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and we win at both.
let’s get this straight out into the open.

I still think the people who browse this site, have no idea what VS diamonds really are or what jewelry actually costs. why would jewelry be in such high demand or why would people “WANT” this so much if it wasn’t that easy to attain?


fact: may still sound like opinion, but it is a fact that we make the best and highest quality diamond G-Shock out there with precious metals and genuine diamonds, we do NOT use anything except SI1 and better quality diamonds(yes we have VVS1, E color for you all day long if your money is right). if you put our diamond G-Shock right directly next to ANYBODY elses diamond G-Shock, you can see and tell immediately off glance or if you stare at your watch, that our work shits on 98% of the work out there. I can’t say “competition” instead of anybody, because there isn’t too much competition when it comes to these watches specifically or even our custom work.

fact: nobody has made more real diamond and gold g-shocks than we have, NOBODY. we’re approaching 1,000 diamond gshocks made and sold. (WE DO NOT OFFER A CZ OR SILVER OPTION, LIKE THESE OTHER CLOWNS. THAT’S LIKE BMW MAKING THE 1 SERIES, WTF? WHY?)
and there are others who have the balls to advertise on their sites with prices higher than ours? I laugh…
and it doesn’t matter where my store is located, do you think that stopped Arnold Schwartzenegger from setting up a meeting to buy jewels? did it stop Michael Jackson? or Tom Cruise? I’m a diamond concierge… I come to you or we work off the internet or whatever it may be. I have a store as a home base. and btw, my store’s rent is higher than any boutique on Fairfax Ave. aka Streetwear blvd. yes, that is no joke…. BUT, my store and all the jewelry in there is much safer where it is now than it would ever be on Melrose or Fairfax. trust me, we’ve done the equations many times over. We also stock more custom jewelry at Icee Fresh than any other store I’ve ever been to in the USA. real talk. our store isn’t small and we cover all bases.

now these are just our fun watches that we make that are also affordable(when talking about real diamonds, real gold). you already seen how silly we get with chopards and audemars and rolex’s, cartiers, etc etc etc…. and custom diamond pendants? get serious. no ego, it’s not bragging when you’re telling the truth; I’m just breaking shit down.

now I don’t have to wake up at 8am every morning, I don’t have to blog, I don’t have to dress myself, I don’t have to do anything, neither do you. So I definitely don’t have to discount these watches, but truthfully, I wanted to do this as a Good Samaritan and hook up my blog readers…. just like when I offered an additional 20% off coupon off the already 50% to 75% off the L-R-G sample sale or helped out others who from time to time have messaged me or hit me about random things they wanted in their life.

do me a favor and Google “diamond g-shock” see who comes up (we’re on the 3rd page)and compare MY SALE prices to theirs…. we won that…. now again, compare the work(yes if this is a shot at someone else’s work, take it wherever you want to) we definitely won that too. now check actual traffic rankings among the top 5 custom diamond gshock sellers out there…. it’s not even close… my blog smokes their traffic… and I never paid for traffic or pay per click off google search engines….
btw, Johnny, you NEED TO PLEASE TAKE DOWN MY PICTURES OF MY G-SHOCKS OFF YOUR SITE! YES PICTURES OF MY WATCHES THAT I PHYSICALLY TOOK WITH MY CAMERA OFF MY DESK ON TOP OF MY JEWELRY TRAY! smh… you my man, no offense but business is business. you’re gonna get folks mad or confused like some poor guy who decided to have kids with a girl he thought was pretty not knowing she had mad surgery and work done to her face and was artificial and then later the kids come out lookin like E.T.

