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thursday night was date night and a very nice fancy romantic dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel….
had an amazing meal…..


it was delectable and no carbs really for me
after dinner was done, I walked over to the back restroom and walked passed Katie Holmes and I wanted to say hi since she’s my sister’s close friend and business partner, but I just said F it, I’ll keep it pushing…. she was sitting at dinner with Mary J Blige and Julianna Hough which was weird…. so I walk to the Mens room and it’s 1 stall and 1 urinal…. who’s in there? Tom Cruise lol…. I can’t not say anything…. he finishes washing his hands and heads to the door… I say TOM! it’s Ben, Jeannes brother…. he stops and says NO WAY DUDE!! what are you doing? lol… he said after you’re done, please come by the table and say hi…. so we did, they’re such nice people. really good folks. For my fathers funeral, they showed a lotta love to my mom and family.

driving home we saw this…..

not only is it a billboard of my boys FM on the corner of Sunset Strip and La Cienega…. it’s them rocking my diamond G-Shocks

I was supposed to do a cameo for their video shoot this weekend but I couldn’t get out of work and a prior engagement…. sorry fam, see y’all soon!

so Friday I wake up to the scale…

lost 14lbs in a week….
time to get up
more grinding to do and…. a busy ass weekend!
my boy in the ATL got his jewels safely…. so I had another delivery to make in the Hollywood Hills…..
a client wanted 5 charms (1 in the works) for his band….
simple clean, affordable and suits the bands look (black diamonds)


mission accomplished….

after that, ran over to Factory 413 to pick up some Supra SkyTop 3’s for the weekend…. and then meet up with my client from Houston who was in town for the VMA’s and our boy Andrew’s bday…..
what he wanted made was something very special….. a standing buddha by the name of “Quan Yin” the God of Mercy…. and my boy needs a lot of mercy shown on him! lol….
check this out…. it took 3 hand molds that took over a week to carve! but finally came out INCREDIBLE!


the wax…..
and then


and this thing is SOLID! as SOLID as solid gets… like 100 grams solid for a 2.5″ tall piece! that is heavy and very expensive! enjoy D! was good hanging with you even for a couple hours lol

so finally after my crazy day! I get to chill out for a second before I shaved and cut my wig…. headed over to K-Town to hit Boiling Crab with some friends

that shit always hits the spot! (thanks Annie, thanks Andy for the love)

seen some dude pull up all super high post, crazy high signing…. in a 2010 LP560 Lamborghini…. top down and then he gets out, head the size of a lunch box and a nordstrom blazer…. some true religion jeans and some buster brown kicks… he was arguing with the valet about parking his car for $20 (normal valet is $3) and it’s really not that serious down there…. he wouldn’t let the valet touch his car…. then when he got in the elevator, dude had on a fossil watch. I said to myself… this shipsekki is driving his bosses car and couldn’t even get his watch right smh

anyways…. we all went to go see “Don’t Be Afraid Of the Dark” and mannnnn
I wish I woulda seen Fright Night…. that shit was terrible! awful! horrible! I swear after watching the previews and reading the synopsis, I was hyped, but then only to be super disappointed…. this was also the 1st movie in sooo long that I didn’t have any snacks. just lemonade

we finally finished a project that was almost a month in the making!
only Ocho Cinco would make us go through hell for this!

we turned this…..



yeah buddy….. shittin!
these things weigh over 500 grams!
GOLD BEATS BY DRE? Chad you are a fool!
but man, take a long 8 hour flight and need a neckbrace!
these are crazy though! and the laser makes it right!
it was such a bitch to disassemble these and then deal with soldering wires and making sure the sound is right…. big thanks to my friend Karen Civil who made this actually happen and provided the beats to start with…. she also provided several sets for us to mess with and we needed every set! thanks again girl.


so after that, I had to head down to the KGB gallery where my boys were having their art show at and I wanted to see how my jewels were going to be displayed and I guess with some miscommunication and lack of security, last minute I couldn’t display my jewels there. I had to pull out last minute, but I didn’t want to ruin their show. I just had to protect myself and my business so I made a decision to not take a risk. I hope everyone who went had fun… it was hot as fuck outside and I was irritated by a few things…. so we walked over to Cuvee’ and since their remodel, they’re now open for dinner

I didn’t eat the fries

the mushroom risotto was unreal!!!! I only tasted it smh….

after that, by random chance walking back home, I ran into Just Blaze driving around lol. wtf??? random as hell and he’s still here shooting when he was supposed to be back home a longgg time ago.

