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so where the hell do I even begin with this? word press is fucking up major, so it’s being a pain in my ass right now. I’m gonna get into that later and hopefully it’ll be fixed, but for now…. lets start off with a nice 1st class flight and nice hotel accommodations taken care of by Anthony aka Mr. Tonic… I love Virgin America, I love Virgina Atlantic even more!

I mean literally, they have the most official 1st class…. pop chips, cookies, sammiches, legit reclining chairs! cmon son!


gettin ready to get my 58 minutes of sleep on…. bumpin new Drake shit with my beats


gotta have the Supra Cutlers and of course the basic shit… L-R-G track suit…. daimer casing for the iPod, the only chain worthy to wear on any trip for me anymore…. (promote your brand!)

so we get there…. we were hungry, but didn’t want to hit the usual filipino spot or jollibee, so we checked into our room… we got a corner suite so it was very fresh, thank you again Anthony…. the view wasn’t as ill as the parc or intercontinental, but the amenities inside this telly were next level! they have 2 very official restaurants, a very ill lobby bar and crazy penthouse bar, goyard connected to the telly, victorias secret which is always handy and just a lot of extras which I liked….. complimentary starbucks in the room, etc etc….


we head out for a quick bite because we’ve been fiending a sourdough bread bowl from pier 39 @ fishermans wharf! and we had to throw in the sriracha sauce to make it official! since we are in the gayest city in America, I had to show my gayest pose by the cable car….

had to get back to the room asap…. my girl had a photoshoot at a studio right across the street from Giants Stadium aka AT&T park… so we were there for a couple hours while she got in some shots with a very talented photographer named art torres….. I watched the Lakers game online via ustream and damn what a fucking shot gasol! way to step it up…. I got so excited I gave my girl a kiss and got her red ass lipstick on my face (lies…. i’m closet gay, the SF air brings it out of me)

after that, got back to the room to get fresh for my 3rd Tonic Live event…. when we got there, my boy Nick Diamond had already touched down in SF (his og home) and dropped off a ton of free promo for the party… and we got there like 11:30ish and there was a long ass line outside… I was getting tweets about some peeps that knew me getting in, but it was sorta crazed… walked up to the VIP section and YESSIR my Rose’ Nectar Imperial was waiting for me…

my favorite shit!

so it’s sorta early… but it’s getting crowded

this is a big ass club too!

so I hosted the event with Nicolette Lacson and Christine Mendoza…. they brought the crowd…. (I brought the hooligans! haha, get serious, I always bring something! hmmm)


so Alexia Lei also had a casting call there for her bikini contest… so there were a lot of ladies out! (btw, I brought the lomography camera, so there’s a lot of pics I won’t post here until they get developed)

I didn’t want to waste anytime… I said let’s do this… the lil homey Corey always gets it jerkin… he said I’m witcha big homey….. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO MY YOUNG HUSTLER COREY P!


….. and Nick Diamond showed up… so we needed some Ketel one in our lives… AND a 2nd bottle of Rose’

I had to do a ghetto cheers because the spot doesn’t have any flutes laying around…


and within a short amount of time… I’m debating if I need another bottle or if I should just chill and save it for Sat Night….. hmmmm….

the club is packed btw at this point


nicolette, nick hiding…. and christine

so we head back to the telly after…. I was tired as fuck…. got a slice of pizza on Powell and shit was right on right on…. then thought I was gonna get a full nights rest…
woke up at 8:45am to find out there is a photoshoot going on in my hotel room in 30min… fml, smh!

I mean a full production, god damn!

Andrew ready to get it in…. I felt bad, he pulled an all nighter and had Spocom and Sutra to shoot so this cat was gonna pull a 48+ hour no sleep move.


a lot of makeup for the models…..


one of the models getting prepped….. 



