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black gold, black diamonds… we’ve been doin this…
with so many mass emails about these black cross & black chain set ups… I decided to take some close up pics… in a few days I’ll have some official black gold/black diamond Jesus Pieces finally up for sale too. we already sold a few of them and can’t keep them in the display cases, but we’re ready to keep rockin…

there are 2 sizes of these chains
1 really thick, the other just right and more of a rosary style beaded necklace.
we also just for fun fully iced out a few of the beads on every 4th bead…. and the chain is 32″ long and has 10.5 carats in black diamonds…

the crosses are 5.5 carats and 8.4 carats respectively
so enjoy (click on images to enlarge)
the crosses….

the chains…

beaded rosary style chain with black diamonds fully paved on each 4th bead…

man, the beaded diamond rosary style chain above is going on a black jesus piece that will be ready for my homey new years eve…. gonna be an ill set up.
my boy Truth is also gonna be rockin a black beaded rosary style chain with no diamonds but with the full on black jesus piece waaaay iller than the one we made yeezy.

and an oldie but goodie…
you may have seen R. Kelly rockin this 50 carat diamond rosary
well we had to make another one…. 50 carats for real, not some inflated #…. white diamonds buddy! there is a solitaire in each end of the cross too, I like how some other jewelers have bit that idea already since we originally made the 1st one of this style a long time ago. smh

shits no joke, but the joke is definitely on those ziamond empire cats.


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