit!!!!

oh and my son had his 1st halloween!


lol. my wife got him the outfit…. I almost dressed him up as Psy, but then again I said, that’s a corny ass outfit. no disrespect to koreans, just disrespect to real artists out there who can’t get on, but one hit wonders can.

okay so now what????

my boy Bush is a dear friend of mine, so when he hit me up about proposing to his girl of over 10 years, I said, don’t worry about the price, let’s just get it the fuck in!!!

we used a beautiful VS G color triple Ex cushion cut 2 carat diamond…
we created our own setting and …..


now the pics might suck because it’s hard to get a proper macros close up shot with my iphone, but I made the best that I could… but the ring does NOT suck. it’s so nice, it sparkles and what’s crazy is that I’ve made over 5 engagement rings in the past month! we’ve been busy…. and speaking of rings, I’m making 12 rings for the entire DGK skate team, so stay tuned for details on that!

some more engagement rings?

how about a VS natural fancy Canary Radiant diamond ring?

and we’ve never done this before….

18K gold micro jesus piece with Blue Diamond eyes….

and NOBODY has done this yet…

had to shit on the game with the Enamel Micro Jesus piece!

we’re not done yet….

for my friends anniversary… we made a HIS and HERS chain set
14k and VVS stones

how about this nice cherub angel with a VVS 1/2 carat solitaire stone in his chest?

and last but not least….

I found a 14mm 500 gram miami cuban link chain…. serious inquiries hit us up. but you already know that ain’t gonna be cheap! this is a 40″ chain but we can cut it down to whatever size you want, just have the right money….. and back to gold chains…

I came up on 3 vintage gold links!!!!!
a Cartier link chain
a Hermes link chain
and a bullet link chain(sir Michael rocks copped this already) but I have the cartier and hermes chains available for serious inquiries, holler at us. you won’t find those anywhere anymore you know last week was the big day in politics and I won’t lie… I was shook as fuck and I was invited over to Ben Silvermans home who is the president/CEO of Electus and that is the production company I’m signed to…. he invited only his closest friends and business associates and only a few people from the loud channel were invited. I’m thankful and grateful that he had me and my wife there… he’s a big Obama supporter and other than that, if you still don’t know who is he is… he’s one of thee biggest dogs in hollywood today and made NBC over a billion dollars pretty much and we all watched a close election! damn, back to Ben Silverman… what a nice guy! super cool and he showed us mad hospitality! THANK YOU!…. but after all the anxiety with the electoral votes and shit, it was finally and officially over…

the best man won man, some fox news republicans were saltyyyyy!!!!!!
this was a great night for real… I got to chop it up with Dog the Bounty Hunter… shit, he might be on season 2 of my show! haha, fuck a rapper, I see them everyday, I don’t get famous bounty hunters though!

btw, I will get on a ustream or do some vlogs to hold you all down very soon!

I woke up the next day like… damn, Obama got his 2 termz, so which president should I rock today? lol

btw, btw….

my president is black…. my Rolls Royce is too
that new Diamond Supply U-Lock keychain is now available at their site and at the fairfax store, but hurry, that shit won’t last long and it also comes in silver too… I love this keychain… I stopped using my Louis one because of this. it’s really strong and well made!

speaking of Diamond Supply, I designed my first collab tee which drops Fall 2013 and can’t wait to show it off in Jan at Agenda and in Feb at Magic!

but now speaking of agenda and magic… my NEFF watch collab comes out very soon!
we did a photo shoot for my billboards and ads a couple weeks ago and I’m really excited for it to drop! I know I planned for a black friday release…. but I still might make a xmas release! stay tuned! the watch is dope and it’s very affordable!

I have 3 colorways…. a rubber black and red (chicago bulls) colorway and an all white cocaine rubber one in the $60 price range and then of course a gold joint which will be closer to a $120-$150 price range…
here’s a candid from the shoot and you can sorta see the gold watch….

I made the pic large so you can kinda zoom in on it… I’ll post a pic when I’m allowed to soon. but these will be at damn near every Zumiez and Karmaloop and other select stores which I will post here this christmas and next year….

a sample of the back of the NEFF x BEN BALLER tee… shit is pretty hard! this will be released with my first watch release only!

but don’t trip. this is a watch collab only. I’m releasing only that ONE tee with Neff that goes with the watch; I’m still sponsored by Diamond Supply Co all day long…..

draped in diamond x jasper snapback, diamond tee, diamond x japser crew and diamond japanese denim….
had to end the blog with a beautiful sunday brunch family outing pic!

god bless thank you all for reading, sorry it’s been so long, but it felt damn good to get back to writing my weekend wrap!

hope you all have a great week


p.s. my Rolls Royce Ghost Remix should be done soon… sema fucked up the timing on my wheels and things so I’ll have to wait… but once it’s done at platinum, please believe you’ll see a full fledge professional photoshoot here!

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