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nothings changed but this weather and the earthquakes…
we’re still at the slauson, we’re still gaining A List celeb clients, the streets still love us…. we’re still making the best custom jewelry on earth. btw, Jacob was released out of jail about 2 weeks ago, so welcome home, let’s see where you take this game to now, it’ll be really interesting since the game is polluted by all this horrible fake shit.

clowning time….

my cousin’s name is JEFF aka el jefe… lol…
early picture of an unfinished black gold, black diamond AMERICAN EXPRESS BLACK CARD
for now it’s just black gold, but black diamonds will flood this eventually….


and now for that low key classy look… 4 carat diamond crosses with thin franco necklaces… the crosses are fully flooded out back to front and even each endcap is set with a diamond solitaire


super clean… priced reasonably too. you may recognize these crosses because they’re the same ones from the ones we put on the end of the custom rosary’s.

here’s a 5 carat black diamond earring with the prong setting fully flooded pave’ with screw backs


some black GOLD, black diamond PVD rings…


black GOLD, black diamond pinky ring 13 carat diamond casio g-shock frogman (limited edition titanium 25th anniversary joint!)


we’re even gonna use this iced out buckle from another frogman we made for Jonas a while ago…. just to have this beast complete!

and we’re still moving all kinds of g-shocks… here’s some 5600’s (Haze limited edition too)


and to make things even sillier as if we weren’t ignorant enough…

my cousin made some Diamond Dice, 16 carats total just because we need something to do when we’re bored at the store…. but they are for sale


HERE’S WHAT WE DO ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT ICEE FRESH! lol, my cousin Jeff and I are playing craps with diamond dice…. he crapped out with the snake eyes!

and tomorrow I will be at Formula Drift all day long…. so I had to get a new set up to rock for the show….

I haven’t gone Yellow gold in a very long time, so in honor of the yellow gold king Jonas Bevacqua, I’m gonna sport this tomorrow….


I tried to find some yellow gold studs, but we’re sold out of them and I didn’t want to dip any of the white ones… not for a 1 time thing…. so I’m going with the good ole IF and Co patented clusters!

but peep the yellow 2 row prong set solitaire cross! 7 carats and sooooo clean!

on a whole other note…. shits sad…

I was driving home to head to this print shop that prints out dope images and I had my flash drive ready with images I wanted blown up and put onto high res color photo paper… but seen this:

smh, what happened to the good ole days when shit was moving… everyone was eating much better. the mom and pop businesses were enough to put kids through school or even be passed on to generations….. but the part that broke my heart the most was the unhappy face written underneath. smh…

god bless everyone who’s out there making it happen. you can’t sit around and collect a check anymore, you actually need to work, unless you’re a pretty girl who still has that “fuck being independent mentality, let me live off someone else’s paper and no I don’t even want any kids” smfh… I’m telling you this in the most positive voice… the new generation is doomed…. we’re doomed. I’m sad at these youngsters nowadays.

have a great weekend y’all!
I’ll have a wrap up for you sunday or monday.


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