another boring weekend wrap up…

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shit work… and not much else…
as I decided to leave early since I was still in a disoriented mood off my pops,
a bird shit on my hand while I was walking around the grove ready to see “Dinner with Schmucks”

they say that’s good luck when a bird shits on you!

My pops was taken off life support!!!!!! he’s breathing normal and his billirubiin levels look good and his kidneys are even improving!

so me and my girl had a dope ass lunch at the Farm in the grove (best vanilla latte on fucking earth!), then we walked into Dinner With Schmucks and I knew there was a lot of hype behind it, but
there was this one chick in the movie who played the psycho stalker and it drove me NUTS! maybe because I’ve met stalkers like that, only thing is that I’ve deaded their asses before it got to the point of where it got in this movie…. but it was only a movie, but the shit angered me!

overall the movie was okay, nothing great.

then headed out to k-town to get some soontofu and then watched the bill maher stand up which was fucking hillarious! I can’t wait til he hits morongo casino to see the show live.


woke up and had to head into the store and clear up and start up a ton of orders….. shit took forever! all good though, we got some nice pieces in progress and we’ve been selling the gucci watches like hot cakes!

wrist on chill minus 12 degrees!

so after working at the slauson til mid afternoon, I met up with my fam IZ in koreatown at the galleria and meeting up with IZ is always a trip…
he’s 1 of the last remaining true asian G’z I know….. I know many others from different ethnic backgrounds, but not many who are korean and did real time…. He’s starting to bubble the fuck up now rap wise and we sat down for our monthly chop up over korean food…. some youngsters from a local ktown hood were there and IZ rolled up on them like it was 1987 and shit hahahahahha…. mannn… always a good time with my homey

so after a late lunch and work, I shook back to the trap to help my girl get her models ready for her bikini show… if you didn’t know my gf owns a bikini line called LolliMe and it honestly does real well

so we shot up to the key club for a rock and roll night and in the middle of the show, Nic had a 20 minute bikini show….. but we were there for over 2 hours! it was good to run into some old faces… my boy Sean runs the place and he’s an old school homey of 15+ years…. always nice to know people who run clubs even though I don’t go out anymore really….

so speaking of not going out… we decided to celebrate the bikini show going successful with hitting Playhouse lol…. we actually went to celebrate my boy Misha and Kelvin’s(playhouse) birthday parties….
it was a big deal because las vegas PURE resident DJ Marshall Barnes (AM’s protege) was headlining the night with a special tribute and guest…..
(peep the video)



now I’ve had a lot of good times at the Playhouse, but this one was 1 for the books for real… thanks to everyone at playhouse!


woke up early to eat a healthy breakfast(my girl makes daily but I forget to mention)
then my sister and twin nieces and brother in law stopped by to see my new bathroom, addition to the be@rs and toys… we talked about my pops and shit and the girls love Nic….. we’re gonna take them to universal studios soon

my 8 year old niece, next to my 4 foot kaws dissected companion lol

so as soon as my sister leaves the house, my boy Oleg(amazing photographer who is part of the platinum family…. he took the default picture of me on this page) sent me a text message about a malibu house party on the beach

he really took that picture himself no pshop nothing… smh…. asshole! if I wasn’t allergic to traffic I woulda rolled!

so we got a little bit hungry and headed over to westwood for some ramen….
after eating, my girl couldn’t finish hers so we were going to give it to a homeless person… didn’t find one, so we left it on top of the trash can outside the restaurant….. we walked into urban outfitters for 20 minutes and when we walked out back to the car, there was a homeless person eating it and enjoying it. It made us sad, but more grateful for the blessings we have for real….. I’m really glad I didn’t let the waiter throw it away…. I will waste money on liquor sometimes, but I really never ever try to waste food ever. I always try to take it home or give it away as my parents used to whoop my ass if I didn’t finish my plate at the dinner table….

anyways, westwood has changed so damn much its sad… during the mid to late 80’s westwood village was like the grove! nice shopping, nice restaurants and a lot of celebs and bel air residents would do their errands/shopping there. they also reigned supreme with the best movie theaters next to the main Century City theaters (torn down now). Now westwood is so cheap and dead…. but they put up a new palazzo west up there with a trader joes inside of it so we checked it out as we’re both addicted to trader joes.

then we stopped by our fave glutten spot Yogurt Land and headed back to the trap
when I got home, I got on twitter and seen my homey Kevin Scott say #sharkweek! I WAS LIKE OHHHHH SHIT THAT’S RIGGHTTT!!!! SHARK WEEK!!!!!
I started to tivo damn near everything on discovery channel!
I watched some ill shit before we had to leave…. but damn shark week, true blood and entourage?
amazing night of television….

we headed to k-town for Nic’s brother’s girlfriends bday….
we got a gift card to the Apple store, but I thought since she is such a fan of Travie McCoy(aka Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes) that I should hit him up and ask him to send her a special birthday tweet…. she freaked out and loved it more than the gift card. lol

got home and watched a gang of TV… true blood was good, but more of a leading up episode…. entourage is getting decent… but shark week shows are off the chains literally!

so I woke up monday and had to handle biz early as hell…..
then I shot up to a undisclosed location which I’ll reveal tomorrow lol

god bless everyone!
sorry for the late blog.
It’s hard to do this when you get busy.

I love you all for real.

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