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yeah, I have been so in the matrix since the holidays, I’m just barely catching up and catching my breathe for real! So when it came down to my birthday, I just wanted to do nothing but chill. max out, no creativity, no questions, ringer on silent, just talk shit and not do shit but eat and really kick it….. I have never got that much birthday love on twitter before… I had everyone from my super OG homies like ICE – T to my young G’s like Bieber and Rob Kardashian show mad love… (don’t worry y’all… we’ll get to jewels because there are some CRAZY JEWELS we just finished!)

so I woke up Friday kinda late around 10:20am, layed in bed and didn’t wanna hear it from anyone. My mom took me out prior and we ate korean bbq of course…. got to get my ice cream cake on

I like how my mom put ? as my age… smh
so I don’t like celebrating my birthday, I’ve had some epic parties, but I’ve had more chill nights with a dinner with fam and friends… ever since Jonas had passed, shit just feels different. period. but 39 isn’t anything to celebrate, so maybe for my 40th, I’ll go HAMburger! I’m so damn blessed that everyday I get a gift from someone or get new shit or get things that others couldn’t get in 10 birthdays and 10 christmas’s put together, so I have to try to humble myself and not trip too tough. I think others trip on celebrating my birthday more than I do.

Nic took me to the newly remodeled Hotel Bel Air which is really up my alley on some kick it snobby food type shit… bar is really really fly on some grown up shit. no fuck boys around, no clowns, no wanderers either. ambience on ultra grown swag. and the food is great too of course


after that, mashed in the R8 thru beverly hills and stopped by Crooks to pick up a gift, then went back home to get right back on twitter and show love to everyone who been showing love….. went and got a massage and manicure/pedicure (pimps do it, fuck you…. lol hygiene is a must! keep the cuticles suitable, don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful!)

after that, had a reservation to hit up the Polo Lounge which is kinda a spot me and Nic hit up often and on our birthdays but I just didn’t 1. feel like dressing up and 2. didn’t feel like I wanted to eat there…. I wanted some down south fried fish and shit. I didn’t feel like driving to the hood, didn’t feel like going to boiling crab (don’t sleep on their fried catfish) so I just went down thru my 2nd old hood through the “fields” and went to penguins

this was Nic’s first time eating soul food style fried fish and hush puppies and all that lol…. shit was great! she loved it along with the fried jumbo shrimps

then we headed over to the grove to watch “The Grey” with Liam Neeson which is a different type movie from anything I’ve seen…. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it and I was entertained. I won’t say much else except that, damn, I rarely see un-happy endings in an american movie, but damn, that shit was damn lol…. just know, cold weather, fucked up conditions and airplane crashes and BIG ASS WOLVES!

I was so tired from doing nothing all day, the moment I got home, I fell asleep
I did get a few small things for my birthday

shout out to Nick and my diamond life fam! my diamond sock swag is now impeccable…. I remember reading tips on going on first dates…. and I never listened to any of that shit because back when I was single, I never had a problem lol. but it did say “NEVER WEAR WHITE SOCKS ON A FIRST DATE” and up til maybe a couple years ago, I never even thought of wearing anything but white socks smh…. but colored and argyle socks are the shit!

you see? little shit like this is what I like to get! thank you!
also a full size gold Hermes belt is nice too lol

woke up Saturday and didn’t feel like doing shit, but I had a free comped 1400 square foot suite at the Intercontinental due to a little discrepancy from new years eve… BUT DAMN! the intercontinental must have put notes all over the hotel because they took care of us on a whole different level! took care of our accommodations and all our room service (we ordered a shit load!) and gave us a LOT of sweets and a bottle of champagne.

