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now the following 2 pics are confirmed 1000% banksy pieces(*EDIT* ALL CONFIRMED BANKSY PIECES)…. brand new I’d say less than 48 hours old, maybe even less than 24 hours old…. the paint felt fresh… and smh at Lauren Conrad the 1st on to find it? damn…. once Banky’s identity is revealed, then his shit is on the way out….. too saturated and corny OC peeps are tweetin first about it? smh


now this is in such a high traffic area that I don’t know how the hell he did this one… musta did the flowers first and then came back to do the stencil of the boy with the automatic later….
I give it around 2 days before someone steals this shit and collects $500,000
has to be done well and carefully

out of most of his LA pieces, I’d say this is his best one….. or at least I like it the best
when I got there, there were already a lotta people taking pics and everything

it’s not banksy’s style to do mainstream cartoon characters… but confirmed now, it’s his work


but it’s in west hollywood not too far from the trap, so if you now LA, then you’ll be able to find it for sure

another one in West Hollywood, on the Sunset Strip:

so gangster! the cracked out minnie with a sherm stick in her hand? haha and mickey grabbing the boob? crazy!


this shit is tooo ill!!! this will be a hard one to steal as 2 of the ones above are already gone! smh

and earlier today, I got a package from my KR3W… thanks Angel & Joy

the K-Slims and the K-Skinny’s are very dope! the wax denim is my shit! and the lined all weather wax slim denim is really the illest…. made for snowboarding or made for cold weather… I likes!
OH! and thanks for the new Supra Assaults!
much love to my filthy kr3w

peace and I’m still working on the AMC blog, the writing will take a couple more hours tops, but the pics will take forever!!!!!

I got a big ass audition/reading this thurs and I’m shooting something tomorrow with my homies Kidz in the Hall… but this week could be crazy good, or crazy bad.

take care

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