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preferably the miami cubans….

we reloaded with a bunch of them from 35 grams to 109 grams! white gold, yellow gold, sorry no rose gold
so you can choose to rock them with your baby jesus piece or whatever you want, even by itself…..
OF course, we also have some in the 150 to 250 gram range for deeper pockets

just contact us.
as for micro and baby jesus pieces, we’re down for a few left. after that, it’ll still be on sale, but for 35% off, not 50% anymore. I really wish some of you actually did some research on a basic site like or something simliar so you can see what these sale sites charge for basic shit.

with gold jumping back up to over $1700 an oz….

check out this cat getting ready for the SB


good day y’all….

tomorrow is my bday and I’ll probably not be blogging too much as I’ll be inside a hotel room and I also don’t plan on celebrating it too tough…. gotta shoot again on Sunday so I get tomorrow and Saturday to kick it, but I will drink champagne


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