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for real….
nothing crazy, but then again, for some peeps, if you were getting a 50+ carat diamond flooded NY fitted cap with some shell toes, then maybe you’d be thinking different?


my boy G is about to get a stupid fucking piece here… all the way silly, fully dumb!
go headddddd!
this is just the mold holmes…. wait til you see this beast after it’s casted…. then wait til the stones are set!

it’s not often I post a wax mold before I post the piece…. but this shit is hype!

btw, we made around 17 baby jesus pieces, we sold 9 of them, I think people thought they were gonna be like $1000 each? cmon…. labor, mold, and most importantly…. their GOLD!

speaking of which, I’ve changed my set up for the 1st time from white to yellow… I’ve pretty much been rocking a yellow gold set up this whole week and I don’t think I’m gonna go back to my favorite of white because I need a little switch up in my swag for now…. yellow gold Rolex, yellow gold big studs in my ears and a yellow gold big silly diamond ring…. and we just made this to make shit even more beautiful, but I’ll save this for someone to cop

14k yellow gold cherub angel (40 grams! heavy) with a 14k yellow gold beaded chain
get right!

we got a few pieces in motion right now that will take a little while to finish, including a project for “beats by dre” so the shop is busy……
and this morning one of my customers, Radio Personality out of the Bay Chino got his new fully flooded diamond eternity wedding band

he was very hyped! super clean, super classy…. princess cuts & round cuts…. invisibly set and pave’ set. I’m not mad at you homey! thanks for the business again

yesterday was a beautiful day, shot and wrapped up Homicide’s music/life video at the slauson…..
then we headed over to eat a Bossa Nova…. but what I really wanted to eat is where I ate tues:


now who hates eating here? NOBODY!
man, the food is crazy good here always, the mood here is real snooty…. I love it lol
and seriously, without any appetizers really and after parking, it’s gonna hit you for $100 pretty much regardless, but I’m always happy to pay, I just always forget to hit this spot on a regular

so anyways, on to more boring things….
last night while I was grocery shopping, I dropped my jaw when I seen this

for those who know, then you know…..
but in a 2 liter? and local? for under $3?
when you hit up marios or any other peruvian spot, you’re paying $3-$4 per 12oz can

okay, you’re not as excited as I am…. but I love that shit and Iron Beer and Kola Champagne

gotta head out and act like I’m busy when I actually am very busy

I’m going crazy checking out cars on ebay and gold GMT-Master II’s during the late night, I really gotta stop or I gotta maybe find a better sleep aid than ambien


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