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For those of you who follow my blog or know my personal life probably know that in the last year or so I’ve been hanging tough with my friend Jordan who’s not only a client of mine, but actually pulled me through some rough patches and for what it is when you hear the typical stereotypes, Jordan is the complete opposite of that. He has a solid head cemented onto some concrete shoulders…. I think it’s definitely from the strong family bond and values his parents Dr. Phil McGraw and Robin McGraw showed to him….
Well last month, Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw welcomed in their first granddaughter Avery McGraw…. Jordan’s brother Jay and his wife Erica brought in their first child Avery and I would like to thank the whole family for their support and business and more importantly congrat my friends on their new niece, daughter and grandchild! (I couldn’t post any pics right after as there were some confidentiality agreements I had to obey)

Robin is not a newbie to diamonds or anything with expensive taste and even more so when it came to quality…. they already have got our trademarked “IF” G-Shocks in every possible colorway and style and among other custom things I’ve been very blessed to be at their service. THANK YOU, THANK YOU….

so When Robin called me to make some custom jewelry for her in honor of her 1st grand child Avery, we went all out with the best of the best, both me and her came up with some simple classic designs and wanted something she could wear, Her daughter in law Erica could wear and they all love Rose Gold, so we went only with the highest grade possible. here’s finally a few pics from MY camera of what IF and Co had made them. It was a total of 7 pieces made for her and we finished this all inside 2-3 weeks….everything was made in 18k rose gold and VVS1, E color diamonds which to date are the best possible diamonds in existence for this size. (Rolex claims they use IF clarity diamond with D color, but I truly beg to differ, as we can put a loop to compare what we used in this to Rolex’s diamonds any day because I’ve searched the earth for an “IF” melee diamond parcel but have never found one, so this is second to none, actually bar none the best quality diamonds available for this size of stone) Even Jonas Bevacqua had just a step below the quality we used for the McGraw family.
Now for everything except the locket, we made sure we used a very close prong setting for each piece (the locket was made with a pave’ setting) and since Robin McGraw is such a kind/generous woman, she decided to make 2 custom made “C” pendants for Erica’s Triplet Sisters who both have children with names beginning with the letter “C”
anyways, THANK YOU AGAIN ROBIN AND THE MCGRAW FAMILY… here are some of the pieces I have to show


Avery name plate charm made with 18k rose gold, VVS1 diamonds, E Color, all prong set


“a” initial charm (we actually ended up making a few of these for the mother and grandmother) all prong set again, 18k rose gold, VVS1, E color and the diamonds are much bigger than you think and I have not ever used diamonds this white for a custom piece before!


now with this locket, Robin wanted to make something similar to the Tiffany and Co. locket but up them by a LOT, so we went IN with the diamonds using only the best again and this time making this locket using a pave’ setting and we switched up from box chain to franco chain on a few of these (not shown on all pics). of course 18k rose gold, VVS1, E color and this thing is pave’ set as tight as possible. since there was no budget for any of the pieces, we put as many diamonds as possible in the areas she wanted diamonds on it. I designed this locket with my cousin Steve and we executed it to perfection!

now the following was for Erica McGraw’s sisters….


the above were made with yellow gold instead of rose and we didn’t ice out the bails to make them a little different from Erica’s… but still used all top quality diamonds and gold for these pieces.

NOTE + P.S. EVERY SINGLE PICTURE IN THIS POST WAS USED WITHOUT A FLASH (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE 2ND PICTURE “AVERY” so I wanted to show you all how white and bright these diamonds were)

We look forward to a few new projects with the McGraw family and we again send our congrats to everyone for bringing another life into this world.

god bless, thank you for reading and looking!

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