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so I’m back in Los Angeles. I was on the grind the second I left Newport. Literally on the phone and making things happen. F.Y.I. ICEE FRESH aka IF & CO. are closed today as we are closed on every last tues of each month. So come back around tomorrow to get served up. I had to rush to my factory to pick up some things and I had to drop off some ice to my boy Young Life who just got signed to Universal Records who has a photoshoot today! WHATS JERKING LIFE!!!!!

I missed out yesterday on my workout with Gregg, so I’m making up for it today and will be back on schedule tomorrow again. I gotta get right! I had a great conference call with my production company today, we worked out our strategy on my show and it’s coming along nicely. I’m not in a rush, but the network is lol. Bo and Cameron, you guys are great and I don’t care if you both love men, I still love you guys dearly.
btw, When you wake up in Newport Beach, it’s really hard to be in a bad mood ever. I mean, it’s just the air, people and the lavish surroundings that make me feel so excellent. As soon as I hit the hood and LA, I was like yeaaahhhhh, some dirty dirty streets, I’m definitely back home. I don’t think I saw 1 piece of trash on the streets of Newport Coast….. so now I Gotta get this paper so I can take more time off with the loved ones at my own leisure.

so now back 2 business, I have a client in japan who is a big fan of “THE GAME” and he wanted to make a pendant like the ones we made him. the infamous double Game chains. except, he wanted it to say “ILL LOCA” and just use that same font that GAME uses for his logo/name. so we started a couple weeks ago or less and it was finished saturday, but I was in the OC catching rays and hearts…. so it’s done now. specs are as follows: 201 grams of white gold, 16 carats total weight of black and white diamonds. 160 gram 10mm cuban link white gold chain and it’s 3 and 3/4″ wide and 2 1/2″ tall and no joke, this thing is over 28mm thick! well I’m gonna ship it out today and he’s gonna be happy as hell!

here is the artwork and instructions my client provided… I love the japanese clients, they’re always super descriptive and super detailed like myself and then….. the final product.


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