so its time to get ready for event #2 which is the launch of my boy D’s new mixtape download website… and in collaboration with Crooks and Pangea, this event was hosted by Drake and OVO…..

so I got ready

my yellow gold set up…. cash for drinks

was waiting on Rob K to come through, but that night was his first night of training for Dancing with the Stars….. he was exhausted and last minute canceled… so picked up one of Nic’s friends and we headed straight to supperclub…. kinda early too! like 11:15pm

by the time we got there, it was already beyond packed. nobody else was getting in and yes it was a commercial at the door…. I see the VIP host and say, I got a table, you already know, remove the ropes

we walk right in thru a sea of people…..
go to the VIP area and I see my crooks fam, my htown fam, CD Jr and my boy Richard…. walk past amare stoudemire and kevin durants tables….. finally to my table. the entire back area in the VIP was only for Young Money and OVO… my boy DJ Reflex was on the tables doing his thing early…. then my homey Future got on to DJ and mannnnn has he changed inside 2 years after touring etc lol….. get your paper Future!
only people sitting down in the VIP at this moment was my boy Chase and HitBoy from the Surf Club and my other boy Matt….. and of course US

Nic looked incredible…. stunning and hurting a lot of feelings. kept it classy…. at one point of the night Christian Millian came up to me to tell me how pretty she thought Nic was

mister Gumbeaux himself

and then all hell breaks loose when Future announces that Drake and Weezy have entered the building….
Rick Ross, Game and Sean Kingston were there chilling too…. as well as Baby/Birdman and kevin durant…. Jason of Beverly Hills came by my table to say what up and have a drink too


it was funny because Nic’s friend was like, I don’t get it… who the hell is walking in? Barack Obama? why so much security? lol…. it got so bad that the swat team was called in and hollywood blvd was blocked off for a while. not kidding

supperclub was all the way turnt’d UP!

it’s always good to see my OVO fam, shouts go out to NIKOOOOOOO!

was chopping it up with Drake and I appreciated his yellow gold game…. he respected mines, everyone had on a rolex. wasn’t mad

got the fuck outta there before 1. I got an anxiety attack… 2. got into trouble and 3. kept drinking which would have led to a cab or a dui

while waiting for Valet, I was looking at instagram and seen this pic my boy Don Cannon posted of Pharell and Oprah getting it in at some party years ago….

lol @ oprah

thank god we got out of there in time and got home safely!

woke up mad late on sunday!
it was hot as hell again!
but today was the lollime pool party and photoshoot at the thompson hotel in beverly hills which is like 3 minutes from our house


the location was nice, but the staff there or should I say upper management sucked and I think were lightweight racist, but I’ll get into that later….

now to the models and bikinis….

after an hour of makeup & prepping…. the girls are ready to shoot

so we’re set up in the cabana…. not bothering anyone, we had a few set ups planned for the day and after the 1st set up, the management comes up with some bullshit talking about, we don’t have insurance for the equipment or an SLR camera like that…. wtf???? first off, we got permission per the hotel months ago and weeks ago there was a flyer with the info clearly stating “PHOTO SHOOT” on there with the property’s name on the flyer! and then…. we decide to leave the cabana, when really, there were 5 private cabanas…. NOT 1 was sold! so I could understand if 4 were and they wanted to hold the last one, but we were paid to be there and we hired photographers, lighting, makeup artist, stylists and of course models…. so I have the photographer take them to the other side of the roof and use my S95 camera and they’re then like, ummm no you can’t even take pics with your iphone, the hotel wasn’t aware of this photoshoot and now the promoter is even like huh???? so we have models getting antsy (but they kept it super professional)

while this is going on….. (just testing my cam)

this is going on in our dressing area….

and then after being asked to stop the shoot completely or leave the hotel….

Nic felt bad that we had a full staff and didn’t want to waste it, so we contacted our attorney and will let them handle it…. so we shot over to our house to finish the shoot so it wasn’t a complete waste….


in just over an hour…. we made the popular page on instagram 3 times! and I broke 6,000 followers…..

so back to the crib….

we’re back to business!


and it worked out all good….



thanks to Andrew Ho and the models and the stylists, but again no thanks to the dickhead in a suit at the Thompson Hotel.

we ordered pizzas and made drinks and watched Jersey Shore and the VMA’s and I gotta congratulate my young homey Tyler! the creator….. who won best new artist video! CRRAZYYYYY MAD LOVE! to my whole wolf gang Odd Future fam. that was big! mad love to Clancy too!

the rest of the night was going over my work week and it’s much less hectic than last week…..

I still got work to do, but I can breathe a little easier.

thank you to everyone who made my weekend wonderful.


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