another WEAKend

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real shit though….
I wish I had more exciting news to tell you, but that’s it.

thurs. I had this Crooks Tastemakers event to go to and it was good chilling with my boys and seeing some real OG fam there…. I checked out their fall line and they got heat coming! I can’t wait

dirty rug…. dirty money…. #crooks

the pic directly above me was the original pic, but Joy(new to iphones) left the General out of the pic lol….
shout out to my homey’s Babu who i’ve known for 13+ years and then Alchemist who I grew up with literally…

after we all kicked at the Crooks Compound and then they shot off to Eden and I went home to do this

as for the weakend, nothing much again…..
I stayed in and got a LOT of work and organizing done
on saturday I hit up Icon to see Homicide do his thing…. shout out to Sammy Sam, thanks for the love
shook out of there just before 1am… headed to K-Town to hit up my favorite low key Pho spot and they were closed wtf?? I was sad about it… they’re usually open til 4am, but because things are slow in this current economy, they close at midnight now

so I hit up my young genius Cody Code and then we hit up my favorite Thai spot for some Raad Nah and Larb

Sunday, I hit the slauson and walk into my store and see this…..

I was literally at a loss of words… I look at my diamond setter and wax cutter and they’re like I dunno(in korean) and then I’m just like okay wtf??? I take a bottle of the rose nectar imperial home with me and things are just too weird to walk into Icee Fresh and see bottles of MOET in the ice chest when it’s always water and red bulls…. so I left

I went out and did a little shopping and saw this fail

I mean… damn 50 feet from the Apple store? nobody was inside btw either smh

then I headed to the block to eat Golden State for the 3rd day in a row!!!!!
and I see another huge fail

fail, because the lady who got out of the car was perfectly fine… in fact she was running to the store to grab something? but has a handicapped sign? and she was in her late 40’s ….. fail because it was 83 degrees outside and she left her dog in a hot ass car for a while! and FAIL BECAUSE SHE’S PUSHING A $110K+ WHIP WITH A BOOTLEG SPARE! smh eh who cares right?

then I went to pick up Nic from the airport who was feeling sick, so I just took her home and took care of her and got her some food and we chilled and watched a bunch of episodes of “Storage Wars” and tried to catch up on True Blood…..

after 12 hours of sleep or really well needed rest, I took Nic and her relatives who are here visting from Germany to eat at Islands and we got it IN…. these kids are the best and they’re so impressed by the littlest things and they’re just so genuine….. then I took them to get some skinny jeans and vans lol. they like all that shit.

Americana > The Grove…
We hung out there for a while…. then I shook back home to see this shit???

shaking my fucking head…. there’s a hood spot in Jamaica Queens (already hood though) that has this banner/ad on their store with my picture on it???? with my face? like I want to laugh and then I want to call my attorney to get some money for that fraud ass shit! smh (shout out to @entreelifestyle for the pic)

the highlight of the weakend besides spending time with Nic was this

41mm Day Date II ….. yaaah baby

peace everyone

I got some cool things I’m finishing this week!

p.s. Instagram is just getting bigger and bigger…. huger and huger. jump on now… even my homey G Platinum is on there now! lol haha! and Joy and others…. more iphone users bailing on their weak ass bberrys

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