I’m straight lampin on the bed…. taking flicks myself lol…. texting back and forth with my homey Ryan Loco who’s got a photoshoot going on in his hotel room in Vegas, but with an MMA fighter lololol…. so I sent him some pics….


one of the models being shot for Lollime Bikini’s Alexia….

and I forced Nic to take a pic in front of the wall…

this is what she looks like with no sleep haha

this is probably the least amount of ice I’ve brought on a trip in 5 years! #truestory!

so finally the photoshoot ends…. the models head out to spocom and I head out to union square for a little shopping and met up with cat dicc jr aka Franchise and the homey Nick Diamond and Mega of Blackscale

some random shots while walking to meet up with the homeys


I love SF for real… I might make a move there someday again….

funny shit is….. there wasn’t really anytime for fancy meals on this trip at all! it was either room service, a slice or mall foodcourt shit

biggest mistake of the trip…. BUBBLE GUTS HIT ME HARD A FEW HOURS LATER! smh

so I shake from the mall…. walk to Black Scales boutique and see the homey Nick Diamond chillin on the Balcony

peeped out the line of gear Mega has and WOW! I been sleeping on Black Scale…. shit was very piff… much props homey.
I also ran into some young asian hustlers from Hercules who showed love… shout out to them and their crew

walked over to Neiman Marcus just to take a picture of their ceiling cuz the shit looked so pretty lol

I then walked over to see if Barneys had anything to rock…. I was gonna rock a black label Prada button up, but cats were like you doin three much if you do…. so I was lookin for something simple….

but when I seen this Comme Des Garcon x Be@rbrick shirt I was like…. I GOTTA COP!


shirt was $500 but fux it…. had to get it (SF was sold out, so I had to grab it today from bev hills)

so I shot back to the room for a 30 min nap…. got ready and then me and my girl shot over to this sports bar to watch the Mayweather vs. Mosley fight…. crazy shit huh? I had so much anxiety about this fight… I’ve seen every single fight of Money May’s and I got to witness Mosley take down De La Hoya ringside at Staples center so I have a lot of respect for Mosley(also his wife’s korean lol) and I wasn’t so sure about the fight…. Mike Tyson is my all time favorite fighter, Mayweather is 2nd and I was so fucking amped I didn’t know if I would bet any money down…. my lil homey Franchise laid down a few stacks on $$$ May and so I laid a stack down for the cause…. watched the fight to be like wtf and why is Chris Brown singing the national anthem? and then they played Rihanna? smh…. anyways, Shane put up a great 1st 2 rounds and I was lightweight shook…. but then honestly? Pretty Boy just took over and never looked back… he beat the dog shit out of Sugar Shame…. smh…. oh well…. BRING ON PAC MAN! LET’S SEE THE BIGGEST FIGHT OF THE LAST CENTURY HAPPEN! MAYBE THE BIGGEST FIGHT OF ALL TIME! I can’t wait!

so we get back to the room to freshen up and get right for Sutra and I get a text from my SF homeys talkin bout WE GOING ALL THE WAY INNNNNN!!!!! I’m like okay okay…. fuck it, let’s do it then…

we pulled up to Sutra around 11:45 and there was a long long long ass line…. the club holds like 150 capacity and there was probably 500 peeps inside….
enough of the small talk…… 5 bottles ordered off top!



mr tonic sf….

mark, good lookin out on the tshirt, so it at least looked like I was dressed up with the sketched in Tie lol

the homey RICH aka the biggest boss that I’ve seen thus far….

club was crowded! the vip stage area….


3 BOTTLES OF ROSE’ GONE…. SO GUESS WHAT? yup….. ordered 5 more! (bottle count 10 lol)

had to flip it to the Veuve


okay… its time to call a taxi! I’m faded, catdicc jr is faded…. the girls aren’t faded at all!

these cats go hard…. smh I created monsters!

still going…. smh… (bottle count at 14!!!!!)

cat dicc jr, cat dicc1

girls just wanna have fun… and they did! (cat dicc jr in the cut)

I was so outta my damn mind…. I tipped people who didn’t even work there and how do I know? because I was told the next day that they were gonna give me my money back. I didn’t even know these people that well. smh…
shout out to all my clients/customers and followers on twitter who showed up and showed love!


I feel like the best pictures that I took can’t be posted because…. their just too much, definitely even three much for my viewers/readers. smh lol

and we got home around 4am…. and just as I thought I’d finally get a good nights rest?

went to this little cafe next to the triton hotel right across the street from the entrance of Chinatown called Cafe De La Presse…. because Dotti’s had waaaay too long of a line…

the food was very official though and I haven’t been here in over a decade!

so to sum up the entire trip…. this picture really draws a perfect picture

not even 1st class could help me at this point! we both passed out on the plane and woke up and got some food, sriracha and watched dexter til we passed out… woke up, ate some more and fell asleep til 8am when we both had to get on our weekly/daily grind.

MTV meeting went well today…. got a lot of fucking work tomorrow.
Hope you enjoyed reading.

god bless, stay blessed!

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