I didn’t pack shit except my ipad and toiletry bag and my swag HUSTLE Hall of Fame snapback… Nic on the other hand? smh lol no more room in her bag(s) so I had to carry her extra pair of shoes (it was only a 24 hour stay)

me and Nic checked in early because we decided to have a party and get together with some old friends and my mother in law cooked and others brought food and cake and cupcakes and all kinds of shit! we had bottles of wine and sangria on tap, so shit became a 13 hour party!


love. thank you K.B.


no matter how many times I see this view, I can NEVER get tired of it…. it was 80 degrees out and so beautiful. I didn’t know what to say, to my memory, I have never had a birthday weekend with weather this great. ever! I could see all the way to the beach and even catalina island…. I always said I love a city view over an ocean view, but when you have both? #winning

and we had 4 rooms, again, 5 different balcony’s with sweeping panoramic views of the westside and 2 bathrooms and a huge bedroom….. each room was used to the max lol


these are the before pics….. lol
btw, NOTHING can fuck with apple juice and hennessy!

so after a while, I left the hotel and me and my brother in law headed over to the mall to get some yogurtland and do some lightweight shopping…. and Nic hosted the party with our guests while everyone drank and ate and chilled and enjoyed the view and good company

we came back and ate, ate and ate… I think Room service was ordered 3 times maybe 4 and man we got a lot of food and damn that shit was good! I know some of you are thinking why the intercontinental? because it’s not so obvious and I hate being around fuckery


we all watched the sunset and it was one of the nicest I’ve seen


most of everyone left except some of Nic’s family and so we just chilled and watched the bullshit ass lakers game. smh…. and then we ordered some more room service while sipping lemonade and goose and henny apple juice cocktails. then we had some friends come back over and just caught up and talked shit and drank and smoked and maxed out some more….

it was a long ass day and I was so stuffed that today I am starting my beast mode serious super strict diet for at least a month. In fact I’m going to get some acupuncture done to get the toxins out and my nerves right… make sure all my meridians are flowing properly

we went to bed around 2am and I ordered the movie “Drive” with ryan gosling and let me say this…. that movie was hot trash. that shit was all the way corny as fuck. man, remember I got my degree in film/cinematography and that was NOT film noir! I didn’t even like the driving scenes. wtf? silent weird ass movie. fuck that movie!

but then again…. I was so tipsy off that yack that maybe it made it worse? all I know is that I woke up with a pounding headache and severely dehydrated! shit I spent an hour cleaning up after drinking half a gallon of water and said to myself, wtf? maybe we did have a rager?

this was after major cleaning up! smh

I called housekeeping and then I immediately called room service for some breakfast and we laid in bed until around 1pm

eggs benny, yogurt parfait and freshly squeezed OJ and I was almost back to life

we had a late 4pm checkout compliments of the hotel, so we had time to chill… I handled as much biz as I could online because our store is closed today and tomorrow for restocking and it’s the only month out of the year where we are closed both the last monday AND tuesday of the month…..

so I dropped Nic off at the trap and headed straight to my store….
y’all ready?
yeah buddy….. my boy Q ordered 6 new chains for his staff at WorldStar Hip-Hop
4 for guys and 2 for girls…..


those are the medium sized joints we made for his WSHH soldiers
2 yellow gold & 2 white gold, solid! lasered up and nice solid francos 2 yellow gold chains for the ladies…. now Q got the whole gang chains! that’s a BOSS/CEO for you! another client of ours, seen how we did the gangster converse blue chucks with the Six Deuce fitted cap… then how we flipped the yankees fitted with the classic shelltoes… so he wanted his own crazy set up and DAMN!



you know I’m not a fan of Jordans or Nikes….
but I’m a fan of our work!

and we gets busy! we get down!

so crazy clean! we even got it down to the soles! laser sharp!
over 50 carats total and solid gold! excuse some of the pics for all the jewelry, some things might look crooked but I assure you it was my shakey ass hungover hands. smh

as for the sale? we had about 40 cuban link chains when the sale started… we have about 9 left now. we have a few jesus pieces left and I know my boys have had a hard time answering all the emails, so hang tight and they will get answered! the sale is still on for another 2 weeks

speaking of which

this was a one of one 18k rose gold baby jesus piece with VS white diamonds on the crown/thorns and eyes and teardrops….. then super clear VS cognac diamonds everywhere else… very clean! we put this on a 14k rose gold bead chain

we bought a legendary down south chain off our boy JimmyBoi and this thing has thousands of blue diamonds…. and represents a certain kind of pill that makes you happy….