I’ve always said, I’m not trying to beat anyone’s prices, I’m gonna beat your work! but what you don’t know is what I have to edit from time to time, what I can’t speak on, pieces I can’t show, etc etc…. the fact that affluent lifestyle type jewelry boutiques like Chopard have called on our aftermarket customization of their watches and we’ve duplicated their factory work for 1/2 the price… so when it comes to high end shit, basically, we can’t be beat…. but then you got clowns who claim VS but in actuality, the stones aren’t even SI3 which is bad, when I say VS, it’s at least VS2(otherwise I will state VS1). I can’t lie to someone just to get the sale, I’ll not only feel bad (but fuck what I feel really)… I don’t want the reputation to hurt OUR business. They say “someone who wants to spend $15,000 on custom diamond jewelry will drive you insane, while someone who will spend $50,000 will not” that is so fucking true because that guy who is dropping $50k isn’t going to sweat you or be ultra skeptical like an insecure female about every move you make…. that is also why I’ll tell a headache to BUY JEWELRY ELSEWHERE if you’re unsure, then go feel like a jackass when you put your wrist or neckwear next to someone who copped from us. This happens all the time. ALL THE TIME! we get in trades from jewels that a rapper got from other jewelers and when we open it up…. guess what? fugazi shit!
we are the last stop once you SPEND money with us, we are the top choice for custom jewelry when you SPEND money. we don’t gift jewelry, that shit is for the birds…. please believe that 90% of these guys out there are and were doing that heavy to get a name…. we don’t need that, our internet, street and word of mouth presence is outstanding. but I gotta break it down to the peeps who want to email who don’t have the funds to spend on this type of jewelry. WE JUST DID AN APPRAISAL FOR A CUSTOM DIAMOND GUCCI WATCH THAT CAME FROM HOUSTON AND A CUSTOM DIAMOND G-SHOCK THAT CAME FROM HOUSTON and guess what it said? SI3 CLARITY ENHANCED DIAMONDS!!!!!!!! now at 1st glance, the gucci looked pretty close to good work to the untrained eye. but our shit appraised for MUCH more $$$. #truth!


also, do NOT buy jewelry as an investment! yes when gold was a few hundred an oz. or even $600 an oz. it was a decent investment, but remember, you have to factor in labor and our costs and what we make on top. when you bring in jewelry to a pawn shop, you’re best bet is having heavy gold or big solitaire stones, not melee diamonds (smaller than .20 pointer stones) you will lose all value on the name brand if there is any(they don’t give a shit) and you will lose on all the labor; they will give you raw melt down minus some costs and “buy” and “sell” prices for gold are different with pawn shops or people who buy gold. always remember that.

we sold a good amount of these watches on “SALE” and these people are happy.
but after all those emails, I think some people are retarded. when you are spending money, good hard earned money or even hustle money, you aren’t that dumb are you? if you worked that hard for it, don’t you think you would read things more clearly? everyone makes mistakes, but again, it’s okay if you can’t afford it. don’t bash or talk shit to me if you can’t afford it, I’m not here to beg for your business. I’m here to provide you with awesome diamond jewelry. As for my customer service for an actual customer? I aim for 10000% everytime. Potential client or window shopper doesn’t = customer.
some people think it’s a waste of money to buy bottles at a club. maybe it is, but you can’t put a price on a good time… I think it’s a waste of money to buy a car that’s worth over $30,000 because it will depreciate and no matter what you won’t get back what you put into it, so I lease and write off the car and after my lease is done, I compare it and economically it’s not even close.

My definition of broke isn’t what your definition of broke is. As my definition of rich isn’t what your definition of rich is. It’s where you are comfortably in your lifestyle. A middle class man who lives simply can be much better off than a guy who makes a good 6 figure income, but spends it on nice clothes, food and cars and other fancy things and has nothing saved.
Me? I’m not making the million a year I was making a few years ago… in those years that I made a lotta money, I spent 1/2 of it and then put the rest back into my company…. but I have a lot of gold now and I’m a lot more liquid than I was then and I’m worth more now even though I was making much more then because I didn’t save as much and I changed a LOT of shit in my life… I think more about blowing money and I still have my small splurges… and the cars? it’s not that serious anymore because what I want is waaaay too much and I can’t make money off the cars anymore like I used to, so I rather have the cash chillin even if I don’t spend it.

