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never forget that; no matter what odds you’re facing….
I’ve overcome the typical asian stereotypes, uphill battles, struggles of everyday life and love, etc, etc. anything is possible. never let anyone stop you from what your gut or heart tells you, but try not to make hasty decisions….

when we started I.F. & Co. several years ago, never did my cousins or I or anyone imagine we’d have household A List celebs or just a prosperous business in general. well guess what?
ADD THE KING OF POP TO THE LIST!!!! yeh, thats right, I just booked MICHAEL JACKSON for some custom jewelry! HOLLA. I’ve been a fan of MJ since “off the wall” and I loved the Jackson5. In a few weeks, I’ll show you the first piece we have done for Mike! and f.y.i. PAID IN FULL!

to still keep it jewelry and Icee related, we just finished making a 14k ROSE GOLD Casio G-Shock a few days ago, but I haven’t had time to take pics. I haven’t seen one of these made in Rose yet. I will say Jacob made the first, but I.F. & CO. made them crack, we went platinum on these joints and punched peeps in the face with Jonas and all the many we made. this ones so classy… all white VS stones.


last form of business is a shout out to my sister, I don’t speak about my family much outside my cousins who I work with…. but my sister has been a big crutch in life and with business to me. she has thrown me assists, advice and most importantly been the woman who’s blood related to guide me down paths when my mom couldn’t because of certain communication barriers… I love you Jeanne and thank you for all your help. CONGRATS ON ALL YOUR SUCCESS! My sister is THEE biggest stylist in Hollywood, with clients from Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Keanu Reeves, Christian Bale and so many more. Congrats on starting up the new clothing line with Katie Holmes! god damn! (sorry to say the lords name in vain) but COT DANG. and the line will be very exclusive of course here’s a papparazzi shot of my sister walking behind Katie in NYC just a couple days ago. lol. YOU CUT OFF ALL YOUR HAIR! I love you!

we’re still filming and then I’m supposed to leave town in the morn…. (Bo I might kill you) everyone have a safe and blessed weekend.

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