the overall work on this is ok, but we touched it up, replaced a lot of diamonds and dipped it all in black rhodium and now it’s super clean, ready for sale

we have more jewelry in the works now, stuff you’ve seen before and some different variations of things and some all brand new shit! stay tuned. I’m back! and it’s gonna be a great year! I’m filming today with my boy Pusha T so I’m hyped for today…. I will be running crazy as of right now until mid march so catch me if you can

p.s. daily game and ramble: If someone asks you if your girl has a sister, what he’s really trying to say is he wants to get at your girl in a nice way.
“love uses a telescope and envy uses a microscope.”

btw, some of you simple motherfuckers need to learn how to drive stick, why? because you’re driving too reckless in an automatic and then slamming on your brakes because you don’t know how to slow down gradually….. those who know how to drive manual, know how to downshift and let the transmission slow you down so you don’t wear your brakes down…. that metaphor works both ways, so to the dipshits… that wasn’t an actual car reference….

lastly, people need to learn how to differentiate between what holding a grudge is and what not fucking with someone anymore is. basically being a bitch and not speaking up because you’re scared to, so you throw subliminal messages, ignore calls or texts claiming to be busy but have time to update your facebook status or twitter pretty much acting like a hoe until the awkwardness is so thick, there is nothing left but confrontation, um that’s holding a grudge and that’s bitch shit. and then there is closing a chapter in a book and putting that shit back on a shelf you will never visit again with or without giving an explanation, but no subliminals are thrown, cut that person and their pipeline out completely. sometimes there is no gray area. not everything is meant to be, everything DOESN’T happen for a reason (that one dumb ass “saying” has a shit load of people searching for answers that they will never find!) people fall apart, why? who knows, while you waste your time and years of your short life trying to figure it out, you are missing out on other shit. now don’t get me wrong, there are things worth fighting for and trying to figure out, but when you got people who are just bad in general all the time, you don’t need to fuck with them. #commonsense! the ones who are pretty much opportunists and social climbers? get those fuckers outta here! I been around this entertainment game a long time…. I’m almost never amazed… If I’m not fuckin with someone after a few years, shit is not a grudge. period
you don’t get 3 lives like some video game, shit is real life. wake the fuck up! you don’t always get 2nd chances…. nobody needs to get over shit, you don’t have to say nice things to those people, fuck em, keep it moving and go on a bullshit cleanse if you need to. It doesn’t matter if there was 20 years of friendship…. the last 7 might have been worthless ones and all you’re doing is adding more bullshit years to say you guys have “history”….. I’m sure most of you may felt the same way at some point in your life about someone.

I said this a long time ago. I may be an asshole sometimes, BUT I am a good person and I know the difference between right and wrong. Being real and maybe a little brash, doesn’t mean you’re bad or even being a little mean doesn’t mean you’re negative. Nice does NOT mean good. I know so many nice people who are the fakest biggest piece of shits in life. Being nice is the last trait I look for in a person. real talk.

NEVER LET ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS talk you into doing something bad and even more importantly, never let them talk you into doing something good either. be your own person. when you get to grown man status, you don’t need to wait a while or think about things longer than you did as a teen or in your 20’s, you know what the fuck you want. anyone who’s grown and is wishy washy about making a decision is either an idiot or bullshitting you. just try to do better. be better today then you were yesterday, be better this week than you were last week and continue!

did any of that shit make sense? I hope not lol….. just me rambling and I hope you don’t think I’m crazy because I am.

p.s. girl, girl, guy = cool…. guy, guy, girl = gay

“A wealthy slut has an original hermes bag, a poor slut has a fake one. that’s the only difference” (saw this in a filipino movie I watched last week lol)

ok enough rambling!
peace y’all. get your grind on!

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