I never understood that save some for your kids or others mentality until my pops passed and thought damn, He left some, but my mom’s is 68 and still might have to work for another good while… and I help her out if she needs it. I was more selfish like, shit, they ain’t help me, so fuck it, I won’t help anyone…. it wasn’t easy for me, so why make it easy for my seeds to come? Now, I want my kids to work hard, but I don’t want to see them struggle and be all bitter like I am.

Now when I make some cash, I act as if I don’t have it anymore… it doesn’t exist… I try to spend 20% of the entire profit I make at most, each time I see a profit. Fuck credit, fuck your savings accounts…. I trust a safety deposit box over a bank for shorter periods of time…. these banks are fucked off and times have changed… but in the same argument, our dollar here in the USA is so weak, it’s sad. I don’t know everything, so don’t take ALL my advice but if you are worried about where to keep your millions, your life isn’t so tough

Today, I think I’m doing well, others think I’m balling. I got a decent home, a 6 figure car, a classic 64 chevy and 6 figures in art/toys, I eat out when I want to at the nicest places if I want to…. but that is NOT my definition of balling. Balling would be me never flying even private, but instead having fully equipped 2 person jets that could fit inside my bedroom if need be. Teleporting to another country in minutes. Thinking about what I want, instead of actually typing or saying it out loud and after thinking, the shit just appeared! but for real, balling is being able to not worry about living my exact lifestyle for the next 40+ years while raising at least 2 kids and even being able to leave them some. That’s where I’m at.

cats tell me, damn soulja boy is balling? I don’t want soulja boy’s money. not at all lol. at my age, I’m on some other shit. same goes for these hot shot DJ’s… I hope these cats know there isn’t a DJ pension… save some of that shit homies.

I have nightmares about being broke. To me, you are broke in my book if you can’t afford to provide yourself with decent transportation, pay your rent or mortgage, provide yourself with 3 meals a day and all of that mentioned for at least a couple months in advance. (honestly? I’d say you need a 6 month window of all the above if possible) God forbid you lost your job or any immediate way to make an income besides sucking dick or showing your body off.

So if you have a lotta clothes, or fancy shoes and shit, purses and assets, some CD’s or stocks, but live check to check….. you are a month or less away from moving in with a family member or being on the streets! shit scares me to death! fuck that. today, you can have a gang of shit, but if it ain’t the right shit, your ass won’t have time to sell it, you’ll be foreclosing or evicted…. so stop hoarding and focus on the real shit. TRUST ME, I KNOW IT AIN’T EASY. and these days, a few hundred dollars or even a couple thousand doesn’t stretch that far because peoples priorities and pride are completely fucked up. You can’t help out anyone who’s not willing to help themselves out first. and You can’t save the world. I’m not being negative, but yes if everyone could come together and help out a little, then it could equate to a lot…. but people are scumbags. I know girls who would rather get a louis vuitton bag rather than get a pap smear. smh….. on the other end… you can cross over to the line of being greedy…. and that can be a problem. I aim to work hard so I can spend more time with my family. Money isn’t everything. If I have to sacrifice some luxuries to live less stressed out, then so be it.

this is only 1 of the things I do to make a living and I’m good at it. So if you’re looking to buy this type of jewelry, then I am the man for that. But if you think a PS3 should be the same price as a diamond gshock, then you are fucking with the wrong person.

always have a back up plan. stop watching and imitating pop culture, that shit ain’t real, even to them it isn’t real. go hard or go home? yeh? NO, not all the time. slow the fuck down… this isn’t basketball with .06 seconds left in the 4th quarter and you don’t have time to think, that’s when you are looking for the guy who’s asking for the ball who isn’t gonna think, he’s the open shooter who is gonna SHOOT! naw, this ain’t a game, this is life. think hard about it. live fast and die young? fuck that, I wanna be around, not forever, but long enough to see ALL my homies come up.

P.S. I’m gonna post up some new watches we cleaned up on the Gucci digital end very soon…. and I have some pieces being finished this weekend.

I love to shit…. so this pic is proper.
photo credit: craig bullock aka dj homicide


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