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so during the ugly weather and the down time….
Nic found a nice small gallery that is showing off art inspired by the late great Andy Warhol…
the spot is in Culver City and is called Royal-T cafe and they’re just a small cafe that displays cool fucking art…. a few months ago, they showed KAWS there, but I wasn’t around….

so we went there.
all types of artists works are being shown from: Shepard Fairey to Takashi Murakami, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Nara to a lot of other major artists

also they debuted the new Andy Warhol inspired Dom Perignon champagne! you know I had to get me some!!!

here’s some pics!

like I said…. Kaws was shown there, so otherwise to walk into a cafe and see a 4 Foot Companion is crazy!

more of Kaws later….
here’s a few pieces I liked…. the main theme there was Barbie but I hate Barbie… so I didn’t really focus on that lol


copped some cool Warhol magnets for my fridge…. but the Kaws stuff was ebay priced!


their gift shop sells all kinds of cool shit from art to toys to even small furniture and clothes
the 4 footer was actually priced very decently though!

we sat down and drank some latte’ and tea and their menu seemed to be official too….

and then…. they still have up the red carpet wall for the opening party for the Warhol exhibition there….
popped it off with the Andy Warhol inspired Dom Perignon limited edition champagne


no Magnums for sale to the public yet…. and no Dom P Andy Warhol rose’ yet…. but as soon as it out, I’m coppin!

basically the tags/labels and bottle and box are what’s different…. everything underneath is the same vintage 2002 Dom P sparkling wine. the price is RIGHT! and these will definitely be worth something later

I got all 3 colors that were available


to be quite honest…. I like the taste of Dom P over any other champagne and Dom P rose is my favorite rose’….

check out my facebook link to see that sham/hoax article that a major newspaper revealed about Ace of Spades… crazy

later on in the day…. headed over to farmers market to get some fruits and saw this vintage whip parked outside… had to take a pic

it used to be 1 of my favorites…. man, if you had one of these in 1991 you was DOING IT THREE MUCH!
I remember seeing Prince and Eazy E push a 850 around town
this particular one was dirty, but still clean if you overdig…. AC schnitzer kit and wheels too….


I got some jewels that were made and other shit…. but I’m just taking it really 1 day at a time….
sometimes it feels okay, sometimes it feels like shit and it’s amazing no matter how hard I try to be normal, my body just knows it’s in mourning…. even my energy is different like I’ve never felt ever in life.


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