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so over a year ago, my good homey Adam Goldston aka the GOAT started a shoe company called APL – Athletic Propulsion Labs and I laughed at him, no joke….

let me give you a quick run down on who Adam is besides being a solid loyal good friend and THE GUY WHO SINGLE-HANDEDLY HELPED ME LOSE 45LBS IN LESS THAN 2MONTHS! Adam is a customer of mine who I didn’t really know until I found out he was friends with my lil bro Rob Kardashian…. Adam, his twin brother Ryan and Rob K all went to the same schools and even went to USC and lived in the same Apt complex across from USC(if you watch the show, it was the spot where khloe and kim got into a fight at lol)…. Adam’s just a simple cat but still does it big and you’d never notice it because he doesn’t brag crazy, but his cars and jewels are big. fucking strange huh? he’s shorter than myself and he can dunk very very easily on any regulation rim across the country…. Him and His brother both played ball at USC and they’re lifestyle consists of eating incredibly healthy and working out 5 to 6 times a week minimum! I met Adam in 2007 and we’ve always been cool… but as the years went by, I started to fuck with my guy a lot more often. I never believed anything he said because it was crazy lol. He told me he had an 8 pack and could bench press 3 plates a few times no problem and I said man stop it…. I was just hating because when he did I shut my mouth. When we got into the gym, I just listened to what he said and trusted him with the right supplements, no steroids, no creatine even! and sure enough I was fit as a motherfucker!

IN fact when I started my blog, he was already a big part of the process because I was using a really really expensive trainer who tom brady and giselle were using… Kim K and Nicole Richie were using and it’s a private gym in Beverly Hills and I wasn’t happy with the results… so I went with Adam and got right much quicker. on my 35th bday, Adam gave me some Spira workout shoes and I couldn’t believe 2 things…. HOW FUCKING LIGHT THEY WERE, HOW GOOD THEY LOOKED(I GOT NON STOP CONSTANT COMPLIMENTS ON THEM AND YOU KNOW I’M A SNEAKERHEAD TO THE FULLEST!) AND HOW AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE THEY FELT WHILE WORKING OUT AND HOW MUCH SUPPORT THEY GAVE MY FEET AND HELPED MY OLD ASS!

once I seen that, I knew Adam wasn’t a sheep to just NIKES etc…. he wore what fit and felt best and gave the best performance….. Adam and Ryan’s discipline is insane…. when they told me they were starting a company, I was supportive, but you know that shit is more difficult than saying, hey I’m opening a restaurant! it’s gonna be the shit! well…. their father was one of the founders of a popular shoe brand back in the day so they definitely have some footwear background and I just left it at that….

months went by and I’d see Rob Kardashian tweet about it and they all said, these new shoes make you jump higher, blah blah blah…. so Adam gave me a pair for my 37th birthday and I never wore them…..

skip to 8 days ago….
all fucking hell broke loose…. you couldn’t get free BILLION DOLLAR promotion like that….
from that moment on, they started to get tons of visitors and believe me, his family is in the internet business, so they know how to get their servers right, etc…. and their server/site crashed and was down for 5 hours! they were the most searched name in several different ways in the world on yahoo and 2nd or 3rd on google.
they were on the front page of ESPN, yahoo sports, NY Times and like 100 different blogs and publications… no JOKE!

they went from 2.4million on alexa to 6,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you know how fucking insane that is?????
they sold out of shoes the 1st day and all I can say is ADAM I’M SORRY, I’M A BUM AND GOD DAMN CONGRATS TO YOU AND YOUR BRO! good shit homey!!!!!!!!!!!

adam came by yesterday to bring me the newest colorway of his concept 1’s so I could check them out….


btw, I’ve only seen stock photos of these shoes on sites, blogs, etc… I don’t think I’ve seen them on cats feet or actual candid pics like I got (you know KT always gets the exclusive!)

again, as soon as I put these shoes on…. my feet felt bouncy and I could tell from lightweight hopping around, that they felt like springs in my shoes… I told Adam, It’s been over 17 years since I dunked a basketball on a regulation rim…. no way I’m gonna do it now, but damn I remember wearing Strength shoes during my junior and senior year of high school and they worked so well… but these are iller because you can actually wear them!
this is a great shoe and I support it now 1000% like my be@rs… for me to co-sign it after the fact, you know shit works because I’m the most skeptical asshole on the earth, especially when it comes to my friends… I’m their harshest critic!

that’s the expression on ADAM’s face maybe 99% of each day…. I’ve never seen him super hyped… it’s crazy and he has a HUGE billion dollar business now.

goes to show you, you can have an amazing product and until it gets used or seen by the right people, nobody will ever know…. same goes with singing or acting. because of the overflow and so much congestion that’s just how business is these days without a proper co-sign and these guys at APL never paid anyone for anything… just hard working cats. these would be great shoes to use in any basketball camp or for training to give you an idea of how to shoot passed your limits!

much love Adam and Ryan Goldston

I think the hardest part for them now is the be able to fill the orders
good luck fellas and again, congrats!

now on a side note lol… since I met the twins through Rob Kardashian….
this story kind of ties all in…. Rob basically got Adam and Ryans cop twin Diamond flooded G-Shocks for X-Mas like 2 years ago….. not just normal diamond g-shocks but the 13 carat Frogman joints! if you dig through my archives of my blog, you’ll see them pop up a few times rocking jewels etc… and the frogmans!

so how crazy is it that 2 years later, on the season finale of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Rob is on the show repping a IF and Co. frogman and cluster earrings so tough? #awesome


it’s funny because I’ve only seen clips of 2 episodes that friends have showed me, etc etc… and that night Rob went to the Playhouse with Bruce Jenner, he asked me if I wanted to roll…… but I hate going out in LA these days… ended up being actually funny and I shoulda went and cracked jokes.

thanks Rob, you’ve always repped heavy for me… I never asked either, but I got you no matter what

peace everyone…..

gotta grind to pay my toy addiction bills

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