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a very chill one again

I got a last minute call from my homey Travie that Gym Class Heroes were doing a private show at Club Nokia Friday night and it was a corporate show….. so me and Nic headed down there early!
right before that, me and her ate an early dinner with Apolo and his homey Rod at Robata Jinya and mannnnnn, the kobe? the miso black cod…. and the hakata ramen! sooo good!

so we shook out and before I left, I took down this green tea

bottoms up…..


the playlist

they gave us the onstage swag pass

btw, it was the first time in a couple years or so that Gym Class has performed on stage together…. they gelled really well and to me, they didn’t miss a beat at all. It was as if they just performed a few weeks ago…. the guys wrapped the show with an encore and were damn near in tears because it had felt so good to be back together on stage. the show was a quick 45 min- 1 hour set and only the bottom part of the Club was open…. I don’t know which corporation sponsored the event, but I didn’t care either…. I wanted to see my homies

awww yeahh, my backstage swag credentials were V-I, VIP, thanks Dejesus and Travie

to think she swore by the blackberry for the longest!

Travie put me up on a new iPhone app called “akinator” ….

it’s like a genie app that guess characters you are thinking of with a few short questions…. it’s a great time killer and it’s crazy how on point that shit is!

I also copped this ring tone maker because the ring tones on itunes suck! and this ring tone maker is amazing!

so we shook off to meet up with Apolo and crew again at Du-Pars….
I walk in….. and guess who’s there?

are you fucking kidding me? the whole Wolf Gang is in the house….. they start yelling and getting loud and I was just hyped to see my little homies…. only left brain, syd and hodgy weren’t there, but Frank Ocean and pretty much the rest were….. they were kicking it at the grove acting up I’m sure…..

I was so blazed that I offered to pay for their entire meal! 14 youngsters who can eat! smh…. all good

so we scarfed down some of their world famous pancakes and some other grub…..


I was so out of it, I went home and watched this korean movie called “I saw the Devil” which was fucking awesome! so sick! it’s about a serial killer who fucks with the wrong person and the serial killer is the guy who played Oh, Dae-Su in “OLD BOY”…. if you wanna see some sick shit, watch that!

Saturday I woke up and watched another Korean flick and it kinda sucked…. so I got up and headed down to Fairfax aka the block and checked out the new summer gear that dropped at Diamond Supply…
I swear I just kicked it there for a while and shot the shit with Nick and my lil homey Tony

we got lunch at Golden State and talked about a lotta real shit in life, from still trippin off Jonas’s death and business and relationships… fucked around and realized we were chatting for 2 hours!

then Tyler and a lot of OF cats invaded their home turf…. Nick was like damn, I literally watched these kids grow up on the block….
it was kinda sad because HUF was closing their doors (final day for store was Sunday) and so some cats were there just gathering and chilling there while Earl cut a bunch of dudes hair

lol…. they started to get to baggin…. but I had to dead that shit

the back of Jaspers neck > chocolate donut

thanks Jordan and HUF crew for the Choice HUF kicks….

have you seen this guy before?

that’s a mean moustache

got myself some fresh gear from Diamond…. a few tee’s, some new shorts and their new sick Diamond unpolo zip up hoody….. wanted to grab these RVCA fake dickies but a slim/skinny version, but they were sold out…. so I found some diamond skinny’s that fit.

man, this past year has been crazy for Diamond, they are doing WELL! as they should! store is crazy packed on the regular and even celebs are coming there to start fights lol…. cough Chris Brown * cough!

oh shit! I forgot…. Odd Future show at the House of Blues tonight!
BUT, I slept and couldn’t make the show….. Tyler had a great performance I heard and Dr. Dre showed up…. and then… Tyler Broke his foot, like bad!

with that said, that canceled my plans with Nick Diamond to shake to the bay on tues to catch their SF show and come back home Wed…. OF has to reschedule, then I might head up….

so later that night, me, Nic, Michelle and Nick went to Arclight to see Green Lantern 3D and smh….. tickets were $80 and food/concessions were $45 and the movie was fucking terrible! awful! DO NOT SEE IT OR WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!

trust me!

went home mad about that shit…..

I woke up Sunday sick as fuck! feeling like shit, I thought it was just my allergies, but it was a mean cold and I couldn’t figure it out until it was too late! so there was no going out to me. I didn’t want to get anyone else sick either… so we hit Fresh & Easy and hit the BBQ grill….. EARLY!

only the important shit!

Nic’s brother got some Stella Artois and Pacificos…. man Fresh & Easy was dumb cheap!

got to the crib and Nic started working on the mashed potatoes and baking brownies and her bro started on the grill…. funny cuz Nic’s bro and their friend started to argue for a while on who can grill better lol…. Mexican dude talking shit to the Filipino dude and vice versa…. I just was there to eat and kick it with my future father in law


these cats were arguing like brothers for real…. “awww man, we should use the charcoal grill”…. “man shut the fuck up”, “naw don’t use the water”, “take these links off or they’re gonna get dry”… “aye ese, move over, let a mexican save the bbq”. lol so many orders! at the end of the day, we had a like a 7 course meal and Nic’s dad was happy and I missed doing this shit with her fam…. food was very good and I was getting sicker and sicker smh…. I still thought it was allergies… I ate so much, I put my belly into a coma for real…. double burger with velveeta and links with dave’s famous bbq sauce, mad tapatio, mashed potatoes, pizza, crackers, salsa, chips, steaks, brownies & ice cream? smh

one of Nic’s brothers friends has a nice collection of old school JDM whips…. he got a mean supra turbo… but he came in this joint


yo cats used to get it in with these whips! believe it or not, these shits can GO!

we took off to meet up with D Crooks and his lady for a Movie (no way again?) at the Grove and we went to see Kung Fu panda 2 and that shit was pretty good…. I think It was definitely something I should have brought my nephews or nieces to, but regardless it was much better than Green Lantern smh

while I was waiting, I seen this machine take like $20 from a few kids

fucking crooked ass game!

went home and realized that I had a bad cold and needed some nyquil and some hot tea…. I passed out and got some decent rest finally.

I gotta take the day off today, I feel like steamy shit
I may swing by the Gym Class Heroes video shoot to drop off some jewels to Travie, but I feel like hell for real…..
I got Nic sending out my jewelry deliveries today and If I have some custom jewelry to make for you, don’t trip, it’s gonna be made….. cough *Franchise….. cough *Michael “AS”

I got you


not much going on….
no San Fran tomorrow…. just work, another music video tomorrow for the Stereotypes, but I gotta get rest first.

peace everyone

OH OH OH!!!!!

forgot to mention….
from now on, I will no longer be blogging about food on this blog anymore!

me and some of my boy’s(a lotta influential tastemakers) started a food blog and we’re going to be only talking and blogging about it here at:

we will talk about everything from cheap eats to classic eats to LA to wherever we are to new joints and of course the fancy shit!
site is really new and we’re still sorting things out, but check it out…. from now on IF and Co will be about my lifestyle and the jewels we make, but the food will go there!

and lastly!


much love

now it’s

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